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Shomeret | 1380 comments 5)Heavy Poodles and Cat Songby Ian Fraser (dog and cat fantasy) Source:Free Kindle Book Started: 4/5 Finished: 4/6

Why Read: These are two stories. One of them is from the perspective of a poodle and the other from the perspective of a cat. I was more interested in the second.

Comments: Heavy Poodles didn't hold my interest. The cat in Cat Song can see ghosts and talk to his ancestors. It's very well done, but it's depressing. So I rated it B-

6) Tredan's Baneby Lita Burke (fantasy)Source: Free Kindle Book Started: 4/6 Finished: 4/7

Why Read: It sounded like a dramatic story line.
The MC, who makes magical charms, has an enchanter husband who has disappeared.

Comments: Although the name of Tredan, the missing husband, is in the title, the book focuses on his wife, Lanith. She is an engaging character who hooked me from the beginning. The structure of magic and the author's fantasy world are interesting and well-constructed. It was a good read. I rated it B.

7)The Flight of the Sorceressby Barry S. Wildorf (historical fiction)Source: Free Kindle Book Started: 4/7 Finished: 4/8

Why Read: This is about the eminent philosopher/scientist Hypatia of Alexandria and a fictional woman who is a healer in the town now known as Bath in England. I will try any book about Hypatia and I'm interested in traditional healers.

Comments: Glenys, the healer, is a Christian but being a healer makes her a sorceress in this period. At the same time Hypatia is dealing with the destruction of the famed library of Alexandria. Both MCs had friendships/alliances with Jews. I'd never seen this said of Hypatia before. The ending is unexpected and unconventional. I like the fact that rebels are the good guys in this novel. But I gave it an A- because Hypatia is portrayed as teaching about religion. I don't think this is accurate.

8)The Slave Factoryby Julian Darius (historical fiction) Source: Free Kindle Book Started: 4/8 Finished: 4/8

Why Read: I'm interested in the slave trade in Africa. There also might be cultural information that would interest me. I also thought I could use it for the Around The World challenge. Indeed I could. I decided that it was an Angola book based on internal evidence.

Comments: This is about a man that calls himself Father Flanagan who is in charge of a slave factory at a fictional place called Porto Maria. The book takes place during and after the American Civil War. It's dark, chilling but also moving. I gave it an A.

To Be Continued...

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14620 comments You can't go wrong with four free Kindle books you enjoyed!

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