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Octavian is sooooo ANNOYING.& kinda scary.hopefully he'll try and mess with Annabeth or Thalia and they'll just kill him.I'm pretty sure he's workin with gaea or something

Lisa yeah i think hes totlly creepy! like wtf is wrong with him???? i definately do not like him

Katie You know hat in Son of Neptune they also never truly figured out who killed Gwen while they were playing Romanm capture the flag. And Frank highly suspected Octavian.

Nikki Sojkowski He reminds me of evil Luke!

Percyfreak- luke is not evil he was just misuderstud

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Ana I would scream if Octavian somehow manages to go on the Quest!!! (not that that would happen, in the first place) But still, that would ruin everything. XD

Nikki Sojkowski Percyfreak wrote: "luke is not evil he was just misuderstud"

No I mean like whe he was possessed by Kronos

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