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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death remained seated in his throne. His chain dangled over the side of the arm as if it was nothing but a snake itself. He waited quietly, and patiently for his family to arrive. He left for what seemed like a second.

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Razor walked in "Morning my dear brother."

Titus skipped in with Razor "Morning daddy."

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death walked in, "Morning Razor." He said, still feeling angry.

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Razor smiled "Morning brother."

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death sat as his chair, "Any prisoners lately?" He asked, his finger tracing a design on the chair. Before his anger settled into it, and it burned a hole in the chair.

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"Nope...mad by any chance?" He noticed the hole

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death looked at his brother. "Selfish children." He replied.

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Razor nodded. A maid walked in with Titus in her arms asleep. "Sir she passed out in the hallway."

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death nodded at the maid. "Set her on the bed." He said, referring to the small bed to his left.

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She nodded and sat her down there and left.
Razor looked at her sense he use to be a doctor. "Nothing seems wrong just too weak...Problem got so mad she ran low on power...Was she mad?"

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death nodded, "Ace was being a pain as usual, and Izzy was ruining things, and trying to get me to lose my temper."

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"Well that's the problem she reached her power limit in her anger and passed know she's not to be angered with. Do the kids know? Maybe that's why they did it."

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death nodded, "Perhaps I was to soft." He said, thinking.

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"Dint know I wasn't there."

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death scratched his head, "Razor, can you fetch Ace and Izzy for me please."

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death nodded, "Thank you brother, Another name to owe." He smiled.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Izzy came with razor to her father's room and smiled slightly still feeling scared of what would happen to her.

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Ace came in with his arm crossed "You've got 2 minutes to explain why you brang me here" He said counting down the seconds.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death stepped down from his throne. "Be careful what you say. After all I am death." The doors locked.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She sighed and hoped Ace would think better of it. "Brother can you please let father speak. I don't want you to get in more trouble than is." She sighed grabbed a couple of ice shards throw them all around her brother and made him stay in the circle so he wouldn't be able to move at all.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She sighed softly and out her head down not wanting to look into her father's eyes feeling scared at the moment.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death itched his head, to show he was thinking. "Children, your sister. Look at her, rocking as fast. She's not supposed to be like this. She cannot lose her temper, her power is very strong." "Things are going to change, I was to soft, death is never soft. My children shouldn't be acting arrogant, and spoiled. Is this how I raised you?"

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Ms.Cashmere wrote: "She sighed softly and out her head down not wanting to look into her father's eyes feeling scared at the moment."

Ace melted all of the ice "And I like being in trouble" He said.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death's chain now wrapped around Ace's neck. They were unbreakable. Lifting him off the ground. "And because you are my son doesn't mean you get special treatment." He said, his teeth gritted.

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"Ok good I don't like spetial treatment" He said.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death pulled out his sword, "Ace, I suggest you shut that mouth." He said, the chain tightening on Ace's neck.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She looked up at her sister. She frowned a little feeling sorry for what she did. She scoffed a little. She knew in her head that he always liked her and no one else he didn't care for her or her other brother's. She knew her sister had the biggest amount of power but she wanted some to and not be like semi powerful. She sighed. She didn't want to look in her father's eyes but she did. "I'm sorry father i didn't mean for this to happen. Just everything going on lately that i'm feeling so wrecked as is. I knew i shouldn't have acted like this father i'm sorry. No you didn't raise us like this but i thought you loved our sister instead of us. I want some attention to father. I would like to be treated like her to. I really don't like this and just with things i can't even think straight." She bit her lip and looked down feeling she was crying already.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death looked at his daughter in awe. "Izzy, I do love you. Just as much as little Titus. Death isn't supposed to have a heart. But you all are my children. The more you disrespect me. The more my heart shrinks. Soon I'll be as mad at uncle Razor. Killing and hurting every poor soul I see." He said, the chain still attatched to Ace.

