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Here everyone who posted the cover should write the name of the book and the author. So it will be easier to navigate what covers are uploaded and what does not.

Page 1

Adele Asgworth - My darling caroline
Adele Ashworth - A Notorious Proposition
Adele Ashworth - The Duke's Indiscretion
Amanda Quick - Dangerus
Amanda Quick - Mystique
Amanda Quick - Reckless
Amanda Quick - Rendezvous
Amanda Quick - Scandal
Amanda Quick - Seduction
Amanda Quick - surrender
Amber Kaye - Haunted By Love
Anna Campbell - My Reckless Surrender
Anna Campbell - Untouched
Arnette Lamb - Border Lord
Barbara Dawson Smith - Countess confidential
Barbara Dawson Smith - Her secret affair
Barbara Dawson Smith - Romancing the rogue
Barbara Dawson Smith - Tempt Me Twice
Barbara Dawson Smith - The Duchess Diaries
Barbata Dawson Smith - Once Upon a Scandal
Barbata Dawson Smith - The Wedding Night
Barbata Dawson Smith - Too Wicked to love
Bobbi Smith - Brides of Durango - Elise
Bobbi Smith - Brides of Durango - Jenny
Bobbi Smith - Brides of Durango - Tessa
Bobbi Smith - Outlaws Lady
Bobbi Smith - The Lady & the Texan
Bobbi Smith - the Lady's hand
Cait Logan - The weddin Gamble
Candace Camp - The bridal quest

Page 2

Candice Proctor - Saptember moon
Candice Proctor - The bequest
Candice Proctor - The last knight
Candice Proctor - Whispers of heaven
Cassie Edvards - Savage Flames
Cassie Edwards - Savage Abandon
Cassie Edwards - Savage Arrow
Cassie Edwards - Savage Belloved
Cassie Edwards - Savage Courage
Cassie Edwards - Savage Dvotion
Cassie Edwards - Savage Heat
Cassie Edwards - Savage Honor
Cassie Edwards - Savage Mists
Cassie Edwards - Savage Secrets
Cassie Edwards - Savage Skies
Cassie Edwards - Savage Wonder
Cassie Edwards - Wild Abandon
Cassie Edwards - Wild Bliss
Cathy Maxwell - A seduction at christmas
Cathy Maxwell - Adventures of a Scottish Heiress
Cathy Maxwell - Because ot you
Cathy Maxwell - Bedding The Heiress
Gaayle Callen - Never Marry a Stranger
Celeste Bradley - Devil In My Bed
Celeste Bradley - Duke Most Wanted
Celeste Bradley - Rogue In My Arms
Celeste Bradley - The Duke Next Door
Christina Dodd - A Knight to Remember

Page 3

Cinnamon Burke - Rapture's mist
Colleen Shannon - The Gentle Beast
Conie Mason - Tears like rain
Connie Mason - Pirate
Connie Mason - Pure temptation
Connie Mason - The Dragon Lord
Coral Smith Saxe - The Mirror & the Magic
Cynthia Wright - Fireblossom
Dara Joy - High Intensity
Dara Jpy - Rejar
Debra Mullins - Scandal of the Black Rose
Elaine Coffman - A time for roses
Elaine Coffman - The Highlander
Elizabeth Boyle - Along Came A Duke
Elizabeth Boyle - Confessions of A Little Black Gown
Elizabeth Boyle - Haw I Met My Countess
Elizabeth Boyle - Memoirs of A Scandalous Red Dress
Elizabeth Hoyt - To seduce a sinner
Elizabeth Hoyt - To Taste Temptation
Elizabeth Hoyt - Wicked Intentions
Elizabeth Lowell - Enchanted
Eloisa James - A affair before christmas
Eloisa James - A Duke of Her Own
Eloisa James - A Kiss at Midnight
Eloisa James - Duchess by night
Eloisa James - The Duke Is Mine
Eloisa James - This duchess of mine
Eloisa James - When Beauty Tamed the Beast
Eloisa James - When the Duke Returns
Flora Speer - Lady Lure

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Page 4

Sarah MacLean - A Rogue by Any Other Name
Sarah MacLean - Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart
Gaelen Foley - My Wicked Marquess
Sarah MacLean - Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake
Sarah MacLean - Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord
Gayle Callen - Lord next door
Gayle Callen - Never Dare a Duke
Gayle Callen - Never Trust a Scoundrel
Gayle Callen - The viscount in her bedroom
Genell Dellin - Comanche Rain
Heather Graham - Rebel
Heather Graham - Surrender
Jane Feather - A Valentine Wedding
Jane Feather - The silver rose
Jane Feather - Velvet
Jenna Petersen - Seduction is forever
Jennifer Haymore - A Hint Of Wicked
Jennifer Haymore - A Touch of Scandal
Jennifer Haymore - Pleasures of a Tempted Lady
Jill Gregory - Always You
Jill Gregory - Cold Night, Warm Stranger
Jill Gregory - Rough Wrangler, Tender Kisses
Jodi Thomas - Tall, Dark, and Texan
Johanna Lindcey - Captive Of My Desires
Johanna Lindsey - No Choice But Seduction
Johanna Lindsey - All I Need Is You
Johanna Lindsey - Heart of a Warrior
Johanna Lindsey - Once a Princess
Johanna Lindsey - The Devil Who Tamed Her
Johanna Lindsey - The Heir

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Page 5

Johanna Lindsey - The Magic of You
Johanna Lindsey - The Pursuit
Johanna Lindsey - You Belong to Me
Judith Ivory - Beast
Judith Ivory - Untie My Heart
Julia London - A Courtesan's Scandal
Julia London - Highland scandal
Julia London - The Beautiful Stranger
Julia London - The book of scandal
Julia London - The dangerous gentleman
Julia London - The dangers of deceiving a Viscount
Julia London - the perils of pursuing a prince
Julianne MacLean - When a stranger loves me
Julie Anne Long - Like No Other Lover
Julie Anne Long - Since the surrender
Jullian Hunter - Delight
Karen Hawkins - How to Abduct a Highland Lord
Karen Hawkins - Sleepless in Scotland + The Laird Who Loved Me
Karen Hawkins - Sleepless in Scotland
Karen Hawkins - The Laird Who Loved Me
Karen Howkins - One Night in Scotland
Karen Howkins - Scandal in Scotland
Karen Ranney - A Highland Duchess
Karen Ranney - A Scandalous Scot
Karen Ranney - A Scotsman in Love
Karen Ranney - Autumn in Scotland
Karen Ranney - My Beloved
Karen Ranney - One Man's Love
Karen Ranney - So In Love
Karen Ranney - Sold to a Laird

