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So what did everyone think (Spoilers)
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So what did everyone think to the final book in the Falling series :)

I have mixed feelings, The book wrapped everything up and True Love won in the end....I started to second guess what was coming and i was 70% with a few suprises thrown in. I was a little disappointed that Cam did not have a bigger roll to play in the final book since he was a big focus in the first two books.

I thought there would of been a bigger twist as it was said once Luce knew what she was.... It said that Lucifer was first Archangle followed by Gabbe then Luce. So when what happened to Lucifer and Gabbe would make Luce the Top Archangle.... So is this why she got her final wish with the Outcasts.

Also was that also supposed to be a form of Lucifer in the Laundry room as the coin throwing guy?

Overall it was a lovely ending and probably the only true ending LK could of given us.


That's pretty much it. Almost nothing they went through ended up mattering. The outcasts were too quickly switched from enemies to allies - I mean, i don't mind people changing their minds, but it was so swift that it just stuck out. The elders were boring and what happened to the rest of the Scale was never resolved. And the artifact collecting, just seemed like a thing to take up time. Did they really need blood? Are at least ALL Dee's blood? She couldn't just give a little? And I hate when the author conceals something they are not ready to share by having a bunch of people say things like "I'm not allowed to tell you yet." I mean it might work sometimes, but usually it's just apparent the author doesn't want the reader to know something yet.

And THEN, ok so the ritual lead them to Troy. Luce doesn't even stop Lucifer - God does. God could have done so at anytime. If God didn't want the past erased, and apparently she didn't, or she wouldn't have stepped in to stop it, why not just stop Lucifer - the fallen angels may not have known to site or where to find Lucifer and the announcer but God did.

And all of this I could maybe forgive if Luce and Daniel hadn't been forced to lose their memories. At least before that I could say, ok, Luce's self discovery was the point. Even if they had to give up their angelic nature to be together, but retained their memory at least I could say, "ok SOMETHING came out of this, at least knowledge and discovery is something."

Instead the ending was more like none of the past had mattered at all, it could have been erased and not mattered really, it's like they began again, just this time, God changed her mind and decided to let them be together instead of being cursed. Whatever.

I liked it a lot, but I am absolutely PISSED that it left off where it did. This is as a recreational reader. However, as an educated reader, I know that the ending was very smart and very well written. I just wish we could have gotten highlights from their mortal meeting. I want to know what mortal Daniel is like, because Luce seems to be the same good ole' Luce, but I want to know what their happily ever after is like! That's the problem with Happily-ever-after, they are just left like that. No explanation, no detail, we as readers are just told to rest assured that they are happy. Bleh.
Oh well, anyway, yes I personally loved the [SPOILERS] dilemma they had and I love that though Luce JUST got her wings back she was willing to give them up. It doesn't surprise me that Daniel was willing to give them up, he seemed to see his angelic nature more of a curse than a blessing anyway--and I don't blame him for that viewpoint.
I will probably end up reading at least the third and fourth ones again because they were absolutely amazing!

I wanted Cam and Luce to have a relationship. It was so confusing like. I thought Cam really cared about Luce. And whatever happened to Cam up in heaven? What was he doing? Where was he? I really didn't get it. And that scene when Cam let her cry on him? Was it just me or did it make u think he loved her? I guess it was cool not to have a love triangle cause everyone does but if you're not, don't put scenes that make us think that there is gonna be one!

Same! I was definitely disappointed with Cam, thought I'm pretty sure it felt like she was leaving a lot of unanswered questions with him so perhaps a spin off with Cam?
I was completely shocked when they revealed the Lucifer twist because I had convinced myself she was the girl who had broken Cam's heart, thought I'd always had a hunch Luce wasn't exactly a human. I was sad that Molly and Gabbe were killed off, did not expect that at all. I really liked the ending, that they got to 'start all over' and fall in love for the first time with neither of them knowing anything about each other (:

I liked the ending a lot. It made me happy that true love conquered all you know? But at the same time I was kinda disappointed that Luce ended up being an angel. I was just like aarggh really. I don't know it's just my opinion. I pictured the book to be a lot more intense. It was great but still I think I'm just sad cause I pictured something different. Though the whole her and Lucifer thing was kinda shocking. I mean I dig it. I kinda felt bad for him sorda. I'm surprised by the tears I had in my eyes when he looked at her in the end.

