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Johns ((Meggie, James, Alana, and Hunter's home.))

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Johns When Meggie and Hunter entered the house, they immediatly heard shouts coming back from the kitchen. She put her hands over Hunter's ears and took him to his room. She curled up in a blanket with him and eventually falling asleep. When she woke up, Hunter was gone and her stepfather was there. He smelled of achohol. Meggie tensed up at the sight of him. She didn't like him. People thought he was nice, but Meggie and Hunter knew better. He said something angrily then hit her in the eye, most likely leaving a bruise. She was knocked out as soon as he did so. When Meggie finally reached conciousness, she left the house with Hunter in her arms.

((I always do that. In every fricken story... Ah well!))

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