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Page 6

Karen Ranney - The Devil Wears Tartan
Karen Ranney - The Irresistible Macrae
Karen Ranney - The Scottish Companion
Karen Ranney - Till Next We Meet
Karen Ranney - To Love A Scottish Lord
Karen Ranney - When the Laird Returns
Kasey Michaels - The Return of the Prodigal
Kat Martin - Fanning the Flame
Kat Martin - Heart of Honor
Kat Martin - Heartless
Kat Martin - Midnight Rider
Kat Martin - Night Secrets
Kat Martin - Perfect Sin
Kat Martin - Silk and steel
Kat Martin - The fire inside
Katherine Kingsley - In the presence of Angels
Katherine Kingsley - In the wake of the wind
Katherine Kingsley - Once Upon A Dream
Katherine Kingsley - The Sound of Snow
Kathleen Morgan - Strands of Gold
Kathryn Caskie - How to Propose to a Prince
Kerrelyn Sparks - All I Want for Christmas Is a Vampire
Kerrelyn Sparks - Eat Prey Love
Kerrelyn Sparks - The Vampire and the Virgin
Kerrelyn Sparks - Vampire Mine
Kerrеlyn Sparks - Wanted Undead or Alive
Laura Kinsale - The shadow and the star
Laura Lee Guhrke - Guilty oleasures
Laura Lee Guhrke - His every kiss
Laura Lee Guhrke - Secret Desires of a Gentleman

Page 7

Laura Lee Guhrke - The marriage Bed
Laura Lee Guhrke - Trouble at the wedding
Laura Lee Guhrke - Wedding of the Season
Laura Lee Guhrke - With Seduction In Mind
Lisa Kleypas - Again The Magic
Lisa Kleypas - Devil in Winter
Lisa Kleypas - It happened one autumn
Lisa Kleypas - Lady Sophia's Lover
Lisa Kleypas - Love in the Afternoon
Lisa Kleypas - Seduce Me at Sunrise
Lisa Kleypas - Tempt me at twilight
Lisa Kleypas - When Strangers Marry
Lisa Kleypas - Worth Any Price
Liz Carlyle - One Little Sin
Liz Carlyle - One Touch of Scandal
Liz Carlyle - The bride wore pearls
Liz Carlyle - The Devil you know
Liz Carlyle - Three little secrets
Lois Greiman - An Accidental Seduction
Lois Greiman - Bewitching the Highlander
Lois Greiman - Seduced by your spell
Lois Greiman - Taming the Barbarian
Lois Greiman - Tempting the Wolf
Lois Greiman - Under Your Spell
Loretta Chase - Last Night's Scandal
Lorraine Heath - Between the Devil and Desire
Lorraine Heath - In Bed With the Devil
Lorraine Heath - Midnight Pleasure with a Scoundrel
Lorraine Heath - Never Maryy a Cowboy
Lorraine Heath - Surrender to the Devil

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Page 8

Lynsay Sands - The countess
Lynsay Sands - The Heiress
Madeline Baker - Chase the Lightening
Madeline Baker - Feather in the Wind
Madeline Baker - Hawk's woman
Madeline Baker - The Angel & the Outlaw
Madeline Baker - The Spirit Path
Madeline Baker - Warrior's Lady
Madeline Bakes - Spirits song
Madeline Hunter - The Protector
Mary Balogh - One night for love
Mary Jo Putney - Angel Rogue
Norah Hess - Flint
Norah Hess - Taner
Norah Hess - Winter Lov
Patricia Gaffney - Sweet Everlasting
Patricia Gaffney - To Have and To Hold
Patricia Grasso - to charm a prince
Patricia Potter - Starcatcher
Patricia Potter - Starfinder
Penelope Neri - Enchanted
Raine Cantrell - Desert Sunrise
Rebecca Brandewyne - Swan Road
Rosemary Rogers - A Dangerous Man
Rosemary Rogers - All I Desire
Rosemary Rogers - In Your Arms
Sabrina Jeffries - A dangerous love
Sabrina Jeffries - Beware A Scot's Revenge
Sabrina Jeffries - Dance of Seduction

Page 9

Sabrina Jeffries - Don't Bargain with the Devil
Sabrina Jeffries - Married to the Viscount
Sabrina Jeffries - Only a duke will do
Sabrina Jeffries - The Dangerous Lord
Sabrina Jeffries - Wed Him Before You Bed Him
Samantha James - A perfect hero
Sandra Hill - Viking In Love
Shannon Drake - Blue Heaven, Black Night
Shannon Drake - Branded hearts
Shannon Drake - Seize the Dawn
Shirl Henke - A fire in the blood
Sophie Jordan - Scandal they wed
Sophie Jordan - Sins of a wicked duke
Sophie Jordan - Wicked Nights With a Lover
Stephanie Laurens - A Fine Passion
Stephanie Laurens - A Lady of His Own
Stephanie Laurens - A Rake's Vow
Stephanie Laurens - A Secret Love
Stephanie Laurens - All About Love
Stephanie Laurens - All About Passion
Stephanie Laurens - Mastered By Love
Stephanie Laurens - On a Wild Night
Stephanie Laurens - Scandal's Bride
Stephanie Laurens - The Perfect Lover
Stephanie Laurens - The Promise in a Kiss
Stephanie Laurens - To Distraction
Stephanie Laurens - Where the Heart Leads
Susan Johnson - Taboo
Susan King - Lady Miracle
Susan King - The Raven's Moon

