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Winter Rose Phantom *Name: Rose
*Age: 19
*Gender: Female
*Species: Neko
Weapons: Anything Sharp. She likes small daggers the most.
*Looks: Her hair, Ears and Face:
Her Body:
*Personality: She is smart and cunning. Sometimes she is very stubborn, but most of the time it is mild. She is normally a very secretive person and does not like to be bossed around. She is very protective of those that she cares about, meaning that she will lose her life for them.
*BackGround Story: She was raised in the wild, meaning away from being 'captive' as a housepet. She lived on her own and has since childhood. She was captured by a trader of housepets and is now in the process of trying to get away from them.
*Talents: She can sing very well and is a great fighter with anything sharp.
Job/Occupation: HousePet/ Guard
*Other Information: She is easy to make friends with.

Winter Rose Phantom Okay~

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