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Is this worth a read?
Alaina Alaina Jun 10, 2012 01:33PM
Is this book any good? I don't know. Paranormal YA is something I am losing faith in. Most of the books have the same exhaustive story lines and hardly qualify as original. I want to read a book that I know for sure isn't cheesy.

So please tell me your views on this. Also, is the sequel any good? Because then there is no use reading this if the sequel went downhill.

I rather liked this book, so, yes, it is worth reading.

I liked the series, even though the second book went a little boring, i'm still have my hopes up for the third book, Endlessly

I enjoyed the first book much more than the second, but I think you should read it: the author has a unique and beautiful writing style.

Like others have said it's an okay book. It's not entirely original and the situations are solved too quickly too easily. I did like it though because it's written simply but well and Evie is a main character you can like. It's worth a read definitely, just don't expect anything world stopping just a nice happy read :-)

It is good, but not Fantastic.



I really enjoyed this book (Though I enjoy most books). It is one of the better paranormal YA books that I've read.

defialtey worth the read!

I wasn't sure at first but then I actually quite liked it. Haven't read the second book yet though..

I actually didn't like it. It's a bad copy of the Mortal Instrument series and the characters remind me of the characters in the House of Night. The story line is the same washed out one that it always is.

It's a horrible, juvenile book with unbearable characters. In my opinion. However, you could just read a sample on to see if you'll like the book.

It's decently original with the characters and has some nice twists, but honestly, I thought it was a bit lame. It has plenty of those easy-way-out situations, even when there shouldn't have been an easy way out. However, it is an easy read if you need one.

Personally I think its one of those books that is an "okay reading" it could go both ways. If you read it you might like it, if you don't read it the world won't end. It won't be a great miss.

I did just read Hourglass and that was a good book, made me sad how it took me so long to read it.

yeah i think the first book is worth reading but idk about the rest..

i thought Paranormalacy was really great and fresh :) but the sequel, Supernaturally, was a big disapointment (for me that is) but still definitely read this one though :D

i loved the book! i borrowed it off my teacher, and i read it in about 2 days! i love it , i am totally going to read the next book!!!!!

I really enjoyed this book. It's a unique twist on the paranormal genre. If nothing else, it's a fairly quick read. :-)

I know I liked it. It had me going red in the face when I laughed because it was so bleeping funny! XD

Well, I seriously enjoyed it. It's really unique and fresh. It's great.

I loved the whole series! Definitely worth picking up! Page turner til the very end!!

I loved the book. I fell in love with the characters and the plot. You should read it!

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