Page 10

Suzanne Enoch - Before The Scandal
Suzanne Enoch - Rules of an Engagment
Suzanne Enoch - Sin and Sensibility
Suzanne Enoch - Sins of a Duke
Suzanne Enoch - Taming an impossible rogue
Suzanne Enoch - The Care And Taming of a Rouge
Suzanne Robinson - Lady Defiant
Suzanne Robinson - Lady Defiant
Tanya Anne Crosby - The Mackinnon's Bride
Teresa Madeiros - Touch of enchantment
Teresa Medeiros - After Midnight
Teresa Medeiros - Some like it Wilde
Teresa Medeiros - The vampire who loved me
Tessa Dare - A week to be wicked
Tracy Anne Warre - Seduced by his touch
Tracy Anne Warren - At the Duke's Pleasure
Tracy Anne Warren - tempted by his kiss
Tracy Anne Warren - The Bed & The Bachelor
Tracy Anne Warren - The Bed & The Bachelor
Victoria Alexander - Love With the Proper Husband
Victoria Alexander - My Wicked Little Lies
Victoria Alexander - The husband list
Victoria Alexander - The perfect wife
Virginia Hanley - Notorious
Virginia Henley - Desire
Virginia Henley - Infamous
Virginia Henley - Insatiable
Virginia Henley - Ravished
Victoria Alexander - Believe
Katherine Sutcliffe - A fire in the heart

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Page 11

Marsha Canham - Threw a Dark Mist
Adele Ashworth - Duke of scandal
Adele Ashworth - Duke of Sin
Adele Ashworth - Someone Irresistible
Adele Ashworth - When It`s Perfect
Brenda Joyce - After Innocence
Amanda Ashley - Embrace the Night
Amanda Quick - Desire
Anita Mills - Secret Nights
Anne Mallory - The Bride Prince
Betina Krahn - My Warrior's Heart
Bobbi Smith - Lady Deception
Bobbi Smith - Renegade's Lady
Rebecca Brandewyne - The Jacaranda Tree
Heather Graham - The Vikings Woman
Rosanne Bittner - Outlaw Hearts
Gayle Feyrer - The Prince Of Cups
Brenda Joyce - After Innocence
Brenda Joyce - The Conqueror
Brenda Joyce - The Stolen Bride
Candace Camp - Winterset
Cassie Edwards - Savage Grace
Catherine Anderson - Cherish
Catherine Coulter - Lord Harry
Catherine Coulter - The Hellion Bride
Catherine Coulter - The Offer
Penelope Williamson - A Wild Yearning
Catherine Coulter - The Rebel Bride
Catherine Coulter - The Sherbrooke Twins
Diana Galbaldon - Outlander

Page 12

Diana Galbaldon - Dragonfly In Amber
Cathy Maxwell - Falling in love again
Cathy Maxwell - In the bed of a duke
Cathy Maxwell - In the highlander`s bed
Cathy Maxwell - The lady is tempted
Cathy Maxwell - The marriage contract
Cathy Maxwell - The wedding wager
Cathy Maxwell - When Dreams Come True
Christina Dodd - The Prince Kidnaps a Bride
Claire Delacroix - The Countess
Claire Delacroix - The Damsel
Claire Delacroix - The Heiress
Claire Delacroix - The Princess
Constance O'Banyon - Once Upon A Time
Constance O'Banyon - Desert Song
Marianne Willman - Silver Shadows
Debra Mullins - Just one Touch
Elaine Barbieri - Hawk
Elizabeth Boyle - It takes a hero
Lael St.James - My Lady Beloved
Elizabeth Boyle - Love letters from a duke
Elizabeth Boyle - No marriage of convenince
Elizabeth Boyle - Once tempted
Elizabeth Boyle - One night of passion
Elizabeth Boyle - Something about emmaline
Elizabeth Boyle - Stealing the bride
Elizabeth Boyle - Tempted by the night
Elizabeth Boyle - This rake of mine
Elizabeth Hoyt - Notorious Pleasures
Elizabeth Hoyt - To Beguile a Beast

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Page 13

Elizabeth Hoyt - To Desire a Devil
Elizabeth Kary - Love, Honor and Betray
Elizabeth Lowell - Forbidden
Elizabeth Lowell - Untamed
Eloisa James - Desperate Duchess
Eloisa James - the taming of the duke
Eloisa James - Your wicked ways
Emma Merritt - Lady of Summer
Gaelen Foley - Her every pleasure
Gaelen Foley - Her only desire
Gaelen Foley - Her Secret Fantasy
Gaelen Foley - lady of desire
Gaelen Foley - My Dangerous Duke
Geogina Gentry - Cheyenne Splendor
Geralyn Dawson - Simmer All Night
Glenna McReynolds - Dream Stone
Jacquie D'Alessandro - Who Will Take This Man
Jane Feather - The Emerald Swan
Jill Barnett - Wicked
Jill Barnett - Wonderful
Jill Gregory - Never Love a Cowboy
Jillian Hunter - The devilish pleasures of a duke
Jillian Hunter - The Seduction of an English Scoundrel
Jillian Hunter - The sinful nights of a nobleman
Jillian Hunter - The Wedding Night of an English Rogue
Jillian Hunter - The wicked games of a gentleman
Jillian Hunter - Wicked as Sin
Johanna Lindsey - Angel
Johanna Lindsey - Home For The Holiday's
Johanna Lindsey - Joining

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Page 14

Johanna Lindsey - Keeper of the heart
Johanna Lindsey - Love me forever
Johanna Lindsey - Man of my Dreams
Johanna Lindsey - Prisoner of My Desire
Johanna Lindsey - Say you love me
Johanna Lindsey - Surrender my love
Johanna Lindsey - The present
Johanna Lindsey - Until forever
Jude Deveraux - Heartwishes An Edilean Novel
Jude Deveraux - The Princess
Julia Quinn - An offer from a Gentleman
Julia Quinn - Brighter tha the sun
Julia Quinn - Everything and the moon
Julia Quinn - Haw to marry a marquis
Julia Quinn - It`s in his kiss
Julia Quinn - On the way to the wedding
Julia Quinn - romancing mister bridgerton
Julia Quinn - The duke and I
Julia Quinn - the secret diaries of miss miranda cheever
Julia Quinn - The vicount who loved me
Julia Quinn - To sir phillip, with love
Julia Quinn - When hi was wicked
Julianne MacLean - In My Wildest Fantasies
Karen Hawkins - An affair to remember
Karen Hawkins - And the bride wore plaid
Karen Hawkins - Claiming the higlander
Karen Hawkins - Confessions of a scoundrel
Karen Hawkins - Her Master and Commander
Karen Hawkins - How to treat a lady
Karen Hawkins - Lady in red

