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Is there any sex?

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message 1: by Elyza (new)

Elyza Not to sound like a prude, but could someone tell me if this book has any sexual content? I really like the sound of it and would greatly appreciate any warnings past readers may have for me. :)

message 2: by Blue (new)

Blue Rabella No, no sex. References to there having been sex, and some sexual attraction between some of the characters, but no sex. There is some nudity, but not to titillate.

message 3: by Elyza (new)

Elyza Thank you for letting me know! :) I think I'll give it try.

message 4: by Blue (new)

Blue Rabella Glad to help out! Most of the books on your shelves are unfamiliar to me, but I'm guessing that this one would not seem out of place on your pirates, books about books, history and women shelves. None of the characters are perfect btw, not sure if that would be a drawback, although I thought the focus of the story was more the sense of adventure, so wasn't an issue for me. Anyway, happy reading :)

message 5: by Elyza (new)

Elyza Thanks again! I'm even more intrigued now. :) And if you don't mind, I think I'll check your books out too!

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