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Based on the hit TV series, this roleplay takes place in two parts (so be sure to label your posts with either STORY or STORYBROOK at the top!) : in the world of stories, where castles, princes, dwarves and magic spells live and in the mortal world, in a place called Storybrook, where the inhabitants are under a dreadful curse and only one person can break the spell.

So pick a storybook character and make your own magic, as you try your best to be free of the Evil Queen and to find YOUR happily ever after!

Name (in both places) required.
Name: Sleeping Beauty a.k.a Princess Aurora(story)/ Bethany Rose


Bethany Rose was tired. Well, she was often tired, but that didn't change the fact that she was yawning like crazy with one eyelid twitching at intervals as she got dressed in the early morning light. Tying up her long blonde hair, she walked over to the fridge and peered inside, blinking at the brightness of the fridge light.

A carrot, an orange and two packets of Poptarts stared back at her.

She shut the fridge with a sigh and decided to head down to Granny's for a nice breakfast before heading off into the woods to pick berries for the shop that her three aunts owned at the edge of Storybrook. It was a small fruit shop, but one that prided itself in having the best quality fruit around and her aunts had sworn that they were just about out of berries and 'wouldn't she be a dear to go and get some?' Bethany had never been good at saying no.

She was too nice. Too sweet. Not to mention beautiful, with her long hair and sparkling eyes. Not that she was feeling too beautiful that morning, as she prepared to leave the house. Perhaps it was because today, of all days, was her birthday.

She didn't know how she knew it was - she just did. It was like knowing that tomorrow is tomorrow, or that she had five fingers. But today was her birthday and she was going berry picking for her aunt's fruit shop. Alone.

Not exactly the perfect way to spend one's birthday.

Bethany hurried off to Granny's and when she arrived, sunk down gratefully into one of the chairs and Red came over in her somewhat inappropriate waitress uniform to get her order.

"'Mornin, Beth!" said Red playfully, leaning back as she got out her notepad and pen. She clicked the top of it and set pen to paper. "What will it be?"
"A cup of Earl Grey and a waffle with the works, please Red," replied Bethany, smiling up at Red sadly. Red tucked the notepad away and went back to the counter, leaving Bethany to sit staring at the salt and pepper shakers.

What a horrible birthday this was turning out to be. And she couldn't shake off the feeling that she'd had one like it before.

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L | 1252 comments (your setting a very high standard! :) ) x

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Lucinda wrote: "(your setting a very high standard! :) ) x"

*grins* Well I do try!! Besides, once I get into it...there's no stopping me!!

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L | 1252 comments Storybrooke (Modern Day): Iris

Fairytale: Irinil (meaning ‘Guardian of the valley’ in the Elven tongue. She is ‘gloss aranel’ (meaning ‘snow princess’) daughter to the Snow Queen ‘gloss bereth’.

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History: Mother ‘the Snow Queen’ died long ago leaving the Troll-mirror with her daughter Irinil, who’s shards freeze peoples hearts. Unlike her mother Irinil is of Elven blood and so is pure of heart, contrary to her mother’s black heart. She owns a Unicorn called ‘Eldaré’ meaning the old one, and in Storybrooke she owns the same grey horse called ‘Eleanor’ which is a creature most pure of heart.

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L | 1252 comments Storybrooke

Suddenly I was awoken from my thoughts by a voice that was calling my name, as though it required my full and undivided attention most urgently. The tone grew higher in pitch as I blinked and awoke from my trance-like state, my dreams becoming ever deeper with each day thus merging consciousness and sleep. Recently I had begun to drift off during the waking hours of the day, with most onlookers presumptions to be of a similar theory regarding sleep disorders, where as I became ever increasingly concerned that there was more to it than met the eye. I listened now fully awake once more to the sound that I was positive had called my name, but instead I was met with a distant whinny of a horse. I smiled and took off walking at a somewhat brisk pace back to the town, hence leaving the picturesque wood behind me and the quiet stillness of the gentle stream that rippled and flowed underneath the Toll bridge adding to the peaceful tranquility of the setting.

