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The Girl in the Portrait by Rekha Ambardar Rekha Ambardar

Genre: Mystery

The Girl in the Portrait

Book Description

Peggy Maynard goes down to the basement one morning to find her husband working on the painting of a young woman. He covers the painting as if to conceal it from her. Then, one day, both Will and the painting disappear from her home and from her life. This initiates a long journey of self-searching, while Peggy wonders why she didn’t see warning signs in her marriage, why she didn’t leave him before.

One day, Detective Byers, who’s on the case, tracks down a doctor who attended a former student of Will’s – Irma Vasquez. Eighteen years prior, she had a baby, and it appears the father is Will.

Peggy's search for her missing husband leads her to Queretaro, Mexico, where a startling discovery forces her to decide what her relationship with Will was truly made of, or if they ever really had one.

A short story.

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Lyra (bubblesfrinkle) | 23 comments Hi! I'm Lyra Zapanta, can I get a copy of this? Here's my e-mail: I'd like to have it in pdf format.

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sent in your request

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Lyra (bubblesfrinkle) | 23 comments Tana wrote: "sent in your request"

Thank you!

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Kim Galla (catmommie) Kim Galla - - epub


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sent in your request

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Elsa Carrion (ecarrion) Elsa Carrion


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sent in your request

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Elsa Carrion (ecarrion) Good story, here are the links to the review. I posted it here on goodreads, amazon & B&N.

thanks for the opportunity to read you story.

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Kim Galla (catmommie) I've posted on my GR profile on my blog:

thanks so much!

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