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Leslie (librarianles) | 16 comments Mod
The premise of this story is that "top" people, be they scientists, military, etc. are frozen, placed on board a ship that was then manned by a community of "worker bees" that are sent on a multi-generational journey across the stars, with the idea that once they get to this new world the people of a generation that has no knowledge of the frozens will suddenly be eager to thaw these people and allow them to lead.
Meanwhile, the workers have evolved (or de'volved) over multiple centuries of time.
Why would they want the frozens around? Do you think this was a flaw in the author's story or a flaw in the governments plan?

message 2: by Kriscrowe (new)

Kriscrowe | 1 comments I better get the book; I'm clueless.

message 3: by Sam (new) - rated it 2 stars

Sam (inkstndfngrs) **Spoilers!** I'm going to say its' a flaw in the author's story. I mean, the government had a reasoning for freezing people: to help build a new earth on the Centuri-Earth planet.

However, the author doesn't really go into what that really means for the workers of the ship. I'm pretty sure that if I was one of those who was chosen to lead an actual life on the ship, knowing that there are 100 people underneath my feet that are going to get to see the new planet and know what it's like on the outside, then I'd be more than a little jealous.

Also, I don't really understand why, when they realized what the problem was and that they were slowing down --why did they not turn around?! Was that arrogance on the part of the ship team? On part of the government? And maybe it's answered in the later sequals, but I just can't believe that Earth, knowing that there is this ship out there full of people who are trying to get us to a new planet, and are suddenly slowing down and face the possibility of being stranded that they would allow them to be cut off entirely without any kind of instructions.

Leslie (librarianles) | 16 comments Mod
**Spoilers!**Samma-"The government had a reason for freezing people: to help build a new earth on the Centuri-Earth planet"

But why those people? I have a big problem with this piece. The people that have spent generations on this ship have been treated and degraded to the position of cattle while those that actually show promise and high levels for creativity and intelligence have been committed to the psych ward and given crazy granted most would probably not complain all that much when they were finally able to get to Centuri-Earth. But what if they had all been treated like normal, fairly intellegent people from the beginning. It stands to reason that had a good leader been put in charge and had remained in charge that a significant number of people would have been ousted from a position of power/leadership once they had gotten to the planet and unfrozen the group down below--something that the governing people of Earth never bothered to consider--

I also did not get the reason why turning around was not an option--maybe it was because they had all the creative, intelligent people locked in the psych ward hopped out on crazy drugs. There was no one smart enough to say, "Oh, if we're slowing down why don't we just turn this bad boy around." Instead they decided to keep the fact hidden from everyone and start killing off the frozens so they wouldn't eventually (if they ever did manage to reach the planet) take over and rule the world.

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