Hybrid (The Evolution Trilogy, #1) Hybrid question

Are you willing to take a chance on a new author?
Vanessa Wester Vanessa Jun 11, 2012 07:42AM
I am new to goodreads and have had a lot of fun addings all the books I have read and rating them. I have loads more to add.

I have added my debut novel in the hope some of you might find it interesting. Please let me know what you think. It is also available on Amazon - look up Vanessa Wester!

Thanks a lot and Happy reading...
Vanessa :) Vanessa Wester

I start by saying that this is not my normal genre of book. I took a chance on it having read some comments on twitter.
I found that it started a little slow for me but soon got going and by the end I was hooked and cannot wait for the next episode. I have rated it a 4 on Goodreads and offer my congratulations to Vanessa on this debut effort.

Vanessa Wester thank you so much for your lovely comments... every time I get a comment like yours I start to believe in myself just that little bit more.

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