Upon glancing down the deserted road I happened to notice something rather large out of the corner of my eye that was lying directly in my path, so I quickly made haste to get to it. As I cam upon the unfamiliar object I could not help but feel concerned as to why it was here and who it belonged to, being that it was so unusual and strange. I tentatively reached down to pick up the bundle of muddy brown cloth, whilst making sure that I was most gentle to unfold the material that concealed an unknown entity within. The sun’s rays shone down from the clear blue sky as I contemplated the book which was clasped in my hand. It was bound in blood red leather that was securely fastened with a single leather strip, which was done in the most outlandish knot that I had ever seen containing entwined strips of material like a large scrunchie. On the front of the book was a large symbol deeply engrained within the leather, which I gently traced across with a finger. A circle that contained within it the letter ‘F’ backwards and what I presumed to be a letter ‘P’ attached to it.

“How curious?!”

After carefully wrapping the book back in the worn, aged cloth I then decided to take it with me rather than leaving it on the middle of the road, and hand it in to the Sheriff of Storybrooke…

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L | 1252 comments Fairytale

I stood on the battlements surveying the kingdom of Permafrost, that was glistening under a blanket of sparkling, crystal frost which was thickening with every new falling icicle. The Snow Queen’s castle stood high on top of the Silent Mountain giving it spectacular aspects of the valley below, standing formidably and impressively thus surveying all below. I had been born into a world of privilege that was not only wonderful but also a burden, as I lived a life of solitude until my arranged marriage that would take place next year on my twenty first birthday.

Whilst contemplating the fate that I was to endure in months, I was abruptly awoken from my daydreaming by a loud voice behind me. I turned to face the man servant who stood so rigidly and still behind me who could have easily have been mistaken for a statue, to be promptly given a conveyed message without comment or extra details.

“Your mother asks for an audience with you, my Lady. Please get changed into something more appropriate and make your way to her chambers.”

Once he had delivered the message he then bowed and abruptly turned to leave with his job done amicably, leaving me alone once more. My mother was a formidable and tough woman who withheld the old traditions at all costs, including the not so pleasant ones such as hanging, sword fighting and deadliest of all the free use of powerful magic.

I decided not to delay the meeting any longer as it would only result in the most severe consequences, so I made my way with haste to my own chamber to change into yet again another fine gown that I thought was just as elegant as the first but which was necessary to please my family and the other members of court. It seemed that most people cared more about the Royal Family’s appearance than their ideas, visions and ruling of the greatest realm in all of Spitsbergen. Thirty minutes later I found myself standing outside the Queen’s chamber feeling most anxious and tense; it was as if all the happiness was draining out from my very being, leaving me feeling totally empty and emotionless. The aged, wooden Oak door creaked eerily open that which invited me in without a sound, thus I unclenched my tight, clenched fists and slowly crept in.

“Alaér gloss Bereth”

I spoke in the Elven tongue to the Queen who stood before me, clothed all in pale white with robes embellished with small beads of cut-out glass that sparkled and glistened in the dark chamber. Her grey hair that had once been creamy blonde complimented and emphasized her pale features, giving her a ghost-like appearance under the dim lights within the room. It was said that anyone who gazed upon her would have their heart temporarily frozen, blocking all love and happiness from forming feelings, emotions and memories as it was said that the Queen had within her a black heart.

“I order you not to address me in that vile tongue, which you know offends me”

I quickly bowed to her before I was subjected to any more ridicule and became submissive, which was how all those closest to her were expected to act before the most powerful person in all the lands who was able to wield the deadliest of magic. She smirked whilst gliding across the bedchamber towards her dressing table, where she opened one of the draws to extract a tiny golden key that was no bigger than a bottle cork. The Queen took the key and placed it gently in the fragile lock of a mahogany box that was decorated with ‘mother of pearl’ cornices. Inside she gently took out of the box an object that was wrapped in cream colored linen cloth, which she then carefully moved across the room to place in my hands with a slightly less severe expression upon her face.

“Your early wedding present my dear”

There was a momentary silence where neither of us spoke, that which for my part was mostly due to shock and bewilderment.

“I thought that it was best to give it to you sooner rather than later, as you will begin wedding preparations in a few weeks time and know doubt be extremely busy.”

For a couple of seconds I just stood transfixed with the package clutched tightly in my grasp, before then cautiously unwrapping the object by carefully unfolding the delicate material. The book that now lay in the palms of my hands was bound in blood red leather and securely fastened with a single leather strip, which was secured in a knot containing entwined strips of colored material. On the front of the book was the crest of my realm, being a backwards letter ‘F’ and a letter ‘P’ inside a circle for Permafrost; my kingdom.

