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((Most of you should know what this is >:D I am evil~ So~ Skip the long explanation and go strait to the roleplay.... if you haven't seen or heard of HetaOni, google it or watch it on Youtube~

Steve(Normal)- L.
Buff Steve- Goth
Squid-like Steve-
Giant Steve- Hetamusicfan
Blob Steve
First come, first serve))

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If I'm correct, Steroid Steve is the one that killed Veneziano in the 1st half of the 2nd time loop…))

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((I think... but YES YOU MAY!))

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Do we keep Italy as the journal carrier?))

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((I... have no idea... But I think Giant Steve was the one who killed Italy... Giant Steve is bigger than Buff Steve...))

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Giant Steve is the one that looks like a heap of fur with multiple eyes, right?))

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((Giant Steve is the one that is bigger than the roof... Buff Steve is the big one, but can still fit through the door. The blob steve is the heap of fur... I think...))

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((Wait, bigger than the roof?

I think I missed something…

…Blob Steve, you say? Why does the word 'blob' make me think of Mochis?! *facepalm*))

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((Yea... there was a HUGE one that appeared in the series that was big enough that it went through the ceiling(Roof in last comment, I meant ceiling


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((Yep, I definitely missed something. I'll let someone else claim it though... The more different Steves the better))

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((There were about 83 in the cage thing...

Gtg, sorry))

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 51 comments ((:3 Can I have Giant Steve?))

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Witchy | 151 comments Mod
"C'mon sis,"North said with a laugh. He ran to the large creepy house with glee, while his sister sulked to the door, a bad aura about her. She was shaking.

"This ain't a good idea!" She muttered.Ahh....I'm so fuckin scared! Well... Maybe Frace or Denmark will come and save me before this idiot sentences me to death.... Her aura became all sparkley and pink as she thought about Denmark and France as handsome princes whisking her away on white stallions.


"AHHHH!" Ireland jumped five feet into the air and her little dreaming moment boiled into rage."SEAMUSSSSS!"

He guaffed and ran into the house with Ireland at his tail.

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Hetamusicfan *Is Going Through A Rebellious Stage* wrote: "((:3 Can I have Giant Steve?))"


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((LOLOL sparklyness…

I want to ask though, should we keep Italy as the one with the journal?))

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 51 comments ((I would be fine with it~~))

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((Ve~ Should Hungary be in the backup like in the original or in the house?))

Atlantis walked towards the house. "This is creepy…" she muttered.

HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 51 comments ((*Shrugs* I dunno~ She could be in the house to kick ass))

Paraguay walked next to her, Italy trailing behind.
"It seems fun~" she said, and Italy ve~ed, zoned out.

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 179 comments Hawaii trailed behind Italy. "Woah..."

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"Why fun? The house looks abandoned…" Atlantis looked around. "Do we really have to go in?"

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 179 comments ((YEEESH!!!))

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Ireland gripped North's arm for dear life. They where already inside and already lost.

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Atlantis sighed. "Oh well, we're here so we might as well go in for a look around…" she opened the door.

((I think that is the stupidest thing my charrie's ever said))

SECRET! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BUSYBUSYBUSY~ (darkice272) | 179 comments Hawaii poked her head inside. "It's not THAT bad." she said.


HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 51 comments Paraguay nodded.
"Si! Let's go!" she cheered and zoomed in.
Italy finally snapped out of it and looked around.
"Ve~ Wait for me!" he said and followed.

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Witchy | 151 comments Mod
((you don't want to know what the stupidest thing my charrie has ever said/done. He is a idiot at his best))

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((I think I'll RP Hungary in another time loop))

Atlantis walked in. "It's way cleaner than I expected… and empty…"

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