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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 38 comments Mod
You can identify an aquarius through their strong legs, liking of gadgets and electronics, and they are future oriented. Thier element is water and the sign is symbolized by a Water Barrier. Uranus rules the symbol.

Personality traits: Loyal, humanitarian, high-strung, indivisualistic, rebellious, impersonal, group-oriented, friendly, original, inventive, intellectual, aloof, detached, unpredictable, honest, logical, future-oriented, independent, stubborn, determined

Best Places: Sweden, Poland, Russia, Iran, Cyprus, Finland

Commonly Ruled: electricty, technology, radiology, television, radio, club, organization, fraternal group, friendship, social event, airplane hangar, invention, wireless communication, aerospace, astrology, computer

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Fallenstars98 | 1 comments I'm an aquarius:)

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Diana (divineone01) | 1 comments me too it's awesome

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