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Ashley 1. Are you surprised when Heaven gets fired, again?

2. d you think she was secretly trying to get fired by writing that letter?

3. Do you think Brady will get the band?

4. What do you think really happened between Heaven and Darren?

Jencey/ (jencey) | 410 comments 1. No.

2. I don't know what she was thinking by sending that letter. Maybe she was trying to get fired to move onto something else.

3. Yes.

4. I think she slept with him due to their prior relationship.

message 3: by Shelly (new)

Shelly (jacnzak) | 13 comments 1. Can't say that I was surprised. Writing that letter was a dumb idea though.
3. Only because during reading I'm trying to keep a positive outlook that everything will end happily, I think he'll get the band.
4. They slept together no doubt about it.

Emily (teaandscribbles) | 129 comments Also, can't say I am surprised she got fired. It does seem good for her and Brady's relationship though. I think I do like Heaven more when she is out of work and that isn't the only thing she thinks about. The letter was pretty funny, but really stupid to actually send.

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