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message 1: by Philip (new) - added it

Philip Hemplow | 8 comments Hi. Just a quick thread to let any H.P.Lovecraft fans out there know that my new Mythos book is out. As you can probably guess from the cover, it's set in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, an almost definitively Lovecraftian environment. Madness, radiation and monstrous, pre-human blasphemies abound! 33,000-odd words, with a free sample available from Smashwords if you're interested. :-)

message 2: by Ron (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ron | 2 comments I think I'm going to buy one of your books tonight, Philip. They've been tempting me. This one actually interests me more, but I'm deciding if I want to read them in order (not that I guess it really matters).

message 3: by Philip (last edited Jul 14, 2012 12:57PM) (new) - added it

Philip Hemplow | 8 comments Doesn't matter in the least which order :-) I personally think the newer one is the better of the two, because I've learned a lot since writing Syndrome a couple of years back - but maybe the first one is a better introduction because it's based more directly on a HPL story. Hard to say. But, whichever you pick, I hope you enjoy it - and thanks!

Seth Tucker | 1 comments Can't wait to read this, I really enjoyed the Innsmouth Syndrome. It's one of the better Lovecraft based works, especially liked the evolution of the EOD that you presented.

message 5: by Philip (new) - added it

Philip Hemplow | 8 comments Agreed. I'm surprised it's not a more common theme as well. I do recall a short story in which an underwater nuclear test inadvertently releases Cthulhu, but I'm not sure where I put the book it's in. It's an idea that August Derleth touched on too, I think.

As an aside, I believe that canonically (to the extent that's worth anything in the Lovecraft Mythos) Great Cthulhu can be killed by nuclear weapons - but only for 15 minutes. Then he reforms. I assume that tidbit of lore came from the RPG.

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