Page 15

Karen Hawkins - The seduction of sara
Karen Hawkins - To Catch a highlander
Karen Ranney - After the kiss
Karen Ranney - My true love
Karen Ranney - My wicked fantasy
Karen Robards - Nobody's Angel
Katherine Sutcliffe - Devotion
Kathleen Harrington - Dream Catcher
Kathleen Woodiwiss - The Wolf and the Dove
Kathryn Caskie - The most wicked of sins
Laura Kinsaler - for my lady's heart
Laura Lee Guhrke - And then hi kissed her
Linda Ladd - White Lily
Linda Needham - The bride bed
Lisa Kleypas - Again The Magic
Lisa Kleypas - Because You're Mine
Lisa Kleypas - Scandal in spring
Lisa Kleypas - Secrets of a summer night
Kristen Hannah - When Lighting Strikes
Joanna Bourne - My Lord and Spymaster
Joanna Bourne - The Spymaster's Lady
Julie Beard - A Dance in Heather
Julie Beard - Lady and the Wolf
Rexanne Becnel - The Rose Of Blacksword
Connie Brockway - All Through the Night
Leigh Greenwood - Luke
Leigh Greenwood - Drew
Leigh Greenwood - Matt
Loretta Chase - Your scandalous ways
Lori Copeland - Angel Face and Amazing Grace

Page 16

Lorraine Heath - A Matter of Temptation
Lorraine Heath - A Rogue in Texas
Lorraine Heath - An invitation to seduction
Lorraine Heath - Never love a Cowboy
Lorraine Heath - Promise me forever
Lorraine Heath - To marry an heiress
Madeline Baker - Lakota Renegade
Kimberly Cates - Lily Fair
Nan Ryan - YBurning Love
Nan Ryan - You Belong to My Heart
Madeline Hunter - Stealing Heaven
Suzanne Enoch - Taming an impossible rogue (Big stepback)
Madeline Baker - Beneath A Midnight Moon
Meryl Sawyer - Last Night
Marylyle Rogers - Once Upon a Time
Tanya Anne Crosby - Once Upon a Kiss
Marylyle Rogers - Happily Ever After
Laura Kinsale - For My Lady's Heart
Marylyle Rogers - Long Ago and Far Away
Amanda Quick - Deception
Amanda Quick - Ravished
Anita Mills- Autumn Rain
Anita Mills - Dangerous
Anna Campbell - Meet Midnight's Wild Passion
Shirl Henke - Sundancer
Anna Campbell -Captive of Sin
Betina Krahn - The Princess and the Barbarian
Brenda Joyce - A Dangerous Love
Brenda Joyce - Promise of the Rose
Brenda Joyce - The Game

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Page 17

Brenda Joyce - The Perfect Bride
Brenda Joyce - The Prize
Brenda Joyce -A lady at last
Candace Camp - An Unexpected Pleasure
Candace Camp - Beyond Compare
Candace Camp - So Wild A Heart
Candace McCarthy - Wild Innocence
Carol Finch - Apache Wind
Cassie Edwards - Savage Trust
Catherine Anderson - Annie's Song
Catherine Anderson - Cheyenne Amber
Catherine Coulter - The Countess
Catherine Coulter - The Duke
Christina Skye - east of forever
Connie Mason - Flame
Connie Mason - The Black Knight
Connie Mason - The Outlaws Sam
Elaine Coffman - So This Is Love
Eugenia Riley - Phantom in Time
Gayle Callen - In Pursuit of a Scandalous Lady
Heather Graham - And One rode west
Heather Graham - And One Wore Gray
Heather Graham - One Wore Blue
Heather Graham - Glory
Iris Johansen - Storm Winds
Jennifer Haymore - Confessions of an Improper Bride
Jill Marie Landis - Sunflower
Joan Johnston - The Bridegroom
KAT MARTIN - The Handmaiden's Necklace
Katherine Deauxville - Blood Red Roses

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Page 18

Katherine Deauxville - Daggers of Gold
KATHERINE KINGSLEY - Lilies on the Lake
Margaret Moore - Bride of Lochbar
Marsha Canham - The Pride of Lions
Mary Ellen Gronau - Gentle Conqueror
Mary Jo Putney - Shattered Rainbows
Mary Jo Putney - Silk and Shadows
Maura Seger - Tapestry
Megan Chance - A Season in Eden
Nicolde Jordan - Princess Charming
Norah Hess - Fancy
Norah Hess - Raven
Parris Afton Bonds - Dream Time
Rexanne Becnel - A Dove at Midnight
Rexanne Becnel - Dangerous To Love
Rexanne Becnel - The Mistress of Rosecliffe
Rexanne Becnel - Where Magic Dwells
Rosanne Bittner - Embers of the Heart
Rosanne Bittner - Savage Destiny Eagle's Song
Rosemary Rogers - A Reckless Encounter
Rosemary Rogers - Jewel Of My Heart
Rosemary Rogers - Return To Me
Rosemary Rogers - Sapphire
Rosemary Rogers - Savage Desire
Sabrina Jeffries - In the prince`s bed
Sabrina Jeffries - To pleasure a prince
Sabrina Jeffries - Let Sleeping Rogues Lie
Samantha James - A perfect groom
Samantha James - Every Wish Fulfilled
Sandra Hill - Frankly, My Dear

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Page 19

Shannon Drake - Come the Morning
Shannon Drake - Conquer the Night
Shannon Drake - Damsel in Distress
Shannon Drake - Knight of Fire
Shannon Drake - Seize the Dawn
Shannon Drake - The Lion In Glory
Shirl Henke - McCrory's Lady
Shirl Henke - Return to Paradise
Shirl Henke - The Endless Sky
Shirlee Busbee - Whisper Me of Love
Sonya T. Pelton - Secret Jewel
Stephanie Laurens - A Gentleman's Honor
Stephanie Laurens - All About Love
Stephanie Laurens - Four in hand
Stephanie Laurens - The Lady Chosen
Susan Kay Law - A wanted man
Susan Sizemore - Captured innocence
Suzanne Enoch - A Lady s Guide to Improper Behavior
Suzanne Enoch - Before the Scandal
Sylvie Sommerfield - Promise of Love
Tanya Anne Crosby - On Bended Knee
Tanya Anne Crosby - Perfect In My Sight
Teresa Medeiros - fairest of them all
Tracy Anne Warren - The accidental mistress
Tracy Anne Warren - The wedding trap
Victoria Alexander - The marriage lesson
Victoria Alexander - The Perfect Mistress
Victoria Alexander - The Princess & The Pea
Victoria Alexander - The wedding Bargain
Virginia Henley - Enslaved