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(Bethany Rose) Princess Aurora


"Oh, dearie!" pleaded Flora, wringing her hands. "I know it's a bit of a bother, but you see - we are simply out of berries...!"
"And you know how much you like Merryweather's berry pie," needled Fauna, gracefully tugging Aurora's cloak off the coatpeg and handing it to her.

Merryweather beamed and swatted a hand goodnaturedly. "Oh, you two!"
"Of course I'll go," soothed Aurora, as Flora began fussing with her blonde tresses. "I'd do anything for the three of you!"

The three women - who were fairies, unbeknown to Aurora - gave her a group hug, before flying into action. They fussed with the skirts of her simple gown, with the band in her hair that kept her locks in place and with the basket she was to carry.

"Now stay on the path, dearie!" reminded Flora.
"I will," replied the obedient Aurora, smiling at her.
"Do not forget to keep your hood up at all times, pet!" reminded Fauna.
"I will," replied the lovely Aurora, smiling at her.
"And be sure not to talk to any strangers!" reminded Merryweather.
"I won't," replied the serene Aurora, smiling at her.

"And be sure to be back before dark!" they called to her retreating figure in unison.
"I will!" she called back, smiling at the trio. And she disappeared into the forest.

Aurora smiled as the scent of the forest descended upon her, and she tried her best to get over her petty thoughts. Aurora was a most unusual young lady. She was never cross, was always perfectly on time, could play any instrument, danced beautifully and always looked her best. She had no real flaws, besides her avid curiosity. And it was this curiosity that drove her to wonder how the three women who had looked after her since birth - the only people she knew, or had ever known, in her whole nineteen years of life - could forget what today was.

It was her birthday. Aurora smiled up at the treetops and at a passing bluebird that hopped along the ground, keeping time with Aurora's involuntary humming. Soon a small gathering of animals could be seen here and there...a squirrel, a deer, a pair of bunny rabbits with their fluffy tails wiggling and their noses twitching. Aurora loved animals.

So she strayed from the path.

She'd caught sight of a nice cluster of berry bushed - mulberries, if she wasn't mistaken. Re-adjusting her basket on her arm, she started picking the berries, placing them one by one into her basket, her fingers slightly stained from the berries' plump flesh. One of the bluebirds that had gathered to watch hopped onto her head and nipped at the sliver of golden hair that peeked out from under her hood.

"You want a strand for you nest, do you birdie?" teased Aurora, laughing as the bird cocked its head to the side, examining her. She let it hop onto her outstretched finger. "Here, I'll just..."

She pulled back her hood.

Plucking off a few strands, Aurora held them out to the bird who nipped her finger gently before taking off with the golden strands in its small beak. She waved at the bird's retreating form before kneeling, placing the basket on the ground beside her and picking more berries from the bottom of the bush.

Tweet, tweet,
Chirp, chirp,
Tweet-tweet, chirp-chirp, tweet-chirp-tweet,

The birds began to trill a lovely little melody and Aurora's eyes filled with tears of happiness. "How lovely!" she cried, getting to her feet. The animals - the deer, the squirrels, the rabbits and even a lone owl - came out and began to circle her. Laughing, Aurora twirled and then paused, raising a finger to her bow lips.

"Shall I join in with you?" she asked the birds. In response they took up their beautiful melody again and Aurora laughed once again - a laugh like a bubbling stream in the sunlight. "I shall take that as a yes!"

So she began to sing:
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a-gleam
Yet I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you do,
You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

But if I know you, I know what you do,
You love me at once,

"The way you did once, upon...a dream," finished a male voice from behind her. Startled, Aurora whirled - frightened - having never seen or heard another living breathing person before in her life, besides the three aunts she lived with.

The male in question was undeniably handsome - Aurora found his features pleasant, his mouth curled sweetly at the corners, as if he smiled often and his smile...the one he was showing to her, it stirred something in the lonely girl, who ducked her head in embarrassment and bent to retrieve her basket.

"Are you lost?" inquired the man, his voice low, melodic. She shook her head and all of a sudden she remembered what her aunts had told her.

Her eyes darted to the side, the path sitting as a stark reminder a few feet away. She had strayed from the path!

Her hand flew up to touch her golden locks and her eyes widened in realisation. She had let down her hood!

Slowly she lifted her eyes and looked at the man before her. A stranger. She should not speak to him. She clutched her basket tightly and she knew she must flee. She must return home before dark and never, ever, go into the forest again!