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♥Angel♥ ~Miss Odair~ wrote: "Death pulled out his sword, "Ace, I suggest you shut that mouth." He said, the chain tightening on Ace's neck."

Ace didn't flinch "Na" He said.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She sighed and and tried to wipe the tears away but she couldn't. "I don't want you to be like uncle father. He scares me when he acts like that. I don't see it anymore father. Sister always seem to get it. I want love to. Ace please don't act like this." She wentup to her father and hugged him feeling scared nervous and sad all at the same time.

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death was done, he was completely done. He pushed the chain forward with all power. Forcing Ace through blocks and blocks of cement. When he was laying, Death's chain came back. Without Ace. "Get out." He said, referring to everyone.

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Ace went out.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) She sighed softly and looked up at father. She walked away. "Father are you okay? I hope we didn't ruin anything for you. I tried to be the best and i won't think of it. I know you love us all i know it. But i try and make ace listen father but he won't and i don't know what to do of it." She looked up at him.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death didn't say a word, holding in his rage. "Take Titus, and just leave. Please."

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) "Okay father. Shall i bring her to her room?" She walked over to her sister took her in her arms and cradled her there. "Father what shall i do with ace?"

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Razor shook his head at Ace "Tusk tusk...Oh Ace you never listen one day you'll find it won't get you far in life..."

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Sk8er Boi *Molly* wrote: "Razor shook his head at Ace "Tusk tusk...Oh Ace you never listen one day you'll find it won't get you far in life...""

"You should shut up Razor" He said.

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Razor chuckled "No sorry Ace."

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Death began impatient. "Razor, do whatever you want with him. That even means the room." He said, refurring to the dungeons. "Teach him a lesson." He looked back at Izzy. "Yes please."

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Razor smiled "Yes sir." he dragged Ace to his room where another room was. He threw Ace inside and chained him. He chained him and locked the door as he left.

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Ace cooled and heated up the chains breaking the chains and left Razor too cocky He thought as he left to his room.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) SHe smiled back at her father. "My pleasure. I would love to. He should never treat you like that. Father shall i chain him and then tortute him?" She sighed and snapped her fingers letting her sister go back in her room to be left alone letting the doors shut. "So father shall i use a chain or just turtue him for you?" She sighed and wanted to smile but wasn't sure.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) ((Ace, can you chill out on the power please? .0.))

Death's chain pulled Ace back and was tied up once again.

Death then looked at Izzy. "You and Razor can do whatever you want." He smiled, showing his sharp teeth.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) ((well it took me forever sorry i was grounded but now i'm going back on luckliy))

She grinned devilishly. She clapped her hands smiling. "Oh goodie! Yay I get to have fun. I don't want to be around uncle when it comes down to fun he scares me and gives me the creeps. Shall i take him to the torture room? I think that will be best. Now if brother does any harm to me can i hurt him?" She looked up smiling like a little girl now. She looked down and shivered a little. She felt herself cry a little. "Father can you not do that with your teeth. It scares me a lot. I don't like it father." She felt herself cry and hug herself.

█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) ((Lol its okay))

Death nodded. And grinned a bit, not showing his teeth this time. "I'll keep it in mind daughter.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) ((well it true i got in trouble and such))

She sighed and smiled back feeling better. She laughed a little like a little girl getting in trouble. She said in a funny voice. "Yeah. Of course thank you father. YOur the best. But I try to keep ace in check i truly do but he never listens to me and always tries to break free of my circle of ice. I think my powers are weakening. Do you think when a person becomes angry that their power is becoming weaker? Because lately it feels like my power is draing. I'm seeing visions and it keeps on hurting me. I keep running from it but it keeps hurting me." She sighed.

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) ((Its okay!))

Death nodded, keeping quiet. He held open his hand. A ring there. "This, will follow your any command. It can make chains indestructive, Ace freeze, Ace calm, Ace do anything. Be careful with it now Izzy. It holds a lot of power."

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