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Athena | 51 comments Mod
here you make your character. this is the outline:

Age look (age when you were bitten):
Real Age (years alive):
Years at school (1-4):

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Lucy Qhuay Name: Nerissa Soren
Gender: Female
Appearance: short (5'1); slim; long, straight black hair; silver eyes; big scar on the left side of the neck that is always covered by her hair; phoenix tattoo on her right wrist
Personality: very clever and quiet; a bit sarcastic
Age look (age when you were bitten): 19
Real Age (years alive): 19
Years at school (1-4): 1
Pet?: none
History: Nerissa and her parents were ruthlessly attacked by a group of vampires. They died and she survived with that scar she has on her neck. She hates vampires since then, so she has extremely conflicting feelings since she turned and is now a vampire.

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Athena | 51 comments Mod
Name: Arabella Rose (aka Rose)
Gender: girl
Appearance: description
Personality: bad attitude, loves fights. makes lots of smart ass comments
Age look (age when you were bitten): 17
Real Age (years alive): 1,224
Years at school (1-4): 1
Pet?: black kitten named midnight
History: came from a human family. she asked her family to help her but they turned her down. they felt fear around rose. she left her house a week after being turned and never came back

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Name:Ashton Rayne
Appearance:[image error]
Personality:Rude. That's what she is. She enjoys fights and is always bloodthirsty. She can control it, but decides not to. Don't mess with her, and she won't mess with you.
Age look:17
Real Age (years alive):3,704
Years at school (1-4):1
History:Ashton was bitten when she was 17, leaving school on a late night. People saw her, being eaten alive and just walked away. Which she soon revenged on. She did the same to the person who bit her.

Name:Lydia Lawrence
Personality:She's shy, and I mean really shy. She grew up in an abusive house. her parents didn't put food on the table, she had to rely on school and herself for that. She's sweet, and will never hurt a soul.
Age look:17
Real Age:17
Years at school (1-4):3

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Athena | 51 comments Mod
how on earth do you get your pictures to show up like that???

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Go to: (some html is ok)
Copy and paste the words next to "Image:" Till the arrow. And put your picture link in between the "s change the height and width to make the picture bigger/smaller Like: height="___" width="___"

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Athena | 51 comments Mod
thank you!!

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Yara Hossam (zvezda_) | 3 comments Name: Anita Blake * people call her Naya *
Appearance:she is tall, thin , pale blue eyes , full lips , long eye lashes , blonde curly hair , pale white and red cheeks have tall legs and has small sized boobs -_- also likes the shape of her toes
Personality:she has a good sense of humor .. trusts people so quickly which eventually turns out as a bad thing ..cheerful .. sociable .. always wanting to be free .. she has a thing with lying she always says * a little lying won't hurt* she is also loves change and always seeking for it
Age look (age when you were bitten): 16
Real Age (years alive): 188
Years at school (1-4): 1
Pet?: she has a little cat named SINTHYA
History:she was always trapped by her father after her mother died in a car accident because he drinked alot .. then one day she decided it's about time to break free then she escaped from the back window wich was unsecured then she became really hungry and met a boy named KASPER who told her to go to a certain club named Humple's palace she went there stayed for couple of days then on her fourth day she left and became really tired in the streets then she got bitten by a monster who tried to steal a ring she always wears but it was her only thing her mother left for her so she fighted for it and then he turned her
Other: loves the blue color and adores the sea loves the sand cuz the last place her mother took her was the beach and also has that tatto by the letter V on the back of her ear *noone really knows where it came from she woke up on the fourth day at her staying in that weird place and found it there* and adores music

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Dominus~ | 33 comments Name: Courtney Yssabel Sanchez
Gender: Female

Personality: Outgoing, bitch sometimes, nosy, cheerful, playful, childish, carefree, fearless, weirdo.
Age look (age when you were bitten): 16
Real Age (years alive): 143
Years at school (1-4): 1
Pet?: She has a wolf named "Eros"
[image error]
History: Before she was turned, she was living at a foster house as a wild child. Drinks a lot, smokes and do stuffs she shouldn't have. She has a brother who is against what she was doing but she doesn't care but she do love her brother deeply. Then one night, she was turned by a group of youngsters and also in that incident, they killed her brother. Now she's out for revenge and looking for them.
Other: BRUTAL. The wolf, she saw it while hanging around in the forest. Eros didn't like her and she doesn't too but since she's very different from everybody, she took him in and took care of him. The wolf doesn't like anybody except her.