"I'm sorry if I frightened you," soothed the man, his eyes crinkling at the corners. He bowed low and she stood there, surprised. "My name is Philip. I was out for a walk to clear my head when..." He trailed off, gazing at her with something she'd never seen before in his blue eyes. "When I heard the most beautiful voice singing a song I could have sworn I have heard before."

She blushed, looking at her feet.
He took a step forward. "What brings you to this forest, lady?" His gaze dropped to the basket she was clutching and he grinned, causing her to blink. "Berries? How delightful! I had forgotten that they grew in this part of the forest. I should endeavour to remember that."

Aurora stood petrified, her gaze darting to the path. Philip's gaze followed hers and he smiled ruefully. "I see. Well..." he gave another bow. "Good day to you, lady."
She gave a brief curtsey and then set off quickly towards the path, only letting out a sigh of relief one her feet touched the worn stones - her hand coming up to pull her hood over her head.

"Lady!" She turned to see the man, Philip, staring after her, his expression earnest. "Mightn't I know your name?"

Aurora studied his comely features and she thought of his kind tone and his sweet words. She took a step towards the direction that would lead her home...and then paused. She looked back over he shoulder.

And she spoke.

"Aurora," she called out to him. His eyes widened at hearing her bell-like voice, but before he could reply, she was gone.

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Bethany Rose (Princess Aurora):


After sipping her Earl Grey in relative silence, Bethany put cash down beside the now waffle-free plate and got up to leave. Red came over to take away the dirty dishes and waved at her as she exited Granny's.

"Bethany!" Bethany was hardly out of Granny's front door when she saw the slight grinning figure of Henry, the Major's son. His brown hair was ruffled, just brushing the red scarf he wore around his neck and he carried - as always - the worn fairytale book that Mary Margret had given him as a gift.

"Hello, Henry," Bethany said smiling. She loved talking to Henry - he had the most avid imagination and the most wonderful tales to tell. She gave him a brief hug. "What are you doing out here on your own?"
"I came to see you," was his reply.
"Me?" Bethany asked, surprised.
"Yes." He grinned up at her. "I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!"

Bethany's sight blurred as her eyes teared up. She swiped at them, and said, a little choked, "Oh, Henry, you didn't have to..." She trailed off, squinting at him. "How did you know today was my birthday?"

Henry gave her a rueful smile. "I heard you were going berry picking."
Bethany still didn't understand the connection. The wind began to blow, cold, and she drew up the hood of her jacket to ward off the cold. "And that meant it was my birthday?"
"No." Henry lowered his voice. "This is about Operation Cobra!"

And it all made sense. Emma had told Bethany once about Henry's fantasy - his favourite story. He believed that all of the people in Storybrooke were characters from a fairytale land that were cursed to live in the human world with no memory of their past lives.

Bethany understood the poor kid. She'd like to imagine a world like that. A world where knights in shining armour rescued princesses and where her only living relatives remembered her birthday and she didn't live in an apartment by herself.

"Henry." She sighed. "Thank you. I better get going-"
"Don't you want to hear how I figured it out?" Henry bounced on the balls of his feet, all eagerness. "I was reading through the book when I found a story of a princess. She's cursed by a wicked fairy, and her parents send her into the woods with three kind fairies. And on her birthday one year, the fairies send her into the woods to pick berries-"
"I've really got to go, Henry!" Bethany said, smiling at him in apology. "I promise to listen another time, ok?"

And she left Granny's, and Henry, behind her, making her way through the deserted streets of Storybrooke, towards the woods. That boy...such an imagination. Something tickled at the back of Bethany's mind but she ignored it. She would know if she was a princess. But if she didn't...why would that be?

Bethany laughed to herself. Look at me, she thought. I'm taking all this seriously! I need to get my head out of the clouds and back to the job at hand.

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L | 1252 comments Storybrooke

“Iris, where have you been? I’ve been waiting here for ages for you!”

As I opened the glass door and entered the small café I was immediately met with a most distraught friend, who nearly collided into me as I attempted to walk into the room. Everyone in Storybrooke congregated here for hot chocolate with ginger and apple pie, so you always knew where to find someone (even though it was pretty much impossible to get lost in this town). I was led towards a small table with two chairs by my friend, who flopped down heavily into her seat and ordered from the waitress a Cappuccino and an instant espresso for me. She then sat rigidly in her seat eagerly awaiting my explanation with much patience, as she began to calm down.

