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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Why go to university or college when your talents could be used elsewhere? Run by the notorious Nero, HIVE school kidnaps and brings its students to a secluded island inside an 'active' volcano, where the school has resided for decades.

All the kids are elite; they are the most athletic, the most technically advanced, and the smartest in the country. Inside the cavernous marble rooms, floodlit hangars, and steel doors, the students are enrolled in Villainy Studies and Stealth and Evasion 101. A six year program ensues. Leaving is not an option!

Put down your name, age, and your villainous talent/s and let the evil begin!

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E.E. (latinlovertothee) | 28 comments Name: Raine Blockwood
Age: 10
Talent: Can blow up just about anything with just about anything.

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E.E.S. (classicsvariety) | 48 comments Maize Jones
Age: 14
Talent: Really REALLY smart. Can figure out just about any code and is a superior computer hacker

P.S. I am not the same as the E.E. above.

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Loegwen | 59 comments Name: Lorey Eschon
Age: 13
Talent: Can run in high heels and make no sound whatsoever, is a natural born spy and fighter.
Raven is kind of her role model.

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod
Name: Lydia Skarlett
Talent: Great actor, athletic and talented at sleight of hand and magic tricks.

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Name: Luli Zhang
Age: 11
Talent: Stealthy, smart, and strategic.

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Is anyone going to actually roleplay or will this character list go on forever?

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
βιβλιοφάγος (a.k.a. Cat) wrote: "Is anyone going to actually roleplay or will this character list go on forever?"

*laughs* My thoughts exactly!! I think we should start!

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Aurora | 994 comments Mod
Okay, then... How's it start?

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Name: Dani Westbury
Age: 16
Talent: Martial arts, stealing and intelligence. Family is filthy rich.


Black was never a good look on me.

This deep thought came to my attention as I turned before the full length mirror at Carla's , my expression bored as I watched the perky shop assistant bounce on the balls of her size 5 feet - her Marilyn Monroe hairdo scarring my retinas as much as her squeaky voice offended my eardrums.

"Gosh, it looks marvellous , darl!" she gushed - tottering over to me and bending a little, tugging at the hem of the dress as if that would magical coax it to be below my knees. "It really brings out your eyes!"

Black brought out my eyes, did it? I bit my tongue to keep from lashing out at her, instead opting to give her a tight smile. "I don't think that it's appropriate for the occasion."
Marilyn - or 'Wendy' as her tag suggested - looked close to tears at her recommendation being rejected. "But...but, darl-"

"I think I'll try on the blue one with the sheer sleeves," I said, steamrolling over her and reaching around my back to unzip the dress. I turned to enter the dressing room - directing a frown over my shoulder. "And please, choose the correct size, this time. I find it offensive that you thought to offer me a 14 when I am a 12 ." I gave a sharp tug and let the curtain fall across, cutting her off. I sighed and let the dress fall to the ground, stepping out of it.

Black was so depressing. It made me think of getaway cars, sunglasses to disguise oneself and cheap Gucci knock offs. Not what I wanted to be thinking about two days before I left boring old England for H.I.V.E.

Marilyn's footsteps sounded outside the room -hesitating at the curtain. "I have the blue dress, honey - do you want to try it on?"
No, I want to eat it! What did she think I wanted to do with it? "Yes," was my terse reply. I shot out a hand and grabbed the dress, bringing it into the room and holding it before me.

Hmm. Not too shabby. I stepped into it, flipped my long black hair over my shoulder and zipped up the back, turning a little to observe the result. Chic. Elegant. And, more importantly, not black.

"I'll take it," I called out, smiling at my reflection. "Do you mind grabbing the matching shoes for me?"
"Of course!" Marilyn sounded ecstatic.

By the time Marilyn returned to the dressing room and called out for Dani to take the shoes, Dani was already halfway down the street, her Prada bag slung over her shoulder - the $12000 dress tucked carefully inside.

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I ran down the stairs without a sound, almost bursting with excitement. Two days until I leave my boring old suburban home for my first day at H.I.V.E.! I hope to death that H.I.V.E. won't be boring. One of my main reasons for wanting to go there is to get away from this boring dump that I call home.

I nearly burst into my dad's office and told him immediately how excited I was just to let off some steam but then I remembered: everything is all top secret when it comes to H.I.V.E. Part of the reason it sounds so interesting, I guess. I walked into the kitchen, still soundless. I'm gifted like that, and it is the best fun ever to sneak up on people. My only outlet.

I grabbed an apple from the fridge and sat on the couch, grabbing the nearest book within reach. I open it without checking the title. After a few pages, I put it down, because it is Sherlock Holmes. If I hear another thing about a villain, I'm going to explode. I still can't believe that I was chosen to go to H.I.V.E. I mean, I'm just a normal kid from the country. And I'll be one of the youngest students at H.I.V.E. Will I still be able to make friends even though they will be ever so much older?