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Page 20

Virginia Henley - Enticed
Virginia Henley - Tempted
Teresa Medeiros - Thief of Hearts
Dara Joy - Ritual of Proof
Barbara Dawson Smith - One Wilde Night
BETINA KRAHN - Behind Closed Doors
Catherine Coulter - The Sherbrooke Bride
Connie Brockway - Bridal Favors
Constance Bennett - Blossom
Deana James - Acts of Love
Denise Domning - A Love for All Seasons
Jen Holling - Tempted by you Touch
Jen Holling - Tempted by you Tour Desire
Katherine Sutcliffe - My Only Love
Katherine Sutcliffe - Once a Hero
Laura Parker - Moon Shadow
Laurie Grant - Devil's Dare
Leigh Greenwood - Texas Homecoming
Lisa Jackson - Temptress
Lisa Kleypas - midnight angel
Lisa Kleypas - Prince of Dreams
Lisa Kleypas - Stranger in My Arms
Lisa Kleypas - Suddenly You
Lisa Kleypas - Where Dreams Begin
Lynsay Sands - Devil of the highlands
Madeline Baker - Cheyenne Surrender
Madeline Hunter - By Possession
Maggie Shayne - Prince of Twilight
Margaret Moore - The Norman's Heart
Marsha Canham - Straight for the heart

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Page 21

Mary Balogh - Heartless
Mary Balogh - Tangled
Mary Jo Putney - Dancing on the Wind
Meagan McKinney - lions and lace
Julia Ross - My Dark Prince
Nan Ryan - Because you're Mine
Nicole Jordan - The prince of pleasure
Norah Hess - Blaze
Patricia Gaffney - crooked hearts
Samanta James - The secret passion of Simon Blackwell
Victoria Alexander - What a lady wants
Virginia Henley - A Woman of Passion

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Karla | 1 comments Page 21:
Shannon Drake - No Other Man
Virginia Morgan - Tame the Rising Tide
Marilyn Harris - American Eden
Lavyrle Spencer - The Hellion

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Page 21

Valerie Sherwood - To Love a Rogue
Karleen Koen - Through a Glass Darkly
Pamela Moris - Wild Oats
Pamela Morsi - the love charme
Patricia Gaffney - To Have and To Hold
Patricia Potter - diablo
Penelope Williamson - Keeper of the Dream
Rosemary Rogers - midnight lady
Samantha James - A Perfect Bride
SandraHill - The Last Viking
Shannon Drake - Princess of fire
Sophie Jordan - Wicked in Your Arms
Susan Johnson - Outlaw
Susan Wiggs - The Lily and the Leopard

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Page 22

Suzanne Enoch - Always a Scoundrel
Suzanne Robinson - Lord of Enchantment
Suzanne Robinson - Lady Dangerous
Suzanne Robinson - Lady Defiant
Suzanne Robinson - Lady Valiant
Suzanne Robinson - The Engagement
Teresa Medeiros - nobody's darling
Virginia Henley - Seduced
Andrea Kane - the gold coin
Anita Mills - Comanche moon
Anita Mills - Comanche Rose
Arnette Lamb - Betrayed
Arnette Lamb - Border Brided
Betina Krahn - The Perfect Mistress
Betina Krahn - The Soft Touch
Betina Krahn - the Unlikely Angel
Brenda Joyce - scandalous love
Brenda Joyce - The masquerade
Cassie Edwards - Rolling Thunder
Cassie Edwards - Savage Fires
Cassie Edwards - Savage Hero
Cassie Edwards - Savage Joy
Cassie Edwards - Savage Longings
Cassie Edwards - Savage Moon
Cassie Edwards - Savage Shadows
Cassie Edwards - Savage Spirit
Cassie Edwards - Savage Thunder
Cassie Edwards - Wild Desire
Catherine hart - Splendor
Catherine Hart - Tempest
Connie Mason - Seduced by a Rogue

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Page 23

Connie Mason - sheik
Deborah Hale - Beauty And The Baron
Elizabeth Thornton - The Bride's Bodyguard
Ellen Jones - The Fatal Crown
Georgina Gentry - Nevada Dawn
Helen Kirkman - A Moments Madness
Iris Johansen - the golden barbarian
Jennifer Ashley - Care Feeding of Pirates
Jennifer Blake - Tender Betrayal
Joan Wolf - To The Castle
Joan Wolf - White Horses
Judith McNaught - Something Wonderful
Cheryl Reavis - The Bride Fair
Constance O'Banyon - Siren's Song
Doreen Owens Malek - Panther's Prey
Elaine Barbieri - Chastity
Elaine Barbieri - Purity
Karen Hawkins - Her Officer and Gentleman
Laura Kinsale - Prince of midnight
Madeline Baker - Under a Prairie Moon
Mary Jo Putney - silk and secrets
Mary Jo Putney - Petals in the storm
Mary Jo Putney - Thunder and Roses
Marylyle Rogers - Happily ever after
Nan Ryan - Sun God
Nicola Cornick - The Penniless Bride
Nicole Jordan - Desire
Nicole Jordan - Passion
Norah Hess - Tennessee Moon

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Page 24

Patricia Rice - Texas Lily
Shannon Drake - Knight Triumphant
Shelly Thacker - into the sunset
Suzan Carroll - winterbourne
Suzanne Simmons - Bed of Roses
Suzanne Simmons - Diamond in Rough
Tanya Anne Crosby - Once Upon a Kiss
Teresa Medeiros - A Whisper of Roses
Teresa Medeiros - once an angel
Theresa Scott - Captive Legacy
Wilma Counts - Rules Of Marriage
Alexandra Bassett - His Chosen Bride
Alexandra Ivy Fear - The Darkness
Barbara Dawson Smith - Here to stay
Barbara Dawson Smith - With All My Heart
Brenda Novak - Of Noble Birth
Brenda Trent - Dance Until Dawn
Catherine Anderson - Baby Love
Catherine Anderson - Forever After
Catherine Anderson - Keegan's lady
Catherine Anderson - Simply Love
Catherine Anderson - Star Bright
Catherine Anderson - Sun Kissed
Cathy Maxwell - Temptation of a Proper Governess
Dara Joy - Mine To Take
Deborah Gordon - Runaway Time
Eugenia Riley - A Waltz in Time
Gail Ranstrom - A Wild Justice
Jacqueline Navin - Strathmere's Bride
Pamela Palmer - A Blood Seduction

