Demon Song (Blood Singer, #3) Demon Song question

Cecila and the werewolf
Angella Angella Jun 09, 2012 09:16PM
I was just wondering if any one else got the impression From book two that celia and kevin would start a romantic .....

Um, I had that vibe of them in book 1. But book 2 the way he and his father totally stabbed Celia in the back and nixed the plan she had. All in the name of saving their sister/daughter totally obliterated all that for me. I mean, I know there are some characters that will do ANYTHING to get their loved ones back. But they totally treated her like she was disposable collateral to the enemy. And I soooo don't blame her for not trusting them again.

I also personally felt that the Landinghams and even Dawna weren't her real friends anyway. But more the people that are in her work building are her friends than anything else. Namely Bubba and that stuck up Ron guy. She seemed to have far more connection with them than the others.

But either way, after reading more reviews on the rest of the books and even finishing book 2. I think I'm done with this series. It always starts out good then it's like the co-authors instead of meshing ideas they seem to be sharing a car and both of them are grabbing for the wheel whenever. And you can soooo see that in their writing. Makes it really hard to follow where they are going after a time and it can be rather confusing at times. So this is where I get off the roller coaster ride.

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