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) Name: Izzy

Appearance: www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&...
Personality: kind and caring alaways, luvs to help people and use real life examples to try and help them undestand things, moody at times, trust worthy, luvs to read and be out doors
Age: 16
real age: 200
Years at school: 2
History: unknown
Gender: Female

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JusAnotherGirl*~*ThisBeatUpWorld | 7 comments Name:Dalia Woods
Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_enGFyLmY1rE...
Personality:Likes to start fights and has a smart ass attitude most of the time.She is very trustworthy.
Age look (age when you were bitten):17
Real Age (years alive):20
Years at school (1-4):3
Pet?:Cat named Nicki
History:Never talks about it.

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JusAnotherGirl*~*ThisBeatUpWorld | 7 comments Name:Amber Evermist
Appearance: http://www.hji.co.uk/hjimages/images/...
Personality:Can be very seet and nice to her friends but is not afraid to fight when she needs to.Very moody and loves to help people in need.
Age look (age when you were bitten):15
Real Age (years alive):22
Years at school (1-4):2
Pet?:A puppy named Amma.
Other: N/A

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Athena | 51 comments Mod
Ms.Cashmere wrote: "Name: Izzy

Appearance: //www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&......"

i wuz gonna use that picture :)

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Zoeღ | 3 comments Name:Chrissy (real name is Christina)
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?num=10&a...
Personality: She's shy but very bubbly and crazy once you get to know her. She is very outspoken, carefree, and a big bookworm.
Age look (age when you were bitten):18
Real Age (years alive):18
Years at school (1-4):1
Pet?: an Australian Shepherd named Jev :P
History: Before she was bitten she was just getting out of high school and moving out of her religious family's house that disowned her for her style and choice of friends.

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Despair Speaking (DespairSpeaking) | 37 comments Name: Derry
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark brown hair, pale skin, black eyes
Age look (age when you were bitten): 13
Real Age (years alive): 17
Years at school (1-4): 1
Pet?: a pet Doberman
History: She was on her way home and had used the shortcut that's beside an abandoned building when she heard some suspicious noises. Curious and terrified at the same time, she sneaked inside and saw a bunch of men beating up a kid a little older than she. She instantly tried to intervene and managed to free the kid but before they could leave she gets shot by a bullet meant for the kid. She then wakes up as a vampire. Apparently the kid she saved was a vampire and the men attacking him vampire hunters. The kid saved her life by turning her. Horrified with what she became, she ran away.
Other: She loves sunlight and tries to find ways to get exposed to it without dying. She learned how to withstand the pain for hours. She also learned how to do karate and other defensive arts.

Unapologetic_Bookaholic Great minds think alike cause I wanted Jay ;)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic And can we rp now then?

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Age-17 (looks and is)
Years at school-1
Looks-5'5 ,long black hair, light blue eyes, curves, a little tan,tat on her right side of her hip with a single rose with thorns,
Pet-Dog ,german shepard
Other- Likes to fight , hard headed, smart, and a smartass, funny, likes to have fun,loyal to her friends
History-she has a younger sister and was bitten by her ex-boyfriend when she found out what he was. He turned her so they could be together forever but she feels as though it is a curse.After he knew she would never be his, he killed her whole family sparing only her little sister because she was at camp. Chris has vowed to one day kill him and make him pay for what he has done,

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Gabriel (trippyhippy) Name: Aiden
Nickname : AJ
Gender: male
Age: 17
Real age: 17
Years at school: 1
Looks: http://marie-murders.tumblr.com/post/....
He has tattoos on his neck, back, arms and chest. He also has a rib tattoo. He has a muscular body . He has a lip peircing and an nose and eyebrow piercing. He is 6 ft 4

Pet: a Siberian husky named jeeter

Other : he loves to fight, he has been in juvenile. he has a bad temper and does UFC professionally, division 2 title one (for those ufc fans out there :P ). He loves music and is an amazing singer. He plays guitar and has a sound close to hayley Williams but of course deeper cuz he is a guy.