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 25

Phoebe Conn - Love Me 'Til Dawn
Samantha James - Bride of a Wicked Scotsman
Samantha James - The Sins of Viscount Sutherland
Tracy Anne Warren - His Favorite Mistress
Tracy Anne Warren - My Fair Mistress

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 25

Eugenia Riley-Ruaway Time
Sandra Hill-Blue Viking(front& back cover)

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 25

Elaine Coffman - The Bride Of Black Douglas
Jennifer Blake - Dawn Encounter
Jennifer Blake - Rogue's Salute

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Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 25

Heather Graham - Captive
Shirl Henke - Broken Vows
Shirl Henke - Paradise and More
Shirl Henke - Return to Paradise
Shirl Henke - Terms of Surrender
Shirl Henke - White Apaches Woman
Beverly Byrne - The Flames of Vengeance
Connie Brockway - As You Desire
Connie Brockway - The Golden Season
Loretta Chase - Don't Tempt Me

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 25

Evelyn Rogers-Texas Empires

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Pege 25

Anne Stuart - Prince of Swords (Bulgarian cover)
Cassie Edwards - Racing Moon
Cassie Edwards - Savage Embers
Cathy Maxwell - The Price of Indiscretion.
Connie Mason - Caress and Conquer
Connie Mason - The Laird of Stonehaven
Connie Mason - The Lion's Bride
Corey McFadden - Deception at Midnight

Page 26

Elizabeth Hoyt - Lord of Darkness
Elizabeth Hoyt - Scandalous Desires
Elizabeth Lowell - Winter Fire (Bulgarian cover)
Evelyn Rogers - Betrayal (Bulgarian cover)
Evelyn Rogers - Texas Empires - Crown of Glory (Bulgarian cover)
Flora Speer - Rose Red
Ginger Hanson - Ransom's Bride
Helen Lehr - The Passionate Rebel
Helen Mittermeyer - Princess of the Veil (Bulgarian cover)
Iris Johansen - Dark Rider (Bulgarian cover)
Jacquie D'Alessandro - Confessions at Midnight
Jacquie D'Alessandro - Not Quite A Gentleman
Jacquie D'Alessandro - Sleepless at Midnight
Jennifer Haymore - A Season of Seduction
Jo Beverley - A Most Unsuitable Man
Jo Beverley - Hazard
Jo Beverley - St. Raven
Jo Beverley - The rogue's return
Jo Beverley - Winter Fire
Joan Wolf - His Lordship s Desire
Kasey Michaels - Becket's Last Stand
Kat Martin - Heart Of Courage
Kristin Hannah - The Enchantment (Bulgarian cover)
Nan Ryan - Love Me Tonight (Bulgarian cover)
Robin Lee Hatcher - Pirate's Lady
Robin Lee Hatcher - The Magic
Sabrina Jeffries - Never Seduce a Scoundrel
Sabrina Jeffries - To pleasure a prince
Sharon Schulze - Bride of the Tower

Page 27

Trana Mae Simmons - Montana surrender (Bulgarian cover)

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 27

Jeaniene Frost-At Graves End
Jeaniene Frost-Destined For An Early Grave
Jeaniene Frost-One Grave At A Time
Jeaniene Frost- This Side Of The Grave

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 27

Stephanie Laurens-On A Wicked Dawn
Susan Wiggs-The Horsemasters Daughter

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 27

Kat Martin - Nothing But Velvet
Kat Martin - The Bride's Necklace

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Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 27

Adele Ashworth - The Duke's Captive
Andrea Kane - Samantha
Anna Campbell - Claiming the Courtesan
Anna Campbell - tempt the devil
Anne Stuart - Hidden Honor
Catherine Coulter - Lyon's Gate
Catherine Creel - Wildsong
Christina Skye - Come the Dawn
Christine Feehan - Safe Harbor
Elaine Coffman - By Fire and by Sword
Elizabeth Boyle - Lord Langley Is Back in Town
Elizabeth Hoyt - Elizabeth Hoyt
Karen Hawkins - The Taming of a Scottish Princess
Jeaniene Frost - Once Burned
Laura Kinsale - Seize the Fire
Lynn Kurland - If I Had You
Lynn Kurland - The More I See You
Cathy Maxwell - The Scottish Witch
Julianne MacLean - Princess in Love

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 27

Amanda Scott - Border Lass
C. S. Graham - The Babylonian Codex

Page 28

C.J. Barry - Body Thief
Catherine Anderson - Cherish
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Blood Games
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Hotel Transylvania
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Midnight Harvest
Dinah McCall - Jackson Rule
Galen Beckett - The Magicians and Mrs. Quent
Glenna McReynolds - Prince of Time
Hannah Howell - Highland Protector
Jeane Westin - Lady Katherne's Wild Ride
Jennifer St. Giles - Silken Shadow
Jill Marie Landis - Rose
Jo Beverley - Lady Beware
Katie MacAlister - A tale of two vampires
Katie MacAlister - In the company of vampires
Katie MacAlister - Much ado about vampires
Katie MacAlister - Sparks Fly
Katie MacAlister - The unbearable lightness of dragons
Kerrelyn Sparks - Wild About You
Leigh Evans - The Trouble with Fate
Linda Needham - My Wicked Earl
Mary Ellen Dennis - The Landlord's Black-Eyed Daughter
Michelle Willingham - Her Warrior King
Susan Wiggs - The Charm School
Tess Mallory - Highland Rogue
Tessa Dare - A Lady by Midnight

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 28

Cathy Maxwell - The Seduction of an English Lady
Cathy Maxwell - You and No Other
Celeste Bradley - Scoundrel in My Dreams
Connie Brockway - The Bridal Season

Page 29

Elizabeth Boyle - Mad About The Duke
Gaelen Foley - My Irresistible Earl
Gaelen Foley - My Ruthless Prince
Jodi Thomas - The Tender Texan
Laura Lee Guhrke - The Scandal of the Year

