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message 1: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Hi!

message 2: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
Hi so got any ideas as to what we could do

message 3: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Not really.

message 4: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
Okay well maybe we could do something like a girl around age 16 or 17 loves cats and does everything she can to help and care for them one night a cat god appears or something and say she will get one wish and she wishes for a guy who is half cat and like a week later she finds a guy her age in a box with cat ears and a tail but after like a long time of rping more of the people start appearing but with different animal traits or something

message 5: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Mmkay. it sounds interesting.

message 6: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
So you want to do it?

Just to clarify the cat guy comes from an alternate dimension where humans all have different animal traits depending in their region so there would be dog cat rabbit wolf anything

message 7: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) sure!

message 8: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
Okay so charries I guess I'll make mine now but won't be using it until we get to him appearing

Name: Jesse Meow (( everyone in his region has this last name))
Age: 16
Appearance: http://images.wikia.com/spacepedia/im...

message 9: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) I cant post a link but i will describe the best I can

Name:Kaylee Donavan
Age: 16
Appearance: She has light brown hair. It is usually braided down her back. She wears jeans and t-shirts with logos of bands. She wears converse. She is average height and has delicate curves.

message 10: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
Okay so you ready to start I guess I'll play the cats then the cat god

message 11: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) yup!

Kaylee wms inside of her house. Her parents were usually gone. She was putting together food for some of her cats.... or the few cats who were currently at her feet.

message 12: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
Most of the cats were strays but ate the food happily as they purred

message 13: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee sat down on the couch when she was finished. She had lit a few candles.

message 14: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
All the strays had left after being fed but the cats that she owned were either cuddled with her or asleep

message 15: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee turned on the t.v. with a sigh.

message 16: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
One of her cats cuddled closer purring loudly

message 17: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) She petted the cat.

message 18: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
It purred loudly and dosed off in her arms

message 19: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) She sighed and payed attention to the t.v.

message 20: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
the cats were cuddled around her happily throughout the night most of the cats left the room to go and sleep elsewhere

message 21: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee eventually fell asleep.

message 22: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
The cat god watched her fall asleep and sent a vision while While she slept " hello kaylee I'm the cat god" he said appearing before her in a dream

message 23: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) In the dream, Kaylee could not speak. She waved in reply.

message 24: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
" you have taken great care of my beings that i have put on the earth and am giving you one wish in return you may wish for anything you would like" the cat god spoke

message 25: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) "Anything?" she asked in her head.

message 26: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
" now i could just give you cancer if you say that now think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity" the cat god said

message 27: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) She thought for a bit. "A half human half cat....? Boy?"

message 28: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
" you mean a neko?" the god asked slowly

message 29: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) "yep…"

message 30: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
" alright then expect delivery in 1 to 2 weeks" the gods said then disappeared

message 31: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee sroppped dreaming.

message 32: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
(( ff a week or something?))

message 33: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) (sure!))

message 34: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
(( alright then))

After a week and a half there was a box lying in the middle of the street it was a plain box with nothin more than a paw print on the side inside was a person asleep it was late at night the god had put the box there deliberately in the path of the girl

message 35: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee had gone out for the night and was driving home. She saw the box and instantly stopped her car. She got out and picked up the box to look inside.

message 36: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
From inside the box there was a slight meow and movement then nothing

message 37: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) She opened the box and looked inside.

message 38: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
the boy was motionless his body covered by a blanket only his tail and ears were showing

message 39: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee smiled slightly, but was worried. She put him in the car and took him home.

message 40: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
He moved a few times but other than that stayed still meowing only a few times still asleep

message 41: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee brought him in the house. She put him in her room and went into the living room to sit on her couch.

message 42: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
Jesse opened his eyes and moved around the box fell off the bed he started meowing and crying

message 43: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee woke up and walked in there. "Are you okay?" she asked as she picked him up and set him on the bed.

message 44: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
" master " he said and clung to her

message 45: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) "I'm not your master. What's your name?" She ruffled his hair gently.

message 46: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
" jesse is my name master" he said quickly

message 47: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) Kaylee sigjed,"Please call me Kaylee."

message 48: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
" yes master kaylee" he said quickly and excitedly

message 49: by Kaylee~ (new)

Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) She giggled warmly,"Dosay master with it. Its just Kaylee."

message 50: by Jesse (new)

Jesse | 594 comments Mod
" but you are my master my god said I had to be your slave/butler whatever but I've been a butler my whole life until I was fired then I came here in a box" he said

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