God, I need to let off some steam or I think I will, mentally and physically, explode in a puff of fangirling.

"I'm gonna go to the park," I called to my dad. I recieved no answer. Well, he wouldn't care anyway. All he does all day is sit in his office, saying he's searching online for a job, while Mom is working what seems like 24/7 at Walmart.

I went outside and grabbed my bike - the only thing I really own other than clothes. It took me forever to save up for it. I pedaled to the park, glad to find it deserted. I basically just ran around jumping and laughing.

I'm going to go mad. Those two days can't go fast enough. And worst of all? They are both schooldays. I don't hate learning or anything stupid like that, but sitting in a chair for 7 hours literally kills me. I'll die of anticipation.

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Lydia Skarlett

My eyes scanned the crowd, searching for the right person. Someone very open, with a big smile. Someone alone. Someone who was easily deceived and willing to try new things. Perhaps a tourist.... There.

I quickly walked through the crowd, towards a foreign-looking young woman with a grey scarf slung around her shoulder, tucking the ends of her blonde hair in. She was holding a red handbag, which matched her shoes and earrings. Her short open trenchcoat had two pockets at the front, one of them bulging slightly, possibly holding a phone or wallet. Probably a wallet, tourists tend to spend money impulsively and often, therefore keeping their wallets handy. On a pocket slightly higher up, a yellow handkerchief was sticking out.

"Ah, good morning madame." I chirped, curtseying.
She looked at me and smiled, "Hello."
"Can I ask you a few questions for a school survey?" I smiled.
She shrugged, "Okay."
I smiled, then casually opened her trenchcoat slightly, hooking a finger into the handkerchief, "Out of all the things you have inside your jacket, what would you say is the most valuable?"
She paused for a second, "Uh.. My phone I guess."
I nodded, reaching over to the other side, covering the handkerchief with my arm and diverting her attention, "So is that in your top pocket or your lower one?"
She shrugged, "My top pocket."
"Ah, okay." I circled her, flicking the handkerchief out of her pocket while she was still looking at the other side of the jacket. While I circled her, I flicked her scarf over her shoulder, loosening it, "So your phone is in your bottom inside pocket?"
I flicked her scarf over her shoulder to reach her jacket, then gestured to her bottom inside pocket.

"No, I said my top pocket." She corrected.
"Oh, okay. Is it an Iphone? Or samsung or something?" I opened her coat a bit more, while with the other hand, I slowly yanked her scarf away from her shoulders, rolling it up and shoving it into my own pocket.

"It's a nokia." She said, still oblivious to the fact I'd stolen her handkerchief and scarf.
"Ah, okay." I stepped back and curtseyed again, "Thankyou for your time."

She smiled, "I'm glad to help."
I chuckled and walked off. I wouldn't take anything else. It was all I needed anyway.

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Luli Zhang

I hold up two of my favorite pairs of shorts, the cargo and the jean. I sigh, and then close my eyes and pick one at random. The cargo it is. I stuff it into my already stuffed suitcase that I'm surprised isn't bursting yet - it's practically an antique. I shove my glasses case into the top pouch and, after struggling with the zipper for a few minutes, get the suitcase shut. Now for the most important descision of packing: what books to bring.

I pull out a duffel bag that I think belonged to my dad in high school and start looking through what books I'll want to bring. No spy books or espionage. Yes to poetry. Definitely on Harry Potter - I'm almost finished with Prisoner of Azkaban. I think I'm in love with Sirius. Absolutely on Cassandra Clare. Ugh. Never Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I'm running out of room, and I still have two more books I want to pack. I try to shove them both in, rearrange the books, shove the other books to one side... no beans. I sigh, a bead of sweat trickling down my face. I again try to shove both books in, which fails. And the bag splits.

Great. Just great. I have to get to the airport in about half an hour and my bag splits. I almost growl with frustration. I run downstairs and nearly give my dad a heart attack as he was in the kitchen.

"I need a new bag, pronto," I told him. "That antique that you gave me split."
"We don't have any more bags that you can use," he responds, not even looking at me as he looks in the fridge - probably for another beer.
"You said that I can use," I persist. He's the most annoying father ever. "That means there must be others."
He sighs impatiently... as if he had any pressing arrangements. "Lu, I.."
"Luli," I corrected him. "Never Lu. You should know that by now."
"Lu, I don't have the money to get you a new bag," he says, completely oblivious to the fact that my name is Luli.
I stamp my foot in frustration. "Doggone it, I just want a bag!"
He sighs again, something that makes me mad. "How about one of those eco friendly cooler bags that your mom got? That's all I can think of."

