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who is Katniss better off with, Petta or Gale
Sarah Sarah Jun 10, 2012 09:29AM
i think gale.
becuse it never seemed real between her and Petta

I think Peeta because Gale is to much like Katniss. He rarely gives her compliments and criticizes a lot of things she does and decisions she makes. Peeta is like her opposite. He always knows when to give her a compliment and he can see when she's scared or sad and Gale can't. Opposites attract.

i loved gale but i think that she is better off with who ever she is more comfortable being with, i think she liked gale but found herself believing a lie she told everyone else

Gale gets on my nerves!
He walks about with a chip on his shoulder, as does Katniss. They were 'best friends' because they were so alike. More like brother and sister!

Whereas Peeta is everything Katniss is not, making them a whole unit when put together.
Gale could never love Katniss the way Peeta does.
And even though she doesn't deserve him, Peeta is good for her! ;-)

I think Peeta because he balences Katniss's negativity toward life. At some point I thought Gale, but in Mockingjay I felt that he was a jerk. Peeta was so sweet and Gale was just a pessimist to me. Even thought Gale cared for her they were just so close, too close and too alike to actually work out.


Gale was much more like a brotherly figure..

Tina J I agree too!
Jun 10, 2012 11:37PM · flag
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Sarah but its quit confussing, it felt kinda not real between peeta but yet Gale, he would never be more then friends
Jun 11, 2012 08:31AM · flag

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