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The Golden Sky
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The Golden Sky by E.C. Stilton

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Dimitri Sarantis | 1 comments My review:

By EC Stilton - Elisa
A book review
By the Author of Deep Blue Eyes on the Greek Isles
Dimitri Sarantis

This is one of the most powerful books I have ever read. It describes part of Elisa’s life between the ages of seventeen and nineteen. One of the important strengths of the book is how absolutely real it is; it is taken directly from her diary. These two years of Elisa’s life make her go through two excruciating tribulations: the one involves her baby son Zeke and the second her husband’s Cade behavior. Reading Elisa’s book made my days shine as bright as the Sahara sun. How she can make the reader shine with such a sad book is beyond belief. I will try below to explain why such a sad book leaves the reader touched, proud and happy to have met Elisa.
In her struggles Elisa genuinely demonstrates powerfully her iron-clad inner strength, the true fighter that she is, her endless hope and the real hero in her. Although her baby is very ill she is always happy and smiling and singing to her child trying to cheer Zeke up. Throughout the book there is always singing, playing music or the use of very touching poetry by Elisa and that melodic touch gives the reader the ray of sunshine and hope through the tragedies that unfold in front of him. It is the pride and admiration for Elisa that make the reader shine, no matter what sad stories unveil. She describes her tragedies so well, that the reader is left deeply touched but also so proud and happy for Elisa. Religion is used as God comforts Elisa and also the reader himself. Religion is a constant theme in her very natural narration but it is used in a very restrained way. I think both a religious zealot and an atheist would be comfortable here.
In both the case of Zeke and Cade the suspense in the story is tremendous and climactic and makes the reader absorb the pages and turn them as fast as he can in order to find out the outcome.
Therefore the suspense in this book is the second most positive attribute of the book after the admiration for Elisa. You can’t wait to find out the outcome.
The flow of the book is very smooth and the one or two flashbacks being used blend in very easily. The writing style uses very plain language. It is very descriptive and never repetitive. Some snobbish editors or critics might have suggested the use of more formal English. I would disagree by arguing that this language makes the book so genuine, very easy to read and is not tiring. In addition, it adds to the originality of the book – it is a diary after all. Let me add here that Elisa had the admirable human courage to make entries on the operating table while waiting to give birth!
Elisa describes the two main characters so very well. She goes back to high school to describe herself and then openly goes on with her current description every day through her diary entries. Cade’s character evolution is also vividly described through examples and dialogues.
The secondary characters are also well described without over doing it as some authors make the mistake to do. My favourite character is Earl, an elderly customer of Elisa when she works at the cafeteria who symbolizes an Angel and who gives Elisa the solution she needs.
A minor flaw of the book is the use of secondary characters for a second time in the book, long after they were first described. I believe a reminder of who those characters were would have been useful to the reader.
The use of philosophical deliberations by Elisa through out the book underlines young Elisa’s maturity and beautiful mind and makes the The Golden Sky a much more attractive book. My favourite quote: “Life is hard, but so beautiful. Even in the hardest times, we step back for a second, we realize God is with us the whole time. I thought about Zeke, and how hard this is, and asked myself if I still love God. I pondered long and hard, then finally decided yes. I still love God more than anything”.
More power and interest is added to the book by Elisa’s extensive use of symbolism: Zeke – God strengthens, the cougar – the quest for life, the pansies, Zeke’s two rings and finally the symbolic repeated visit to the beautiful mountain river scene.
I could note that this particular nature scene as well as a scene at a beach could have been described more vividly adding a touch of romanticism to those particular pages.

I strongly recommend this book, no one should miss its unique emotional content. One will be touched and cry, one will be thrilled with its cliff hanging suspense. At the end of the day one will be so happy that brave people like Elisa exist and everyone’s philosophy on life will have changed for the better.

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W.H. (lovetiggi) | 42 comments Mod
Wow! Nice review Dimitri. Thanks for sharing, it sounds amazing. I will definitely look into it.

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E.C. Stilson | 1 comments Thank you so much, Dimitri. What a gift you've given to me :0)

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