Thanks for being so helpful. You could've just said that in the first place! I wish I could say that, but I didn't. I run over, grab the bag, and run upstairs to repack my books. It all fits now.

I sigh, sling the bag over my shoulder and grasp the handle of my suitcase, and run downstairs to wait for my Dad the Idiot to take me to the airport.

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Name: Sofia Brux
Age: 14
Talent: extremely manipulative and excellent at tactical education.

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((Anyone else going to comment? Please?))

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Sofia Brux

My feet touched the ground of the building before I picked myself up and kept on running. There was no way they could catch me now. My feet begged me to step but I kept on pushing. I had to teach my legs who was boss.

I stopped at the end of the building. I looked down below. The building was pretty high. There was no way they could follow me. They didn't even know where I was, I hoped. I froze as I heard a sound.
'Who's there ?" I said getting ready in case I was jumped upon.
"Bravo ! I saw what you did back there, that was brilliant. H.I.V.E will enjoy your company." The voice said as the person stepped out from behind the large pole. A lady of about 35 stood there. Slim, beautiful yet deadly.
'I ord-" I was cut off as the tiny bullet hit my arm causing me to fall down unconscious.

I woke up .. in a helicopter !?
'What the hell ?" I said.
'You're awake." She said, the lady who had attacked me.
'Yes, what's going on. Who are you ?" I ordered putting emphasis on my words.
'I'm afraid that's not going to work. But I will tell you where we're going. To H.I.V.E. The Higher institute of Villainous education.

I looked at her retreating form confused as the helicopter took flight.

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Dani Westbury:

The lady pressed a small black button and the screen froze on the image of me leaving Carla's, the dress snug in my Prada bag. She turned to me and said, expressionless, "What do you feel when you watch this, Miss Westbury?"

Ah, the good old days. But that's probably not want you want to hear. I raised my eyebrows and widened my eyes. "I...I feel...ashamed."

I dropped my gaze to my shoes. My Jimmy Choos. Also stolen, but hell - the store was practically stealing from the public in the first place, what with the outrageous price they'd been. I dared a look up at the lady, who was watching me with the same expressionless expression she'd been wearing the entire plane trip.

"Miss Westbury." She gave me a small smile. "I highly doubt that."

I frowned at her. "Well, I doubt that you have a reason to doubt that."
"Interesting sentence construction, but nevertheless, the facts remain: you steal. And you steal well. We have need of people like you-"

"Oh, please!" I tossed my perfectly curled hair over my shoulder and stared her down. "There is no one like me. I am especially good at what I do." No use keeping up the charade with this lady.

"Are you willing to prove it?"
She handed me a pamphlet.

My gaze slid over the elegant lettering. I glanced up at her and then back at the page. "Is this...?"
"True and unaltered. Congratulations, Miss Westbury. We will arrive in an hour's time. I suggest you get reading."

I picked up the pamphlet again, starting with the title.

H.I.V.E: The Higher Institute of Villainous Education.

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Lydia Skarlett

It's not every day you wake up in a helicopter, I thought as I stared out the window at the clouds. Cumulus clouds. The words drifted into my head like the clouds themselves. I pushed the words away and went back to trying to piece my memories back into the gap in my mind.

I had stolen the handkerchief and scarf-which I was wearing- from the tourist lady, then gone back home to sort out my things. After that I sat down on a park bench to feed the pigeons some stale bread someone had thrown in a garbage bin I'd raided earlier. Then I'd woken up in a helicopter. It made no sense.

A girl who looked a bit older than me was also seated in the helicopter looking worried. Was I worried? I paused for a minute, then shrugged. Nah. I didn't feel worried. Maybe I should be, but I really couldn't care less where I was going.

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Dani Westbury

"Miss Westbury." The H.I.V.E lady tapped her manicured fingernails against the arm of my seat, trying to get my attention. "A moment of your time, if I may?"

Rolling my eyes, I tugged one earphone out and gave her an annoyed look. Listening to Sia's She Wolf was a lot more entertaining then talking to this woman. She'd done nothing but stare at me and take notes for most of the flight. Not that I minded the solitude. But her approach needled me. I did not appreciate being treated like someone's property.

"What is it?" I asked, pursing my lips, freshly coated in lip gloss. I may be on a jet headed to an institute for villains but it didn't mean I couldn't look my best. I kept an emergency tube of gloss in my Prada bag - along with my phone, IPod, nail file, a bottle of nail polish, the keys to my BMW and a change of outfit. Just in case.

"We need to discuss what your admission to H.I.V.E means," she said, taking the seat opposite me and pressing the tips of her slim fingers together, watching me over them.
"It means," I shot back, "that I am villain material."
"It means more than that."
"By all means - illuminate me."

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