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For Hermes kids and visitors or unclaimed or ones without a cabin built. :)

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Aaron flopped onto his bed and watched the moon from his window, glowing among the crazy harpy feathers exploding around as they raged about how their late-night snack got away.
He picked at his covers for a little, then sat up, watching all the Hermes kids passed out on their own beds. Unlike most people, they seemed more serious when they slept.

If there was one thing Aaron hated about Camp Half-Blood, it was the curfew. It was agonizing, because he was in his element when he was outside and everything just seemed correct, instead of flat-out wrong in the mornings. No one knew how the night could taste, how it moved and how it smelled. How it enhanced everything, if only others could see it.
He couldn't wait until his cabin was built. He had requested an open roof so he could sit up there at night where the harpies couldn't get him. It was almost finished, too. The Athena kids were having a wonderful time making it just because of it's "unique structure". They had walls set up around it, because clear as night, they didn't want him to see it.
He was okay with that.

He could feel the night slipping away, losing its hold on the earth and retreating, chasing after the moon and away from the sun. He could just imagine his mother coaxing the nights that wanted to stay out of their little nooks.
According to Aaron's dad, she had hair black as space and eyes that glowed silver according to the phases of the moon. She wore a cloak that lengthened at the peak of night and a scarf as white as the star Venus. According to Roman mythology, Venus was basically the Greek Aphrodite and the brightest star in the sky. Aphrodite must enjoy that. His dad simply referred to her as Nova.
She'd never visited Aaron.

He blinked his eyes, and it was morning. The beautiful coolness of midnight left his skin like a little rivulet going with the flow. He sighed, and didn't move until a few hours later, he heard the others moving about.

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"How you doing, Aaron?" someone asked.
He groaned and flopped over, shoving his face into his pillow. "Fine," he said, his voice muffled. "You?"
The girl answered, "Horribly."
"That's too bad," Aaron said, and peeked up at her from his pillow. "Nightmare?"
She nodded and sat at the edge of his bed, going into an elaborate speech of how a wave swallowed her. Aaron remembered that this particular girl hated water.
"It probably doesn't mean anything for the future," she said uncomfortably. "Right?"
"Demigods are perfectly capable of having normal nightmares. I wouldn't worry about it, Macy," Aaron said and sat up. "You could pray to Poseidon," he suggested.
She nodded, considering that. She looked at him kindly. "Thanks. Everyone's gone to breakfast," she pointed out.
"Want to go up with me?" Aaron offered, for politeness' sake.
She smiled.

So many people told them about their dreams, he was figuring he was just as nearly skilled at finding the meaning of them as the Hypnos kids were, though he would never dream of challenging them, literally.
The few times he had actually fell asleep, his dreams came out very strangely, though somehow, they were very normal, too.
For instance, he would wake up remembering that he was fishing with his dad and his rod attacked the fish instead of catching them and the river was full of blood and the sight melted his father into what seemed like a golden retriever. Dreams like that were as close as Aaron ever got to a nightmare, though even those were pretty nasty.

(continued at dining pavilion)- ((though there isn't one, so I'll just keep writing here. Let me know when you have one, Savannah.))

The meals were primarily always the same: grapes, cheese, bread, and barbeque. Aaron was not a huge fan of meat, but wasn't exactly a vegetarian either. He did, however, like the cheese quite a bit. They always had the best tasting cheeses, and there was always variety. Some cheeses tasted excellent with the grapes and bread too.
Aaron *did* have his own table, and it was rather nice. He didn't have any brothers or sisters, so he sat alone, and he enjoyed the quiet.
Interestingly, the most crowded table was the Aphrodite table. He supposed it should amuse him, but rather, he found it more curious than anything. He would think Aphrodite would go after the one person who would love her most, and for who she was and stick with him forever with boundless love that could never be equated. She was the goddess of love, after all, not lust. Or was she? He wondered if she enjoyed pregnancy, or if goddesses couldn't get pregnant. Perhaps their children just appeared, like the Athena kids. He wasn't quite sure how it happened between Athena and whomever she fell in love with. Did they just go Pop! and there was a cute, clean, intelligent baby in her arms?

Aaron could still smell the aromas wafting from the sacrificial fire and he blinked, feeling a little drowsy because of it. He hadn't slept really the night before, and every once and a while, his lack of sleep caught up to him, but very, very rarely. He perhaps got two hours of sleep each night, and only around morning when the energy of night left him. The night was just as rejuvenating as sleep, so he really didn't need the rest.
He started when someone called out his name. He turned readily to see one of the Athena boys grinning from ear to ear and practically dancing as he walked. Terpsichore should be jealous, he thought.
"Aaron," he called again. "Cabin Nyx is now finished!"
Aaron felt the excitement roiling in his stomach. He stood up instantly and jogged after the Athena boy (his name was Timothy, but he went by Greenside, his last name).
"You should be excited. We're all so proud of it. We've built quite a few of the cabins with the Hephaestus group, but this one was really fun," Greenside said, smiling still.

(continued at the Nyx cabin)

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