“Well, I took a walk”

My friend and flat mate Emily obviously did not like my brief and most feeble reply, hence she glared at me with her eyebrows raised as a look of disgust crossed her petite face.

“Well, at least you are here now. But next time don’t promise to meet me at seven fifteen and then go wandering in the woods for half an hour, okay?”

I looked up from my hot drink with a small smile, now noticing that her anger was melting away. Emily worked in the local florist around the corner where she did all the arrangements for the town that included weddings and various other social occasions. She was the kindest and most honest person I knew, within a town that contained many weird and wonderful people whom not all were as pleasant hence I considered myself to be extremely fortunate in having such a friend.

“Iris, don’t you sometimes feel as if there is something missing, something you know but that you just can’t remember?”

I glanced at her with a puzzled expression not quite knowing what to think nor how to answer her, but I did not want to be rude as she sat once again bright eyed, eagerly waiting for me to talk.

“Erm, not really”

Just then I remembered something and shoving my arm under my denim jacket, I quickly extracted a wrapped up parcel from my person that I had been keeping hidden. It was concealed in muddy linen cloth that was all crumpled and creased, showing signs of age within the tattered fabric.

“The reason that I was late was because I found this lying in the road. I had planned to hand it into the Sheriff but for some reason that I don’t quite know why, I feel compelled to keeping it…I don’t know, but I have an inkling that it could be something important”

I sat in my chair looking puzzled and bemused whilst looking completely perplexed, as to why I had even decided to keep the old, tattered book. Emily also looked strangely at me and plucked the package from my arms with a look of childish glee upon her face, as if she had just walked into a sweet shop and been told that she could choose whatever she wanted. I just sat there resting my head on my hand whilst I looked at my friend who was now examining the strange article that I had been studying earlier, with here eyes sparkling and an animated expression of intense curiosity.

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L | 1252 comments Fairytale

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The kingdom of Permafrost was changing due to the Snow Queen’s ruling over the lands, who had a heart as unfeeling and as cold as ice. The once lush green fields were now covered in a blanket of snow, with the rolling hills engulfed under a white glistening sheet of ice that sparkled under the moonlight at night. The cold was seeping in under a clouded grey sky, which was covering the world in shadow. The entire realm of Spitsbergen would soon fall under the Queen’s spell, if someone did not challenge her soon and this thought filled my mind as I stood on my balcony looking out across the land.

The snowflakes were falling softly covering my golden hair in a white blanket, whilst I gazed into the hazy distance that visualized Antarctica in winter. Turning my head to the right I looked at the stone recess in the wall that should have contained trickling water, but that was now a single frozen icicle draped over a silver goblet that was also frozen solid to its base. It was more than just cold that dwelt within the kingdom, but also a sadness that lingered within every single person’s heart like numbness where you lost all feeling. As I stood there motionless as a ice-covered statue I could hear voices close by within the palace, whispering in hushed tones.

“My Lady, you must come”

A guard had appeared at the entrance to my chamber asking for my attention whilst I stood paralyzed with a fixed expression, my back facing him. Just before I was about to then turn around and leave, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a flicker of a black shadow. Rushing to then lean over the edge of the large balcony I looked down below me and saw a young Prince galloping in haste on a black stallion, to the palace castle at the top of the Silent Mountain. His blood red cloak was billowing behind him as the horse surged forwards at a tremendous pace, its nostrils flared and covered in white frothy foam that was dripping from it mouth where the steel bit lay.

“Who is that…guard answer me, who is that?!”

The guard who was clad in leather and metal plated armor stayed standing at the door, but responded to my question when he herd the clippity-clop of steel hooves on tarmac coming closer.

“He is Prince Harkeld of Zuran, come to take counsel with her majesty”

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Character: Snow White / Mary Margaret


As I packed up my things, I found my thoughts lingering on David, the coma patient that had just awoken. I felt this strange connection with him that I couldn't explain. Following the student out the school, I headed, without thinking, to the hospital

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Character: Cinderella / Evangeline Brown

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Princess Aurora:


"Ooh, aren't these berries plump?!" Merryweather exclaimed, beaming up at Aurora as she relieved her of the basket and tottered into the small kitchen. "They shall do brilliantly for the pies!"