History: he tells no one, if he trust you and confides in you then maybe but even that will take time.

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Gabrielle wanna role play?

message 23: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel (trippyhippy) Sure

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the lake my character os already there

message 25: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel (trippyhippy) Okay

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um do wanna start ?or should i?

message 27: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel (trippyhippy) Oh shoot ! I went off of your comment but you can start if you want

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lol no its fine just continue i weng with it

message 29: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel (trippyhippy) Okay haha well I'm there so

Unapologetic_Bookaholic Any submissive charries want to rp with Adam?

message 31: by Johns (new)

Johns Name: Light "Matches" Creed
Gender: Female
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Personality: Light is very.... strange. She is always happy and never seems to have anything bad to say about anything. But, if she hates you, she'll try to kill you quicker than you can say bloodsucker. She always tries to be cheerful but sometimes she'll get angry for no real reason at all. She's very smart, but doesn't like to show it because she's afraid that people will think she's not as tough and unbreakable as she acts to be.
Age look: 17
Real Age: 30
Years at school: 1
Pet?: A teacup pig named Bubbles-- (view spoiler)
History: Unlike most unwillingly turned vampires, Light was completely happy with her transformation. She always found herself interested in dark things when she was younger and loved to read scary stories, such as Frankenstien by Mary Shellely. Or Edgar Allen Poe novels. Anyway, she was fascienated by things she couldn't see. It amazed her; especially the things that go bump in the night. The day she was turned was a blessed day for her, being able to rid herself of her agressive father and easy mother, along with her friendless life to become a creature of the unknown. About fifteen years after she was turned, Light had a run in with a human that dystroyed her immortal life completely. She was found feeding on him in an alley by a little girl, whom she had feed on after she had screamed for help. It is a complicated story after that, since Light prefers to keep that part a secret, but it sums up the reason why she wants to be so cheery all the time.
Other: Light is a musician. A very good drummer, a painter, and a very good swimmer. She's a chatterbox when it comes to her music, since it doesn't judge her by how she acts, unlike people. She also has a few possesions she is very obsessive about. (view spoiler)

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Name:Celeste

Age look (age when you were bitten): 19
Real Age (years alive): 269
Years at school (1-4): 2
Pet?: none

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MJ | 4 comments Name: Grey Archer
Gender: Male
Personality: Clever, kind of a loner, sweet, attractive
History: He was bitten by a strong vampire in the park one day. He knew he would hurt his family when he figured out what he was, so he ran away to live with fellow vampires. After a while, he decided to attend the school.
Appearance: http://s2.favim.com/mini/35/beautful-...
He is 5'11.
Age look: 18
Real age: 167
Years at school: 1
Pet: German Shepard named Bone
Other: He loves painting and drawing.

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Dark Princess (nightprincess-s) | 15 comments Name: Damon Marino
Gender: Male
Personality: witty, dark, handsome, malevolent, generally unkind, alluring, flirty
History: He was born in Italy in the 1800's, in a night of discontent he was walking late back from a ball when he was bitten. She left him on his own to find his own way, he became bitter over time, having little care for anyone in his path. No one truly knows him or what happened the night he was changed. Years later when he found about about the school he joined in hopes of finding something to catch his interest.
Appearance: Tall, dark, handsome...descriptiondescriptionHeight: 6'0
Age look: 17
Real Age:176
Years at school:2
Misc: In case you were wondering, he is based off of Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries.

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Bookworm | 6 comments Name: Cecile Chamberland

Gender: Female


Personality: As a human, Cecile would get bored quite easily, and this characteristic has passed onto her vampire side. She has lived quite a long time, and has lost all traces of humanity. She has seen it all and done it all, and isn't afraid to kill. Also is wise from experience.