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 29

Barbara Dawson Smith - A Glimpse of Heaven
Barbara Dawson Smith - Seduced By A Scoundre
Brenda Joyce - Deadly Caress
Brenda Joyce - Deadly Promise
Cassie Edwards - Bold Wolf

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 29

Kristen Kyle-The Last Warrior
Joyce Carol Oates-A Bloormoor Romance

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Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 29

Kathleen Drymon-Precious Amber(front cover)
Kathleen Drymon-Precious Amber(back cover)

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 29

Rebecca Brandewyne - Upon a Moon Dark Moor

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 29

Blythe Gifford - Innocence Unveiled
Blythe Gifford - The Harlot's Daughter
Catherine Coulter - Devil's Embrace
Catherine Coulter - Pendragon
Catherine Coulter - The Heiress Bride
Catherine Coulter - The Scottish Bride
DENISE DOMNING - Lady in Waiting
Diana Palmer - Amelia
Diana Palmer - Noelle
Diana Palmer - Nora
Eloisa James - Pleasure for Pleasure
Johanna Lindsey - A Loving Scoundrel
Johanna Lindsey - When Passion Rules
Margaret Moore - Hers to Command

Page 30

Margaret Moore - Hers to Desire
Margaret Moore - Knave's Honor
Margaret Moore - Lord of Dunkeathe
Margaret Moore - My Lord's Desire
Margaret Moore - The Unwilling Bride
Norah Hess - Jade
Norah Hess - Lacey
Norah Hess - Lark
Norah Hess - Raven
Norah Hess - Snow Fire
Norah Hess - Willow

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Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 30

Elizabeth Kary-Let No Man Divide
Elizabeth Kary-From This Day Onward
Olve Ann Burns-Cold Sassy Tree
Rosanne Bittner-Wildest Dreams
Elizabeth Delancey-Sea Of Dreams
Clark Howard-Dirt Rich
Claire Rayner-Charing Cross
Richard Mcgill-Omamori
Lois Battle-Storyville

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Page 30

Anne Mallory - In Total Surrender
Anne Mallory - One Night Is Never Enough
Anne Mallory - Seven Secrets of Seduction
Arnette Lamb - Maiden of Inverness
Brenda Joyce - Secrets
Cathy Maxwell - Cathy Maxwell
Cathy Maxwell - Lyon's Bride
Cathy Maxwell - Married in Haste
Cathy Maxwell - The Seduction of Scandal

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Page 31

Christine Feehan - Burning Wild
Christine Feehan - Hidden Currents
Christine Feehan - Water Bound
Christine Feehan - Wild Fire
Christine Feehan - Wild Rain
Cynthia Wright - Wildblossom
Connie Brockway - My Surrender
Deborah Hale - Bought The Penniless Lady
Debra Mullins - To Ruin the Duke
Eloisa James - The Taming of the Duke
Kathryn Smith - When Seducing a Duke
Katy Madison - All About Seduction
Merline Lovelace - Crusader Captive
Monica Burns - Kismet
Sophia Nash - Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea
Sylvia Day - Pride and Pleasure
Sophia Nash - Love with the Perfect Scoundrel
Elaine Coffman - The Fifth Daughter
Elizabeth Thornton - The Perfect Princess
Gaelen Foley - My Irresistible Earl
Gaelen Foley - My Ruthless Prince
Genell Dellin - Red Sky Warrior
Heather Graham - Triumph
Iris Johansen - The Tiger Prince
Joan Wolf - His Lordship s Desire
Johanna Lindsey - A Rogue of My Own
Jude Deveraux - The Maiden
Karen Hawkins - A Most Dangerous Profession
Karen Robards - Morning Song

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Севдалина | 170 comments Mod

Karina Cooper - Blood of the Wicked
Kat Martin - Gypsy Lord
Nan Ryan - Because You're Mine
Kat Martin - Innocence Undone
Katherine Sutcliffe - Shadow Play
Kathryn Caskie - The Duke's Night of Sin
Kerrelyn Sparks - Secret Life of a Vampire
Lisa Kleypas - Somewhere I'll Find You
Loretta Chase - Scandal Wears Satin
Loretta Chase - Silk Is For Seduction
Lynsay Sands - Taming the Highland Bride
Marsha Canham - In the Shadow of Midnight
Mary Jo Putney - Veils of Silk
Rexanne Becnel - The Mistress of Rosecliffe
Shannon Drake - Wicked
Shirl Henke - Bride of Fortune
Shirl Henke - Terms of Love
Stephanie Laurens - The Edge of Desire
Stephanie Laurens - What Price Love.
Victoria Alexander - Her Highness, My Wife
Jacquie D'Alessandro - Love and the Single Heiress
Jennifer Haymore - Secrets of an Accidental Duchess
Kat Martin - Bold Angel
Teresa Medeiros - One Night Of Scandal
Elizabeth Thornton - Dangerous to Love
Parris Afton Bonds - Dream Keeper
Alexandra Hawkins - All Night with a Rogue
Barbara Dawson Smith - Never A Lady
Cara Elliott - To Sin With A Scoundrel
Cathy Maxwell - When Dreams Come True

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Севдалина | 170 comments Mod

Christine Trent - The Queen's Dollmaker
Dara Joy - Rejar
Elaine Barbieri - Honesty
Jane Feather - The Diamond Slipper
Jenna Black - The Devil Inside
Jillian Hunter - A Duke’s Temptation
Karen Ranney - My Wicked Fantasy
Kinley MacGregor - A Pirate of Her Own
Kinley MacGregor - Claiming the Highlander
Lisa Cach - Of Midnight Born
Lynsay Sands - The Deed
MADELINE BAKER - Comanche Flame
Marjorie M. Liu - The Wild Road
MARYLYLE ROGERS - Chanting the Morning Star
Meredith Duran - Written on Your Skin
Paula Quinn - Laird of the Mist
Samantha James - His Wicked Promise
Samantha James - His Wicked Ways
Samantha James - Just One Kiss
Shannon Drake - The Pirate Bride
Stephanie Laurens - The Brazen Bride
Susan Kay Law - A Wedding Story
Susan Kay Law - Marrying Miss Bright
Susan Kay Law - The Most Wanted Bachelor
Lorraine Heath - The Outlaw and The Lady
Susan Sizemore - Too Wicked to Marry
Teresa Medeiros - Shadows and Lace
Elizabeth Loupas - The Second Duchess

