City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5) City of Lost Souls question

Best series ever! But...

i thought it was awesome! ... in a totally disgusting and freaky way. It made the books way more interesting and entertaining

When does Sebastian try to rape clary... I'm trying to remember but I can't...

I knida was because I have a little brother and the thought of that is just plain disgusting. But I knew Clary and Jace weren't brother and sister from the begginning. But the whole Jonathen thing was just nasty!. I mean dude she is your sister. Anywho, It was still the most awesomest series in the world, like ever.

i loved the series and i didnt mind with jace and clare but when sebastian knew all along that he was her brother and he still wanted to be with her and he kissed her, that was so discusting. but she is showing us how crazy stebastian is!!

I didn't mind-I mean, It happens in some religions.

It was weird, but I think it was to show how screwed up Sebastian is.

It's pretty gross but I think that's what Cassie Clare's goin' for...especially with Sebastian. I think she's trying to make him seem pretty horrible, and wanting to rape your sister seems awfully horrible.

As for Jace and Clary in the first few books...I don't know. It all worked out I guess.

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It is a little weird, but Jace and Clary are totally meant for each other and I think deep down everyone knew they weren't really related. And Sebastian's just a freak.

Yeah... my gag reflexes keep on being triggered as I read this book. The story was AMAZING and i absolutely adore clare but that particular part of the the book i didn't like to much ( I actually almost stopped reading the series after book #1 because of it :P). It's kind of disturbing and nasty..... and gross.... and unsettling.... and strange..... and i think you get the idea XD.

I LOVE the infernal device series!!!! You should check it out if you haven't already :D

Yeah, it is kinda creepy and in today’s society especially incest is a major taboo, but you have to remember that that kind of thing wasn’t always so unthinkable. There are religious texts today, even the Bible that comment on it; stories of other Gods marrying their siblings and many cultures throughout history believing that incestuous relations keep the bloodline pure. Take the Egyptians for example, like was mentioned in COLS: there were many royal families that married their siblings or children. Don’t forget Egyptian beliefs ranged for nearly four thousand years, twice as long as current Christianity.

Meh. I had a feeling that they weren't brother and sister to begin with. Maybe Clare was going for True-Love-with-A-Twist...Just Kidding!-It's-True-Love sorta thing. And yeah, Sebastian just needs to be killed. The major thing I had a problem about this series was that Clare felt it was alright to just make up some stuff in the Bible. You know, with Lilith? That part made me mad.

Ivy But still not in the Bible. She is mentioned as a demon in lots of other places in mythology, but never have I read Adam had a first wife in the ACTUA ...more
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i really enjoyed the romance part of the books, though i can see why some parts could come across as being creepy and gross...

The attraction between Jace and Clary while they still thought they were related didn't freak me out as much as when Jonathan told Clary that he was her brother and that he knew all along. When he went into detail, my gag reflexes were triggered, but I think that it was the anticipated reaction. The attraction that Clary and Jonathan felt for each other never FELT like siblings, which was a clear indication of the twist in the series. I, having a male sibling, know for a fact that if you had a sibling you would FEEL it and the attraction more than likely would not happen.

read Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block

Sonia loved that book. despite the brother/sister thing. sometimes i wonder if that makes me weird...?
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