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From Alex Flinn's website

Discussion Question 1:

How does the subject matter of the book, vanity and
pride, apply to teens today? What factors in today’s
society do you think might make teens more vain than in previous generations?

message 2: by Ezra (new)

Ezra Garza | 5 comments Vanity and Pride two dreadful deadly sins that people seem to have almost everywhere, today people discriminate against over how they look which has been around since people could speak to eachother. This may never change.

message 3: by Yasmine (new)

Yasmine (YasmineDelrio) | 5 comments people have a big problem in pride.they think that just because they have money they are cool thats why they call themself "swaggers",but realy people need to learn that what is in youre inside is youre real beuty.

message 4: by Lucero (new)

Lucero castillo (lucerocastillo) | 7 comments people that have money and are popular think that they are everything and cool but in reality they are the ones who really need to learn what the real beuty is

message 5: by Gabriela (new)

Gabriela Tiquet (Gabby13) | 9 comments People think too much of themselves when they have what other people might need. Money,house,popularity,etc. That can be bad because sometimes they judge others for not haing it.

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Gabriela Tiquet (Gabby13) | 9 comments *having

message 7: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlyKincer) | 5 comments people who are rich and popular dont care about anyone else but themselves & bother the rest that are not popular or rich.

message 8: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (evelynperrett) | 10 comments some people think that they're the best just because they're rich and they think that people that aren't popular are no bodys

message 9: by Claire (new)

Claire (ClaireRDZ) | 11 comments Vainty and pride can sometimes cause a person to become something else that they are not.

message 10: by GRACIELA (new)

GRACIELA | 9 comments vanity and pride are people that only care about them self and are self centered.

message 11: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 9 comments Vanity and pride will sometimes change a person

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Fabiola | 10 comments Vanity and pride will sometimes change the person because they'll think that they have everything when they don't.

message 13: by Daniela (new)

Daniela Hernandez | 10 comments vanti and prite can somtimes cause a person to become somtimes elseand self centered

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Lesly (leslyhernandez) | 7 comments the rich people think they have everything and start to descrimated other peolpe they ain't always going to be the same people

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Jazmine (fidolifa) | 10 comments People who are selfish and noncaring are eventually going to change.

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