Age look (age when you were bitten): 17 years

Real Age (years alive): 269

Years at school (1-4): this is her first

Pet: none yet

History: Cecile grew up in French Louisiana in the seventeenth century. She was a normal working girl, until the day she was bitten. Desperately, she clung to her humanity, abandoning her family so she wouldn't be tempted to drink from them and traveling from place to place, but her resolve soon washed away, and she killed a human boy on the banks of the Mississipi. Now, she only cares for herself and knows that she will never ever love anything again.

Other: likes to carry a weapon at all times; can speak many languages and sometimes replaces English words with French, Spanish, Chinese, etc. ones.

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Erin (bleedinginkpen) | 2 comments Name: Konata Belles (K, K-Bell(s), or Bell(s) for short.)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Photobucket
Personality: Konata is pretty shy timid, until you get to know her, and she's smart and artsy too. She would stand up for her friends...if she had any.
Age Look: 16
Real Age: 16
Years at School: Not even one. (She just moved.)
Pet: None.
History: K moved from Japan when her parents decided that she needed a change of scenery. Even in her home country, she had always been alone and treated like an outsider. She had always been "that smart girl", especially after she re-programmed her old school's entire computer network in vengeance for constant bullying.

When she moved to America, she got bitten a few weeks after her 16th birthday. She's still highly inexpirienced when it comes to being a vampire, and she's still terrified of other vampires, which is one of the reasons that she is shy.

Other: She speaks fluent Japanese and Chinese (Chinese was mandatory in Japan) and she is a wiz with anything electronic.

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Amber {An eye for an eye and the world goes blind} | 2 comments Name:Argent
Appearance: Photobucket
Age look (age when you were bitten):10
Real Age (years alive):13
Years at school (1-4):1
History:Argent's parents hated her.They abused her and they treated her older brother better.They treated her like a slave and barely fed her so she barely eats anymore.She has scars from where they hit her
Other:Usually gets picked on because of her history.She loves to draw and sing

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 [♔] .queen's armor. Full Name: Sebastian Woodsmen
Nickname: Sabe
Age: He looks 19 years old but he's really 200 years old
DOB (Date of birth): 12/20/ 1812
Gender: Male
Weapons: None
Power(s): He was great speed, strength and sense like all vampires.


Dressing Style: He will pretty must wear anything that he can find, Nice cloths, Bum cloths etc.

Significant objects: Pocket Knife It was brought down in his family for years, was given to him by his father.

Sebastian is practical, traditional and organized. He's likely to be athletic. Not interested in theory or abstraction unless he see the practical application. He has a clear visions of the way things should be. Sebastian loyal and hard-working. He likes to be in charge. He is exceptionally capable in organizing and running activities. "Good citizens" who value security and peaceful living.
Sebastian is kind of Quiet, reflective and idealistic. He's Interested in serving humanity. He is well-developed value system, which means he strives to live in accordance with. He is extremely thoughtful. He’s well adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. He mentally quick and able to see possibilities. Sebastian is a very nice guy so he is Interested in understanding and helping people.
Sebastian is a "Spontaneous Idealist"
He is very enthusiastic, idealistic and creative. He is able to do almost anything that interests him.Sebastian has great people skills. He need to live life in accordance with his inner values. He's excited by new ideas, but bored with details. He is very open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities.
Sebastian has a many different personalities witch makes him easy to talk to and understand people. He is very sweet and kind. Sebastian is brave and is willing to do anything. He likes to live life to the fullest. He is a great friend and person to hang around.Sebastian is very funny he will always make someone laugh and have a good time. Sebastian does have a dark side about him, that only he knows about. Is he good or evil? He shows the personality of a great person but is it fake? Lets find out.

