The Orchards Meet the Apricots (The Happy Apricots, #1) The Orchards Meet the Apricots question

Is being happy through everything ever seem kind of ignorant?
Jaesi Christian Jaesi Jun 11, 2012 07:47AM
I read this book and was wondering where the line crosses between being positive and happy about everything and yet being fully aware of everything? We have all kinds of feelings running through us everyday, how do we avoid ignoring or shoving them away? Because we all know it's not healthy to ignore those emotions...

It is a good question, though I do not think you can ignore or shove away emotions. I think you have to work through them though. The Happy apricots find happiness in little things, and this can help us work through unhappiness or surprising events. I believe what is important is that we do not let negative emotions dictate and rule over us. Instead we find happy notes within our sad moments so we can better cope with those surprising events!

Jaesi Christian True! I like how you said, find happy notes within our sad moments, that sounds so artistic!
Jun 11, 2012 12:10PM · flag

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