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message 1: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Characters Name
Best Friend
Role Model

message 2: by yael (new)

yael Characters Name: Quinn Withers
Crush: Open
Friends: None yet
Best Friend: none yet
Family: Sister (open)
Role Model: Her father
Enemies: none yet
Frienemies: none yet

Characters Name: Prince Jasper
Lover/Crush: none yet
Friends: none yet
Best Friend: none yet
Family: His mother, father and long lost twin brother
Role Model: His mother
Enemies: none yet
Frienemies: none yet

message 3: by yael (new)

yael Characters Name: Caspian
Lover/Crush: none yet
Friends: none yet
Best Friend: none yet
Family: long lost twin brother Prince Jasper (doesnt know him or his parents)
Role Model: A deceased thief who everyone called Rags
Enemies: people who he steals from :P
Frienemies: none yet

message 4: by Hannah (last edited Jun 14, 2012 06:59PM) (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Ophelia
Crush: James
Friends: Sierra, Ava, Jenna
Best Friend: none
Family: Marigold (older sister) and Eveyln (niece)
Role Model: Princess Loren
Enemies: none
Frenemies: none

message 5: by Hannah (last edited Jun 14, 2012 06:10PM) (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Marigold
Crush: Noctis (not that shewiuld ever tell him since he does not care for her)
Friends: Princess Amethyst, Jenna, Will, Noctis , Liam, Katarin
Best Friend: Ava
Family: Ophelia (younger sister) and niece Evelyn
Role Model: Katarin
Enemies: none
Frenemies: Princess Loren

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Jenna Squire
Lover: Will
Friends: Ophelia, Princess Loren, Will, Marigold
Best Friend: Kyri
Family: Father, mother, and older sister Veronica
Enemies: (the queen if she sends Will away)
Frenemies: none

message 7: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Alexander Caño
Crush: Princess Loren
Friends: the queen, Ophelia, Marigold
Best Friend: none
Family: the king of Spain, his twin younger sisters Rosalie and Alicia
Role Models: none
Enemies: Will
Frenemies: none

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) William
Lover: Jenna
Friends: Alexander, Ophelia, Marigold, Kyri, Princess Loren, Noctis, James
Best Friend: Jenna
Family: Jenna (basically because they are gonna get married)
Role Models: Jenna and Noctis
Enemies: the servant master
Frenemies: none

message 9: by Anastacia (new)

Anastacia (ana3) | 356 comments Characters Name Sierra
Lover/Crush none
Friends Ophelia,Gracie,Sam,Archer
Best Friend none
Family Tanner
Role Model Katarin
Enemies merchants
Frienemies none

Characters Name Tanner
Lover/Crush Ava (crush)
Friends Ava,Archer,Vladmir
Best Friend none
Family Sierra (little sister)
Role Model Vladmir
Enemies none
Frienemies none

message 10: by Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (last edited Jun 18, 2012 05:40PM) (new)

Psᴇᴜᴅᴏʟᴏɢᴏs [ ɢᴏɴᴇ ] (MuchLikeFalling) Character's Name - Noctis Lucis Caelum
Lover(s)/Crush(es) - Marigold is his one and only, and his own solely.
Friends - Princess Loren, Marigold, Vladimir, Sam.
Best Friend - This is a role that must be earned over many ups and downs.
Family - His father, albeit neither like one another.
Role Model - As self-centered as it may sound at first, he is his own role model. Being as quiet, reserved, and as depressed as he, he does not really have many people to look up to. He is a self-made man; his success comes from himself.
Enemies - Bastian, and Sawyer. And perhaps even any guy daring enough to challenge him for Loren. But most definitely, any guy challenging him for Marigold will not leave unharmed.
Frienemies - Though Noctis still looks to Katarin as a worthy comrade and a friend, it looks as if Katarin hates him. Thus he reluctantly charts her down as a subtle enemy.

message 11: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (cloveshay) Characters Name- Evelyn
Lover/Crush- none
Friends- other girls at the orphanage
Best Friend- none
Family- Marigold and Ophelia (her aunts)
Role Model- Marigold
Enemies- none
Frenemies- none

message 12: by Anastacia (last edited Jun 24, 2012 05:10PM) (new)

Anastacia (ana3) | 356 comments Characters Name Darren Sumner
Lover/Crush none
Friends none
Best Friend he thinks of Loren as a best friend
Family none
Role Model he wants to be like Tanner or Noctis
Enemies none
Frienemies none

message 13: by Kassandra (last edited Jun 23, 2012 05:01PM) (new)

Kassandra Patti Characters Name: Loren Castillion
Lover/Crush: She is now developing feelings for the Prince of Spain
Friends: Noctis,Katarin
Best Friend: None
Family: Star,Elizabeth and many more lol
Role Model:none

message 14: by Riley (new)

Riley (Riley_is_awesome) Name: Belle
Lover/Crush: open
Friends: Ophelia, Evelyn, Lucy
Best friend: None
Family: none
Role model: none
Enemies/ frienemies: none

message 15: by Maddy (new)

Maddy | 106 comments Characters Name: Ava
Lover/Crush: Tanner (crush and wanted lover) and Gladriel (forced fiancee)
Friends: Tanner, Sierra
Best Friend: Marigold
Family: Archer (brother) and Agatha (caregiver, not really family)
Role Model: Princess Loren
Enemies: none
Frienemies: none

message 16: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (fabledhattress) Tress McNath

Lover/Crush: none (yet)
Friends: none (yet)
Best Friend: none (yet)
Family: none, never knew her mother and her father died
Role Model: her father
Enemies: none
Frienemies: none

ϮAʛʛⅇℛʊℵʛ {Supernatural Freak} (taggerung) Saphira Wymerth

Lover/Crush: open, but they'd need to figure out she's a girl first haha
Friends: none (yet)
Best Friend: none (yet)
Family: mother died when she was 4, her father, who was a lord, was killed by his brother who wanted his manor, evil uncle who tried to marry her off immediately so that he would gain even more wealth
Role Model: Her father who loved her dearly and treated her like a son, educating her in scholarly pursuits, and training her in horsemanship and weapons
Enemies: Her uncle, now Lord Wymerth
Frenemies: none

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