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message 1: by Shomeret (new)

Shomeret | 1380 comments This is ketchup because I'm ketching up. April had a number of Kindle reads because I took my Kindle to New York. The results were mixed.

1) The Future Of Blasphemy: Speaking Of The Sacred In An Age Of Human Rightsby Austin Dacey (human rights) 196 pages. Source: ARC from Friends of the Library Started: 3/31 Finished: 4/2

Why Read: I bought this from a Friends of the Library bookstore in a neighboring city where they had a cart filled with ARCs from publishers.

Comments: The author is a representative of the International Humanist and Ethical Union at the UN where blasphemy is a contentious issue. The basis for outlawing it is either slander or hate speech. Dacey and his organization argue that you can only slander an individual not a religion. In U.S. law slander must have caused some concrete harm such as a physical injury or loss of livelihood. I would also imagine that hate speech legally applies only to living individuals not dead ones like Mohammed, and that God is not impacted by either slander or hate speech. This book is interesting, but not brilliant. I rated it B+

2)Birds of a Featherby Jacqueline Winspear (historical mystery) Source: Kindle library loan Started: 4/3 Finished: 4/5

Why Read: This is the second Maisie Dobbs novel. Because I am a dyed in the wool UOOOR, I haven't read the first one yet. I've read a couple of later Maisie Dobbs books. This one was available from the library on Kindle and I wanted to try another Kindle library loan when I'd have several days in New York to read nothing but Kindle.

Comments: This book starts out as a routine missing person case, but it turned out to be much more. I liked the psychological perspective of this book very much. There are no simplistic villains. I rated this A. See the complete review in my April blog posts at

3)It's A Dog's Life (A DI Lorne Simpkins Novelette)by Mel Comley (police procedural thriller)Source: Free Kindle Book Started: 4/5 Finished: 4/5

Why Read: A reporter who is investigating dog racing due to allegations of dog abuse convinces Detective Inspector Simpkins to look into it. It sounded like a compelling idea.

Comments: This book held my attention even though there was no characterization. I rated it C+

4)Philosophy For Catsby Stuart McFarlane and Linda McFarlane (philosophy) Source: Free Kindle Book Started: 4/5 Finished: 4/5

Why Read: A collection of cat philosophy. For example: "There is a kitten in the heart of even the cat who is well into his ninth life." I thought I would enjoy it.

Comments: I did. It was thoroughly charming. My stepmother and I shared laughs over these feline witticisms. Rating B

To Be Continued...

message 2: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14609 comments Shomeret:
I am not surprised that you rated Birds of a Feather highly, I love the Maisie Dobbs books! The first book has the deep background on Maisie when you get around to it

message 3: by Carol/Bonadie (new)

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 8053 comments Shomeret wrote: "See the complete review in my April blog posts at"

I look forward to reading this when I finish Birds of a Feather. I am also reading an ebook from the library on my Kindle, and am enjoying it enormously.

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