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Page 24

Tracy Anne Warren - The Husband Trap
Elizabeth Hoyt - Scandalous Desires

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Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod

Page 34

Claire Delacroix-My Lady's Desire
Terri Brisbin-The Countess Bride

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 34

Candace Camp - A Stolen Heart
Catherine Coulter - The Deception
Connie Mason - Gunslinger
Denise Lynn - Falcon's Desire
Denise Lynn - Falcon's Heart
Denise Lynn - Falcon's Honor
Denise Lynn - Falcon's Love
Elizabeth Lowell - Only you
Elizabeth Thornton - Whisper His Name
Julianne MacLean - My own Private hero
linda needham - A scandal to remember
Linda Needham - Marry the Man Today
Linda Needham - The Maiden Bride
Linda Needham - The Pleasure of Her Kiss
Linda Needham - The Wedding Night
Nicole Jordan - Fever Dreams
Nicole Jordan - Wicked Fantasy
Stephanie Laurens - The Lady Risks All
Susan Johnson - Sinful
Susan Kay Law - Marry Me
Susan Sizemore - The Price of Passion
Suzanne Enoch - After the Kiss
Suzanne Enoch - An Invitation to Sin
Suzanne Enoch - England's Perfect Hero
Suzanne Enoch - London's Perfect Scoundrel
Suzanne Enoch - Stolen Kisses


Tanya Anne Crosby - Lyon's Gift
Teresa Medeiros - Breath of Magic
Teresa Medeiros - Charming the Prince
Teresa Medeiros - Heather and Velvet
Tracy Anne Warren - The Princess and the Peer
Victoria Alexander - Desires of a Perfect Lady
Victoria Alexander - The Lady in Question
Victoria Alexander - The Prince's Bride
Victoria Alexander - When We Meet Again

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Willow  | 12 comments Iris Johansen - Lion's Bride
Michael Ennis - Duchess of Milan
Valerie Sherwood - Lisbon

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Page 35

Carla Simpson - Always My Love
Catherine Coulter - The Heir
Celeste Bradley - Desperately Seeking a Duke
Christine Feehan - Turbulent Sea
Cindy Bonner - Looking After Lily
Cinnamon Burke - Lady Rogue
Cinnamon Burke - Ring of Fire
Heather Graham - Lord Of The Wolves
Heather Graham Pozzessere - A Matter Of Circumstance
Jill Marie Landis - The Orchid Hunter
Kat Martin - Devil's Prize
Lynsay Sands - The Hellion and the Highlander
Madeline Baker - Chase the Wind
Madeline Baker - Prairie Heat
Pamela Morsi - Garters
Patricia Hagan - Midnight Rose
Rosanne Bittner - Tender Betrayal

Page 36

Sandra Brown - Texas! Lucky
Shannon Drake - No Other Woman
Shannon Drake - The King's Pleasure
Sonya T. Pelton - Ecstasy's Magic
Sophie Jordan - Lessons from a Scandalous Bride
Suzanne Enoch - Something Sinful
Sylvie F. Sommerfield - Noah's Woman
Tessa Dare - A Night to Surrender
Victoria Alexander - A Little Bit Wicked
Victoria Alexander - A Visit From Sir Nicholas
Victoria Alexander - Secrets of a Proper Lady
Victoria Alexander - The Virgin's Secret
Virginia Henley - The Marriage Prize
Victoria Alexander - Seduction of a Proper Gentleman
Madeline Hunter - By Arrangement
Susan Wiggs - October Wind
Rona Sharon - Royal Blood
Kathleen Nance - More than Magic
Kasey Michaels - A Reckless Beauty
Patricia Rice - Love Betrayed
Sabrina Jeffries - One Night With a Prince
Sandra Hill - The Very Virile Viking
Samantha James - My Lord Conqueror

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 36

Katherine Sinclair - A Different Eden
Rosalind Laker - To Dance with Kings

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 37

Loretta Chase-Lord Of Scoundrels

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 37

johanna lindsey - that perfect someone
Marsha Canham - The Blood of Roses
Pamela Morsi - Wild Oats
Constance O'Banyon - Once Upon A Time
Constance O'Banyon - La Flamme
Constance O'Banyon - Song of the Nightingale
Cassie Edwards - Savage Quest
Cassie Edwards - Savage Vision
Christine Feehan - Oceans of Fire
Christine Feehan - Spirit Bound
Eloisa James - The Ugly Duchess
Iris Johansen - Midnight Warrior
Jennifer Blake - Wildest Dreams
Julia Ross - My Dark Prince
Kat Martin - Secret Ways
LaVyrle Spencer - Forgiving
Patricia Rice - Paper Roses
Raymond E. Feist - Rage of a Demon King
Raymond E. Feist - Rise of a Merchant Prince
Raymond E. Feist - Shadow of a Dark Queen
Stephanie Laurens - Beyond Seduction
Susan Wiggs - The Hostage

Севдалина | 170 comments Mod
Page 38

Amanda McCabe - A Sinful Alliance
Deborah Grabien - Fire Queen
Gail Ranstrom - The Missing Heir
Janelle Taylor - Destiny's Temptress
Jen Holling - Captured by Your Kiss
Jen Holling - Tamed by Your Desire
Jen Holling - Tempted by Your Touch
Jennifer Estep - Deadly Sting
Jennifer Estep - Widow’s Web
Jennifer McQuiston - What Happens in Scotland
Karen Ranney - The Lass Wore Black
Katie MacAlister - Time Thief
Lyn Randal - Tempted by Innocence
Lynna Banning - High Country Hero
Margaret McPhee - The Wicked Earl
Michelle Willingham -The Warrior's Touch
Nicole Jordan - Ecstasy
Nicole Jordan -Desire
Penelope Neri - Cherish the Night
Sarah MacLean - One Good Earl Deserves a Lover
Shannon Drake - No Other Love
Suzanne Enoch - Rules to Catch a Devilish Duke
Suzanne Enoch - The Handbook to Handling His Lordship
Tanya Anne Crosby - Happily Ever After
Thea Harrison - Lord's Fall

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 326 comments Mod
Page 38

Linda Barlow-Fires Of Destiny

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