The Theology of Dracula: Reading the Book of Stoker as Sacred Text The Theology of Dracula discussion


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S. I found the following at Amazon UK:
"For the scholar and layman alike, Rarignac's new book is an absolute necessity for anyone pretending to have even a remote knowledge and understanding of Dracula. There is nothing more stimulating than a fresh new reading of a text that seemed long since to have been put to bed by critics and reviewers, and Rarignac more than delivers here. This book isn't just a fabulous read, it is also important, and is guaranteed a place on university reading lists and in private libraries for decades to come. There's a new player on the Gothic field, and we can't wait for more..."

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S. And one more update. I have found a series of recent articles by Noël Rarignac on the site "Gothic Imagination" that seemed to be concerned with the Grotesque and the Gothic. For example:

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