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Although I wish we knew more about Cam,if you read Fallen in Love you would know that it was NOT Luce that was the woman who broke his heart. This book made me cry so much after reading it and although the ending had some loose ends, it also made me very happy to know that Luce and Daniel would finally be together for the rest of their lives. However, it was really sad, for me at least, to know that everything that they fought for would never be remembered by them again, like right after Luce figured everything out too. Overall I have to say it was a great series, and anyone who says it's a love triangle I have to disagree, Cam may come off as flirtatious in the first two books but he is basically Daniels brother and he knows all the history he and Luce have. If you read Fallen In Love, the way it ended was with Arrianne, Roland, Shelby and Miles are all watching the past Daniel and Luce be together and they say something along the lines of, after all they've been through they need some time alone. At the end of Rapture, in the Epilogue, basically the same thing happens,except this is the "first" and last time Luce and Daniel will meet and Shelbv and Miles are married. yeah, it was a great book <3

How come some people who read Rapture don't know who the woman who broke Cam's heart is? Didn't you read Passion? Cam was engaged to a girl named Lilith and she wanted to get married in a church but since he was a fallen angel, he can't step foot in a church or else it burns down. Lilith got mad, they had a fight, broke up and Cam became a demon. Anyways, I adored the ending, but it sucks that we don't know what happens to Cam. He was one of my favorite characters. And also, what about Luce's parents and Callie?

I think the idea was brilliant, up until the LAST FEW PAGES. I am so so so very disappointed at how after the whole book, Luce and Daniel become human.

It is as if Kate erases their whole history and adds in "And it was all a dream."

Some of the loopholes I found are:
1. Cam's lover was never introduced/ explained!
2. What about Gabbe and Molly? And the Scale?
3. I know the ending with Luce and Daniel becoming mortal is the only REALISTIC ending, but it's very disappointing. Besides, no one is looking for realism in a FANTASY book about angels.

I love the first two books, and Passion was passable. But the ending of Rapture just killed everything for me.

It was disappointing, because it made Luce seems so selfish in the end. Ok she chooses Daniel, but she wasn't even sad that she was leaving her parents behind or her best friend. She wasn't even worried that they will be so upset, not knowing whether Luce is dead or not, not caring that her parents will be living in hell for the rest of their life not knowing what happened to her.

Basically, the motto is, true love is more important than acting like a decent human being. Luce should have at least asked to see her parents one last time, or ask the throne to make her parents and friend forget her so they didn’t have to live with not knowing. She can ask favours for the outcast, but she does nothing for her family.

Lucifer was a pg12 Devil. Seriously, they made him a wimp, really this is the guy that is in charge of Hell, don’t make me laugh.

Cam, the most interesting character out of them all, only had a minor part, so I was so bored of the story.

As for the story, 70% of it was pointless. Running about, collecting useless stuff. Really they didn’t need the blood or the cup, all they needed was the halo and some dark liquid, which they could have left dye with all the camping and water equipment.

I really loved the first book, but the rest of the series got worse and worse.

I’m not bothered that hey became human and forgot everything, but I felt like they didn’t deserve a happy ending, mainly for Luce being so selfish.

I feel the same way about Cam. What happened to him! At first I thought the coin tossing guy was him, but than the 'piercing blue eyes' thing gave it away. Then Shelby asked the others what happened to him, and no one answered! What the hell! (bangs head) I do hope the author does a short story with Cam. The 'mysterious girl who broke his heart', I thought it was Luce, esp with all the hints in the first 2 books. But (sigghsss) I guess I'll never know.

SN: I was so giddy when she first saw Daniel, as soon as she said 'red scarf' I was giddy as a 12 year old :)

I loved this book, my favorite of the series and I loved that Luce and Daniel were together the entire journey. I liked the ending fine but I also felt they were robbed. Yeah they got to be together and that's all they really wanted but having to start all over and basically taking from them Everything they went through to be together, sucked. I am glad they got the HEA though so I won't complain too hard lol

I suspected her to be an angel but not til the end of the 3rd book and I was still only eh about that. I still felt pleasantly surprised at how the story fleshed out.

