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Vickie Tyler I read this book, which chronicles a woman's journey from LA to Omaha and back, as an Omahaian traveling to LA one weekend in January-imagine that!~ Ann Patchett has a way of making the extraordinary seem very ordinary. I liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys life-changing friendships, events and surprises!

Joclyn This was my first book by Ann Patchet, I liked it so much that I ordered all of her other books. "The Magician's Wife" is an unusual love story, with a few skeletens in the closet, a life changing event and some endearing characters. I would also recommend this book for the same reasons.

Wendy This is my favorite Ann Patchett book and she is one of my favorite authors. One of the things i like about her books is that they are very different from each other - different settings, different characters, etc. But i guess they are all similar in that she just has a knack for portraying full characters and relationships.

Joclyn Wendy, I just finished "State of Wonder", my second Patchett book. You are right Her books are so different, I look forward to reading her others.

Dollie I just recently discovered Ann Patchett with her novel Run, which I liked a lot. Then I read this story and liked it just as much. Ms. Patchett seems to add little twists to her stories and the stories stay with you long after you've finished reading them. The two books I've read about so far both concerned families - different kinds of families than the kind we usually think about. I like her writing and her inventiveness and will definitely be reading more of her books in the future.

Wendy Hi Dollie, You are so right about Ann Patchett's stories staying with you long after you've finished reading them. That's a good way to judge a novel, in my opinion, and it certainly applies to most of my favorite fiction.

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