Likes/ Dislikes:
Funny people
Drinking blood
Giving people a good scare
Food (Cant eat thought)
Lively thing
Annoying people
People who get in his way
People who think there all that
Bad jokes

Background History: ~ First Person, Sebastian point of view~

I was walking alone through a dark ally; can't find my way back home.
I could smell the blood of someone it was fresh and smelled great I cant do this I said to myself trying to told back my range of thirst, It's been so long sense i has a great meal. I noticed the girl who's blood i smelt. I couldn't resist. I walked up behind her. She turned around frightened by my eye color. I smirked and pushed her against the wall making her wince.
"Hello there..." I said
She was really scared, I could tell by her heart racing, tears rolled down her eyes.
"Please don't hurt me!" She crying out.
I glared at her, I didn't really know what to do, This was my first meal like this as a vampire. I was confused and hurt by my actions towards this girl. My instances pull me closer to her neck. I grinned.
"If you don't move It wont hurt as much..." I told her and leaned down next to her neck smelling the fresh blood run through her vans. I started to kiss her neck.
The girl started to cry, She was scared.
"Someone please help me!" She yelled.
I laughed on, realizing how weak a human is.
"That wont help you, Nobody can hear you." I said I opened my mouth bearing my fangs, about to bite her.
I smelled someone. I turned around it was another vampire. He pushed me off her and glared
"Leave!" he yelled.
I fall to the ground confused. I shook it off and stood back up and glared.
"What the fuck dude?! We can share her!" I yelled.
The girl was so scared she couldn't move at all.
The other vampire smirked, His eyes turned bright red. I could tell that he was older then me.
"get lost man! She's mine! It's been a long time sense i smelled someone as good as her" He said
I laugh and glared. "No way!" I said. I don't know why but i felt like I had to protect this girl, I couldn't eat her now..
Me and the other vampire got into a big fight. I would do whatever it took to not let him have her.
The girl thought that this was her time to fun, so she did. The other vampire glared and jumped over me and was right in front of her. My eyes shot open.
"NO!" I yelled out. He snuck his teeth into the girl right before i could get over there. She fell to the ground dead.
I looked at her, my hear started pounding
"Don't tell me you has feelings for a human?" He said as he whipped the blood of his mouth with his sleeve.
I swallowed down my words and glared at him. After that i just left.

Strength and Weakness:
His strength is fighting, His strength (strangeness), Sneak attacks, Being funny.
His weakness are not having blood for a long period of time.

Relationship status: Open

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5 Angry Birds (BeenSleepinginYourMothersLaundry) Full Name:Aries Mahpel
DOB:January 1
Powers(s):He has the same powers as vamps.But,he control and moves blood even with force.Also he could fly,and make ice.
-Olive Skin
-Blonde Curls
-Green Eyes one one side.Purple on the other
-Scar on left eye
-5 ft 7 ft
-Tatto on his neck shaped as Cross

Dressing Style:He normal wears plaid,and hoodies.Most of the time with multi-color pants.Then he normal wears all the new Jordan Sneakers.Somethimes he wears masks.

Personality:Ari is very shy,timid,and nervous.He is not imterested in learning.He is very creative is his own way.though,he hates human alot.

-Eat Food


Point of View:2 person or 1

At such a young age,like when he was in his human mum tummy,She was btten by a his pureblood father.So he grew up liking the sun,and begining able to do things on the level of a pureblood.

Strength and Weakness.
He can stay months without food
He can manipulate vampire and Humans.


Relationship Status:Open


Other:Can speak Irish,and Swedish

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Nick Moore | 1 comments Name:Nick Moore
Appearance:Broad, ripped
Age look 16
Real Age (years alive):200
Years at school (1-4):2

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 61 comments Name:Mary Branwell
Appearance: http://www.celebs101.com/wallpapers/T...
Personality:Mary is actually quiet shya and quiet, but is very sarcastic and sensitive. She hates it when people are mean and rude and will stand up for anyone in need.
Age look:17
Real Age:122
Years at school:2
Pet:A beagle named Maddy
History:She doesn't remember anything, except this.
(Mary POV)
"Mommy! Daddy! Please! Don't let them take me!" I scremed. My parents just stood on the porch watching as the strange people hauled me into a van. They threw me into the back and closed the door. There was a little barred window and i grabbed onto it looking out at my parents as the van started moving away. "Mommy! Daddy! Please!" I screamed tears streaming down my face. "Please! Mommy! Daddy! Don't let them take me!" Soon, my parents were just specks. They hadn't moved once to stop the people. I shrunk down into a corner and cried. I cried and cried and cried. Then, the van stopped and the dor was opened. Hands grabbed me and I started kicking and screaming.
That's all she remembers. (The scene is she was taken to a mental hospital and her parent's didn't try to save her.)
Other:She is actually bullied a lot because she can't remember anything from her past except a snip bit.

