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SoaringHigher | 7 comments Mod
See the Character Bio topic for the layout for your characters. It is crucial that you use that layout.


message 2: by Nicole (new)

Nicole *Name: Christian Anderson
*Gender: Boy
Weapons:Bare HAnds
*Personality: Friendly but snob sometimes.
*BackGround Story: He is abandoned when He was a child. With his younger brother Ish.
*Talents:Can play different inst
Family:Ish Anderson
*Other Information: Their Eye color is :

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*Name: Tamaki Neroku
*Age: 17
*Gender: Male
*Species: human
Powers: (when she becomes a vampire) Shifting
Weapons:Tamaki keeps a pocket knife with him at all times.
*Personality: Tamaki is a nice guy. He is very funny and he just loves to talk. He loves to be around people, he is never alone. He can make everyone happy even in the darkest of times and he likes to see people smile.
Background: He ran away from his family with Coco, his sister. Their family was not the best family in the world so he ran to save himself and her.
*Talents: His humor
Family: He has a younger sister named Coco. He looks after her and is very protective of her.
Friends: n/a
Pet(s): n/a
Job/Occupation: works at a book store as a cash register. So he can raise money for their house.
*Other Information: Him and his sister live together alone.

Name: Coco Neroku
*Gender: Girl
*Species: Vampire
Weapons: None
*Personality: Coco is very quite. She doesn't talk much, but she will talk if someone is feeling down, or if she if feeling down.
*BackGround Story: Brother ran away with her and he took her and now they live by themselves.
*Talents: She can sing very well.
Family:((Who are they Related to?))
Friends: n/a
Pet(s): n/a
Job/Occupation: n/a
*Other Information: Lives with Tamaki.

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Would Christian like to bite Coco?

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On'nanoko o norowa (CursedGirl) | 13 comments *Name:Akuma
*Species:Vampire-fairy hybrid
Powers:she has extraordinary powers some of which she is still unaware of so far she knows how to read minds,control natural elements,dissappear,shrink,fly obiviously,tracking(she can track anyone one as long as shes met them before.),and she's really good at healing.
Weapons:She prefers using her dagger unless she has to
*Personality:She like to stay to herself alot,She's quiet but has a nasty attittude when she gets angry,She's very perseptive and is loyal to those who she likes.

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