I read the first series and When I foudn out I still have 3 more books to read i was like NOOOOOOO COme can someone please tell me what are the other secrets and what happens at the end? plese?

What happened to Trevor? This was not answered.The whole think was predictable, everybody knew what Luce was since the beginning of the series.

Also was that also supposed to be a form of Lucifer in the Laundry room as the coin throwing guy?

I was a little disappointed that Cam did not have a bigger roll to play in the final book since he was a big focus in the first two books.

i tottaly agree.... it sounded like it could be anouther vision on Luifuer in the lunderay room. but yet they didnt say. plus i was really sad when there wasnt a lot of Cam and it was just mostly Roland and Danile

This book for me was the most dissapointing in the series the ending just makes you feel like your entire time reading this series was wasted, everything they accomplished was for nothing, Every life they went through made them stronger, but now its kind of like who cares, When Gabbe Died I cried and almost ripped the book in half, I mean are you kidding me. She had one line in the book and then dies, And the I just think the book series in general dragged on and in about Penns death, Yes I loved Penn and cried when she died, but I would like to stop being reminded about it, And Rapture just seemed a bit predictable from the first few paragraphs I knew Dee was going to die, And it pissed me off that Miles And Shelby were hardly in it, But there were some good things I instantly fell in love with Dee she was amazing, and Im glad Cam smashed Miss Sopia's face in. And I loved the little hints at the last chapter of Luce's last life.

Do we know why Cam and Luce were attracted to each other in the first place? Nothing in their history was really suggested as to why they had an attraction (although it was nothing like Luce & Daniel's love). At first I thought maybe he was just doing it to get under Daniel's skin, but even after they made up, he still acted like he had feelings for her (and her a little for him).
I'll tell you one thing- Cam was my fave character and BETTER have a spin-off. He's too awesome to just drop off the face of the earth.

My assumptions about what happened to Trevor could have been that since Luce was an angel, he couldn't take it and it killed him ... In all her past lives, you don't see her involved with anyone, but Daniel. Maybe her angelic-ness was too much for him. Not sure, but could possibly be an explanation :)

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I am kind of in love with cam. I feel like him and Luce would be a better couple because hes got that bad boy edge. Was it a part of Luces curse that she had amnesia and didnt know who she was? That wasn't really mentioned anywhere. I feel like everyone knew Luce was an angel. How could she see Daniels true light without dying and why did she matter so much to everyone if she was just the woman daniel loved? You totally knew she was the deciding vote even though that didnt really matter in the end. Also lucifer is creepy when you see him at the fall cradling lucinda and singing to her. Anyway if he is the guy in the laundry room isnt he violating the deal since there was supposed to be no interference by angels? I dont know. I am a little upset with the ending of this series. I wish they could have just continued their lives as humans rather than being reborn because everything they went through made them a better stronger couple.

I really didn't like the ending because I feel like it cancelled out everything that happened in the series because they don't remember it. I think it would be much better if they were both angels instead of both being human.

Shelley I agree. Almost nothing that went on ends up mattering. It was just a tweaked version of the "it was all just a dream" ending that i hate in books/mov ...more
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the ending irritated me because its like they basically forgot everything they went through and had to start again without knowing about anything.

Aw! The ending was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Though I'm a little curious about Cam, whatever happened to him? Did he find love? Happiness? Details! And about that Lucifer coin toss guy...I thought no angel was supposed to interfere with Lucy and Daniel (even though technically Lucifer isn't an angel but still, shouldn't the same rules apply?) Molly and Gabbe! Molly, not so much though still sad but Gabbe! She had total utter faith in Lucy and Daniel that it made my heart ache. It was sad though in the end how Lucy and Daniel had to say goodbye to Arriane, Roland, Cam and the lot though :( BUT totally bittersweet that they got to start over again BOTH as mortals for one last dance (metaphorically) after all the seven thousand years or whatnot. <3
They fell in love for the first and last time. - I think that was truly amazing and beautiful.

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