"Mmm hmm." Aurora let her hood fall back and distractedly entered the house, handing her cloak to Fauna. Sweet music flew through her head, the man's voice weaving into her thoughts - mellow and warn like a perfect summer's day. She could not get it to leave her mind. Nor the picture of the pure blue of his eyes...

"Aurora, dearie?" Flora peered at her anxiously. "Are you quite alright?"

Aurora blinked and realised she'd been standing in the middle of the room, still as a gargoyle, simply staring at nothing. She gave a tight smile. "Oh, I am quite fine, Flora. Simply a little tired. I think I shall have a brief lie-down in my room."

"If you are certain, dearie," Flora replied. Fauna came up behind her sister and watched as Aurora slowly walked up the wooden winding staircase to her room, her long hair swishing slightly and brushing the hollow of her back. When she was gone from sight, Merryweather walked out from the kitchen to join her sisters.

"Something is amiss," Flora murmured, staring at the staircase after Aurora.
"Is it her ?" Merryweather whispered, fear causing her voice to tremble.
"Nay, sister." Fauna shook her head, her curls brushing her rosy cheeks. "Aurora is not herself."
"She obeyed all of our instructions, though."

"Did she?" Flora mused, closing her eyes against the tiredness that swept over her. "We must be sure to keep a close eye on her, sisters. Her birthday is nigh. And she is in grave danger. We have kept her safe for too long to be thwarted now."

There was a long silence - the three sisters standing together, united by their love for the beautiful girl now sleeping in the room above. They'd do anything to keep her safe.

"Well." Merryweather gave a loud sniff and brushed imaginary dust from her apron. "That pie won't bake itself!"

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments Character: Snow White / Gwendolyn Evelyn Gibson (short for Gwen or Evie)

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Evangeline Brown:


"I've swept the dining room and kitchen and dusted in the pantries," I said earnestly, leaning against the doorway with a bucket of cleaning supplies. "May I have lunch now, Mrs. Brown?" Mrs. Brown is my stepmother, but hardly. She likes making me work. Says it is good for my bones. Apparently her two daughters, Jenna and Brenna, are too weak for work. I call her Mrs. Brown just to remind her that I will never, not ever, call her mother.

Her lips pressed tightly together. "I need to inspect, of course," she said, prim as a princess with half the heart. "You skipped some yesterday." If you can call half an inch skipping some, I did do that. She started to march away to the rooms in question, waving her hand to signify that I was to follow her,

I heaved myself off the doorway and followed Mrs. Brown into the dining room. She bent over slightly too inspect the floor and I felt a strong urge to kick her upturned back end but resisted. Mrs. Brown reminded me about four times a day about how she could kick me out at any second. It would make her name look bad, of course, but she would lie about it. She always does.

She straightened and turned to me with a disapproving expression. It seems like no matter what I do, she always finds fault in what I do. I've kind of gotten used to it by now, so it doesn't sting as much. But when I was eight years old, when my mother died and my cowardly wimp of a father married the witch I have for a stepmother, it was terrifying and I cried at regular intervals.

"Evangeline," she said, arching her brow. "What is wrong with you, child? There is at least an inch of dirt at regular intervals around the room. You surely cannot call this finished. I demand you go over this once again with the hand brush. Perhaps that will teach you a lesson. I have no need to check the kitchen. It will be just as bad as this room, I'm sure. And your dusting!" She started floating around the other rooms, and the urge to kick her overweight behind grew stronger. "It is terrible. Do everything over again. Then we'll see about you making lunch for Jenna and Brenna. They are ravenous." She waved a manicured hand. "Go on!"

I bit back a sarcastic and not altogether pleasant remark and simply said, "Yes, Mrs. Brown."
Apparently lunch would have to wait.

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments Is she accepted? can I roleplay, please?

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Again, I don't believe characters need be accepted.

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Anna wrote: "Is she accepted? can I roleplay, please?"

Cat's right - you don't need to be accepted, simply roleplay!!

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"Cinder-ELLA!" came the screechy, scratchy, scrape-your-ears-off voice of my stepmother. "Cinder-ELLA!"

I wiped sweat off my brow and put the broom against the wall in the dining hall. "Coming!" I hollered back. I went up the stairs, wiping my sweaty hands on my white apron. I went into my stepmother's room and nearly gagged at the overwhelming smell of perfume. I suppose I should be used to it by now, but it never ceases to amaze me that my stepmother has not yet keeled over by wearing such a pungent smell.

