Unholy Night Unholy Night question

what do you think about this book?
John John Jun 10, 2012 04:51PM
Ive been wanting to read this book but was wondering what people thought of it. Please no spoilers

I reluctantly read this book at the request of my son. I was curious to understand why it was so important for him to want me to read it. I like Christina was immediately captivated. I do have an open and curious religious enthusiasm. I think you should read it.

It's just okay. Seth Grahame-Smith upset me with his stupid stereotypical portrayals of women in his 'Dark Shadows' screenplay, and he'll have to work much, much harder than this if he ever wants to impress me again.

Violent and silly book but did entertain me for a day. I enjoyed the Lincoln far more.

You will never hear the Christmas story in the same way again!

It was slow in the beginning, but as the story formed it became quite interesting. I enjoyed it.

Harley (last edited Jun 25, 2012 05:38AM ) Jun 20, 2012 12:04PM   0 votes
I plan to start reading it later today. Abe the Vampire was the first book of this sort that I had read, and enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to the story line of Unholy Night
(June 25th)...Its hard to put this book down.(got 35 pages to go)...Grahame-Smith is a great storyteller, and his style seems to fold intrigue right into the story.A nice follow up to Abe hunting vampires.Can"t wait until he releases another rewrite of history.

I hope you all read this book. I enjoyed this book as much as the authors others. I look forward to his retelling "history" in future works. Let me know if you find this book interesting.

I'm a little late to this conversation. Did you read it yet? This book made it into my top 5 favorites. I was surprised. I am a little warped though.

It begins with "The magic of the Old Testament is coming to an end. Great floods, mystical beasts, and parting seas have given way to the empires of man. Many believe that God has abandoned the world..." It sounds like the beginning of an epic film and I was immediately captivated.

I understand that some may be offended by how iconic figures are portrayed in the book, but I found it more inspiring than how my Catholic schooling portrayed them. As long as you are not easily offended, I definitely think you should read it.

The initial reaction I received from people I told about the premise of the book was that it was blasphemous. After reading it, I can tell anyone that has those same notions that I did not feel any type of Anti-Christian or any other types of blasphemy. This is strictly about the Three Wise Men, Mary, Joseph, and the new born Jesus are plot devices. No words are put into Jesus' mouth to sway you towards Christianity or to make Jesus seem lesser than he is.
The only complaint I had of it is that it read more like a screen play for a film than a novel, unlike Abe Lincoln, which had major character development. As I read this, it was very easy to picture the scene and action sequences written as if Zak Snyder was directing this book. Solid book and I recommend it to anyone who understands the crazy brilliance of Seth Grahame-Smith.

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