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message 1: by Maricela (new)

Maricela | 18 comments Mod
In your opinion, has the author successfully adapted this children’s fairytale to make it appealing to contemporary, teenaged readers? Why or why not?

message 2: by Jodi (new)

Jodi (jodi-beth) | 6 comments Absolutely, I love it! Kyle is the perfect protagonist with his unapologetic materialism and vanity. I think it is great because in the traditional tale (or at least the Disney version) the reader does not get as much information about the beast prior to his transformation and isolation.

message 3: by Gabriela (new)

Gabriela Tiquet (Gabby13) | 9 comments Yes,because it provides with more information and detail because Kyle is tellling the story

message 4: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlyKincer) | 5 comments yes,beacause it has lots of stuff teenagers can relate to.

message 5: by Claire (new)

Claire (ClaireRDZ) | 11 comments Yes,because it keeps teenagers interested due to the fact that the main character is also a teen and faces the same problems as teens.

message 6: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 9 comments Yes because Kyle is explaining everything how its been happening so far in the story

message 7: by Daniela (new)

Daniela Hernandez | 10 comments yes because it keep teengers ae intertesd to see transformachined

message 8: by Lucero (new)

Lucero castillo (lucerocastillo) | 7 comments Yes,because its intresting & teenagers can realate it

message 9: by Fabiola (new)

Fabiola | 10 comments Yes,because it provides information of real life situations like Kyle is having teen problems it's telling you what to do and not what to do in real life situations.

message 10: by Lesly (new)

Lesly (leslyhernandez) | 7 comments yes because kyle is passing through problems but he is explaning with detals

message 11: by GRACIELA (last edited Jun 13, 2012 05:29PM) (new)

GRACIELA | 9 comments yes,because it keep's teenagers interested.

message 12: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (evelynperrett) | 10 comments yes because it applys to teenagers

message 13: by Jazmine (new)

Jazmine (fidolifa) | 10 comments it help teens with true love.

message 14: by Vicente (new)

Vicente Rodriguez | 7 comments yes it does help teenagers be more concerned of themselves

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