"Gracious, Cinderella, I grew old in the time it took for you to get your spoiled self up here," my stepmother complained, not even looking at me as she stared at her own reflection in the mirror, tutting as she fixed her hair so that not a single loose strand went out of place and spraying more of that awful perfume everywhere. "Now, have you finished the dining hall?"
"Yes, Stepmother."
"Have you finished dusting?"
"Yes, Stepmother."
"Have you cleaned the kitchen?"
"Yes, Stepmother."
"Have you beat the carpets in the sitting room?"
"Yes, Stepmother."
"Have you served tea to Jocelyn and Boycelyn?"
I bit my chapped lips. I hadn't. "No, Stepmother."

Stepmother turned her head in my direction, her eyes clear and cold. "What did you say, Cinderella? Did you say that you have left my darlings hungry? Is that what you are saying?"

"I didn't leave them to starve," I said, annoyed. "I just have been busy, that's all. I had been going to serve them their tea when you called me up." I stared right back into her eyes, pouring out all my anger and resentment into her.

Her jaw tightened and I could see her disapproving look. "Cinderella." She said my name like it was a mile long. "You left my darlings hungry. There is no excuse." She drew up to her full 5'2" height. She waved her hand. "After you serve tea, clean the west wing, do the gardening, sew the girls' new nightgowns and the sheets, and then dust the chandeliers."

I just about gasped at the horror. After all that, I would have no time to eat before I was locked in my room for the night, and I had a terrible feeling that Stepmother knew it. "But, Stepmother, that will take until nightfall." I tried not to whine, but the high-pitched tone entered my voice anyway. "We do not even use the west wing, except for guests."

"Perhaps this will teach you a lesson," said Stepmother imperiously. "Hopefully you won't make the same mistake again." She pushed me out of the room before I could make any objection and slammed the door.

I stared at the painted wood. I was hungry. Hungrier than Jocelyn and Boycelyn to be sure, who had been sitting around eating eclairs all day, gossiping about the prince and other eligible men from here to Worthington. I pounded down the stairs, my face a mask of fury at the injustice of it all. I picked up the broom and some other essentials as I stomped my way over to the west wing.

It was not fair!

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Bethany Rose (Princess Aurora):


"Hello?" Bethany peered into the shop, setting down the covered basket as she shrugged off her coat. "Is anyone here?"

There was a muffled shriek and then the sound of quick and light footsteps. Bethany watched as her aunts came out from around the back of the shop, each looking more flustered than the next.

"Bethany!" they cried in unison and came over to her, fussing over her messy curls and dirty shoes.

"Ooh, aren't these berries plump?!" Aunt Mary exclaimed, beaming up at Bethany as she bent down to pick up the basket. She'd peered inside, before covering them up again. "They shall do brilliantly for the pies!"

"Mmm hmm." Bethany handed her cloak to her Aunt Fausta. For some reason, even as Aunt Mary tottered away with the basket, heading over to the kitchen, pies were not on her mind. Instead, the colour blue was. Blue like a clear sky. Blue like a glittering lake. Blue like a pair of eyes...

"Bethany, dear?" Her third aunt, Fiona, peered at her anxiously. "Are you alright?"
"Fine...fine." Bethany tried out a smile, but it drooped a little at the corners. "I'm fine."
"If you says so."

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments Gwendolyn Evelyn Gibson! GWENDOLYN! You simply must come down and visit me in the parlor, sweetheart. I have found you a perfectly suited suitor that has most admirable traits. He has very true intents on marrying you! You know me, I don't want to pry into their lives, but it sorta slipped out." I could hear my step-mother, Angelica, call up the ivory staircase and I cringed. I knew that she had set me up before and it never worked out like she had planned. I hastily changed into a more appropriate garment and ran down the stairs, two at a time. I had selected: ( The young man that stood nervously next to my stepmother was in fact quite handsome and I blushed heavily when she began to tell him about my last adventure that included a horse and my best dress and tons of mud. "This was your name? Oh yes, this is..Edmund Flynn and he wishes to see with you." She basically shoved him in my direction. He suddenly picked up my hand and planted a tender kiss upon it and then he took me to the parlor and closed the door behind him and I knew that my stepmother had been right.

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Anna (SylviaGrant) | 160 comments This is what Edmund looks like: (

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