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message 1: by L (new)

L We have made over 100 members and i think that this deserves a celebration! Thank you to all those members who have commented and been active in this group so far, and to all those suggestions on your favourite films of all time.
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Firstly, do take a look at the videos as there are many *new* film trailers to watch and parodies! There are trailers for those that we have seen and loved or want to see, and also for new films that are shortly to be released...Taken 2, Avengers, Breaking Dawn part 2 ectera so do take a look!


* Test your knowlege on 'movie quotes' and see how much you really do know...

*How well do you know your cinema superheroes? From Batman to Wolverine and Spiderman, this quiz will certainly test your knowlege...

*Steven Spielberg is the greatest name in film, test your knowlege on his movie creations and see how much you do actually know!

message 2: by Julie (new)

Julie Rainey Scored:
Movie Quotes 1487 (Not good)
Superheroes 13035 (Better)
Spielberg 15907 (Best)

That was fun. :)

message 3: by L (new)

L Great results Julie and i am pleased that you liked the film quizes that i selected!! :) x

message 4: by L (new)

L Movie Quotes...3 strikes GAME OVER!! it seems that i need to do my homework!

Superheroes...01724 (oh dear!!)

Spielburg...01610 (oh dear!)

It seems that i need some more practise at against the clock *she says with sweaty palms* :)

message 5: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariakelly) | 16 comments Movie Quotes 08663, not bad.
Got to make tea now so I'll have to come back to it.

message 6: by L (new)

L Maria wrote: "Movie Quotes 08663, not bad.
Got to make tea now so I'll have to come back to it."

Your score was really good *she says whilst blushing at hers*! x

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