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((Rules for this Roleplay:

This Roleplay consists of Vampires and Humans, those of which can be fed off of and/or Turned. The vampires are mainly active at night. Sometimes you will get the rare case of a DayWalker, a Vampire who can walk in the Sunlight. These Vampires are not the Twilight "I sparkle in the sunlight." Vampires, none of that please. I have nothing against the series, but I do NOT incorporate those books into the Roleplays that I do. Thank you~ ))

((As soon as We have characters you may start roleplaying :) ))

(( Setting: In an unnamed City, off the pacific coast, in Oregon. The city has been off the maps and invisible to normal people. It is one of the safe places for the Vampires to get the food that they need to survive. The community is not tightly knit and this city has almost everything in one giant span of area. A shopping center, meaning food, clothing, accessories, the works. There are no commercial stores in this city though. It spans over a wide area of land, probably about fifty miles, and is in one of the most deserted places on the coast. ))

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Nicole Christian crouched down looking for a young blood. It's been weeks since he drank and needs blood now or he'l go wacko.

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