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Maricela | 18 comments Mod
From Alex Flinn's website

Discussion Question 2:

At the beginning of the novel, Kyle seems to have it
all—looks, popularity, wealth, happiness. Is this a true picture of Kyle’s life? Think of people you have known who seem to have it all. Is this usually a true picture?

message 2: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Contreras | 3 comments In a lifetime you will always run into a kid that thinks he has it it all

message 3: by Ezra (new)

Ezra Garza | 5 comments People think they can have everything at their fingertips, truth is they don't and may never will.

message 4: by Yasmine (new)

Yasmine (YasmineDelrio) | 5 comments life's happyness is not determined by the wealthyness,popularity or even looks it is determind by the people that love you,but in kyle's story he pushes away the people that realy do love him for the people that think hes so cool.

message 5: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 9 comments I just think he is being a jerk so far at this point and it is usually a true picture in life.

message 6: by Maricela (last edited Jun 11, 2012 10:12AM) (new)

Maricela | 18 comments Mod
Kyle thinks he has it all, but reality is cruel in his case because his own father doesn't love him and his mother left him behind like an old rag. This is probably why Kyle is so inconsiderate of others.

Sometimes we meet people in our lives who portray a picture of pure perfection... including and not limited to happiness and wealth, and we are so naive we tend to believe they have it all. Their beauty is mesmerizing and they know how to carry themselves well but once you get to know them you realize how empty and void their souls are. This reminds me of Kyle because to people on the outside he may seem to have it all including good looks and money, but in reality he is lonely and miserable.

message 7: by Lucero (new)

Lucero castillo (lucerocastillo) | 7 comments a happy life isn't about happiness and having money it's only about the people you love to be with you but he refuses to know other diffrent people

message 8: by GRACIELA (new)

GRACIELA | 9 comments i think he is mean and just being self centered but it is a true picture in life.

message 9: by Gabriela (new)

Gabriela Tiquet (Gabby13) | 9 comments Hes thinking too much of himself and not of others.

message 10: by Claire (new)

Claire (ClaireRDZ) | 11 comments It is a true picture because mostly that is the case.The most popular guy or popular people think that because they have it all.The looks, money, and attention that they have complete happiness.

message 11: by Daniela (new)

Daniela Hernandez | 10 comments i think he is so scaered of showing picture and he is a stupid jerk.

message 12: by Fabiola (new)

Fabiola | 10 comments It's kinda true because always the popular guys think that they have everything like looks,money,popularity and happiness when they don't.

message 13: by Lesly (new)

Lesly (leslyhernandez) | 7 comments it's true some teenagers think that being popular it's about money popularity but the wrong thing is that they refuze to the popularity that they dont want to know new things or new people

message 14: by Evelyn (new)

Evelyn (evelynperrett) | 10 comments It's kind of true because he acts like if he's everything but he actually isn't beacuse he only does that because his dad dosen't pay attention to him.

message 15: by Vicente (new)

Vicente Rodriguez | 7 comments I think that the novel was that Kyle should stop getting all the attention and be a young friendly person

message 16: by Jazmine (new)

Jazmine (fidolifa) | 10 comments i think boys that care about their own need to be caring

message 17: by Jodi (new)

Jodi (jodi-beth) | 6 comments I think that the world is so focused on material things that when we see people who have nice cars, houses and other things we easily get tricked into thinking they have it all. But there are definitely drawbacks to being so successful and driven by material things. I am not sure that money can buy happiness but it sure does help people be able to do things that might help their happiness.

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