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Gabriel (trippyhippy) Clary ((a.k.a. Ella)) wrote: "Name:Mary Branwell
Appearance: http://www.celebs101.com/wallpapers/T...
Personality:Mary is actually quiet shya and quiet, but is very sarcas..."

Hey , wanna rp?

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 61 comments Sure

message 44: by Gabriel (new)

Gabriel (trippyhippy) Great,comment on aiden's'dorm.

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Lily (lovelyisapixie) | 61 comments OKay.

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Gabriel (trippyhippy) :)

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Clare  RXYLND (RXYLND) Name: Princess Callinda Serville
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?start=10... http://www.google.com/imgres?start=10...
Personality: Sweet talkitive girl who loves having friends
Age look (age when you were bitten):16
Real Age (years alive):987
Years at school (1-4):1
Pet?: Cat named Isabella: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&am...
History: Old pricess who almost died but was saved by her price Nathan who was a Vampire, her cat was also bitten, making her a vamp cat. You wouldnt know how old she is if you looked at her.

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Agent Colorado (jokersdaughter) Name: Airel Patterson
Appearance: http://www.carenstyle.com/wp-content/...
Personality:She never really was the type to fit in and doesn't have many friends. She is quiet and shy.
Age look (age when you were bitten):17
Real Age (years alive):267
Years at school (1-4):2
History:She was kidnapped and turned because the guy was in love with her. He turned her so they can be together ,but Airel didn't like him so she decided to kill him and go on with her life.

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C (beyondtheveil) | 2 comments Name: Alexis Ryder

Gender: Female

Appearance: Alexis has a slight, willowy physique, result of being starved and unloved as a child. She has a cataract of long, wavy chestnut hair that falls to just beneath her delicate, bony shoulders. Her large, almond-shaped doe-like eyes are fringed with silky, sable eyelashes. Alexis' ivory skin is as smooth as that of an undisturbed mountain spring, and as icy as the latter, also. She has full, but delicate mauve-coloured lips and an exquisitely nose with the look of being chiseled from columbine (that means white-coloured) marble.


Personality: Alexis is brilliant, in the mental sense. As a human, her IQ was tested as being over 190, which makes her a rare and envied prodigy. Yet, she is isolated by her wit and intellect, usually shy and reclusive but by no means cowardly. Alexis' heart is that of a lion's, as brave as the most noble warrior on a battlefield, or the daring explorer out to chart the ends of the earth.

Age look: 17

Real Age: 17

Years at school: Zero, as of yet.

Pet: Alexis owns a fennec fox, christened Coconut.

Image of Coconut:

History: Alexis was abused on a daily basis as a child. Kicked around, slapped, and whipped, and sometimes abused in a perverted way, she knew only misery and wretched poverty until she reached the age of seventeen. Feeling as though she could not bear being unwanted anymore, she fled during lunch at school. Navigating her way to a nightclub, she decided to sleep under a bench for the night. No sooner than had she made that resolution, she was grabbed violently from behind, and felt two razor-sharp objects penetrating into her skin, and the sound of sprinting feet. After recovering from being unconscious, she found herself in a dark, rubbish-strewn alley with her possessions pilfered, her head aching, and her life and worldly ambitions shattered. Wandering the streets at night, she could do no more than scavenge bits for herself to eat, and earned a tiny bit of money matching wits with people, whom she always stumped. One day, she met another vampire, a new one like her, and who pointed her to this school. Gratefully accepting his invitation to tag along, they both arrived at the gates of the school a few days later, and Alexis has dwelled here ever since.

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