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For Nyx kids. :)

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((Elise ur welcome to describe what it looks like ere :) ))

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He stood up instantly and jogged after the Athena boy (his name was Timothy, but he went by Greenside, his last name).
"You should be excited. We're all so proud of it. We've built quite a few of the cabins with the Hephaestus group, but this one was really fun," Greenside said, smiling still.

They both stopped in front of what Aaron supposed was his newly built cabin under an enormous tarp. (Where did they get huge tarps like that?) One of the Hephaestus kids was standing right in front of them, a fist pressed to his mouth in thoughtful expression.
"Anything wrong?" Greenside asked.
"No," the Haphaestus kid, Rolly, said. Rolly was one of the younger campers at Camp Half-Blood at age thirteen. He was sort of short and a had a mass of curly, singed black hair. He was apparently very good at the forges, and Aaron remembered that Helen, a small twelve-year-old from the Aphrodite cabin, had a huge crush on him. In all fairness, Aaron could see why. Rolly was very clever for his age and really good looking for a thirteen-year-old. He was sort of nice too, but a little distracted and a terrible listener.
"I was just making sure we didn't forget anything super important. We don't want it crashing to rubble," Rolly said in an offhand way.
"No," Greenside said. "We wouldn't want that. So can we take the tarp off?"
"I suppose so. I'll go get some other people. That thing's seriously heavy," Rolly said and ran off towards the dining pavilion.
Aaron stood silently, listening for if the cabin was making any sounds. He wasn't sure why.
"So," Greenside said, a little awkwardly.
Aaron turned to him, ready for whatever he had to say. Greenside relaxed considerably just at the fact that he knew Aaron was listening.
"What do you think of Annette? From Demeter?" Greenside said slowly.
"She's very kind, but I don't know her too well. What's she like?" Aaron said. He wasn't exactly lying, he knew Annette a little less than everyone else– she was an introvert– but he mostly said that to ease Greenside into the conversation and turn it over to him.
"Oh, I think she's nice too," he said. "She's pretty. Long brown hair, green eyes, freckles. She's quiet, but can be really, really funny. But see, I think I like her. I feel comfortable around her and like being with her, and she's not distracting me from anything either, you know? I'd feel it would be wrong if I couldn't stop thinking about anyone, because I've got to think about other things, but she's just... really nice. I want to be around her whenever I have nothing to do." He folded his arms and looked toward the dining pavilion. "I don't know how to explain it. I just want to be with her really bad and talk to her. Love isn't like this, is it? Aren't you supposed to feel funny and they make your heart beat fast? I'm not like that around her. I've never been so comfortable in my life."
Aaron listened, taking in what he said and mulling it over. "I think she appreciates your company just as much as you do hers. She seems happiest around you," Aaron shared with him. It was true, too.
Greenside seemed to light up a little. "I didn't know! Okay... Oh, here Rolly comes. Hey, stand here, Aaron. You'll see the best that way." Greenside led him to a spot a little further away and to the left, then went over to grasp a part of the tarp like the others.
They counted to three as they watched Aaron's face and pulled.

The sheet fell off the cabin rather ungracefully with a jerk and something sharp that tore it a little.
"Aw, shoot. Oh well," said a Hermes boy, Harold, as it continued to tear, for he was namely responsible from his position. "We can always get another one, right?"
But Aaron wasn't paying the slightest attention to whatever dilemma they were facing with a piece of heavy cloth. He was staring at the midnight blue structure standing proudly before him in all its nightly glory. It had a wonderful touch that made it seem ageless and genderless as well– somewhere in between and caught in the middle of everything.
It was an elliptical cabin, possibly shaped because of the moon and every other planets course around the sun. It had silver and black detailed columns that were shaped like pale flowers that couldn't quite make up their mind. At the very top, they were more golden than silver and wilting as night must wilt when it sees day.
He touched the black door, wondering whether it was a wood, or metal, or something more exquisite. This was to his mother, after all. Even Zeus feared her when he threatened her son, Hypnos, according to mythology.
Frankly, his mother didn't show up often in mythology, but Aaron made a point of searching for her for when she did occasionally. She was known to be powerful and exceptionally beautiful.
He twisted the nob, which was a lever handle with three detailed metal dots, most likely symbolizing the fates, whom she also was the mother of. Aaron felt considerably insignificant, really, but tried to remember that he was technically the brother of Erebus and Nemesis, Eris and Hemera, Thanatos, and so many others. He could be incredibly gifted, but he hadn't quite discovered whatever those gifts were yet.
He turned the doorknob and immediately found that the whole cabin was made of one-way glass between the pillars and intricacy. he could see Rolly, Harold, Greenside, Ariana, and all the rest trying to get the tarp down with minimal damage. Aaron had forgotten to look what had exactly torn it.
The windows, or one-way glass or whatever, had dark green, thin and frail, and somehow luminescent curtains drawn to the side that fell to the floor in graceful waves. They shifted very slightly and moved just like leaves in the wind late at night, turning lighter, then darker, then flashing like water in the sun.
The tiled floor was a rustic-looking soothing red that faded into purple, then blue as it became closer and closer to the walls. In the middle of the floor and slightly to the right rose a spiral staircase of thin pale white metal that seemed to be a part of the ground.
A desk, table, a few chairs, and three bookcases (that was empty for now) were also scattered around the room in a sort of absent way. As an example, one bookcase was set, side to wall, on the outskirts of the room, and the others were tilted similarly at the other points of the room. Aaron might have been correct to suppose that they were the points on a compass rose, seeing that at the center of the room, the latter was engraved in the tiles there.
At the far end of the room, the whole section was obscured by a tall, pale bamboo screen that went from wall to wall. On closer inspection, you could see that by lightly pushing on one section of it, that rectangular section opened like a swinging door.
When he passed beyond this, Aaron's feet instantly were met with a soft carpet that felt like young grass. Ironically, this section was more day-oriented and was brighter in golds.
It was ironic because this is where his bed was.
Here, there was only one window to the left that was of plain white wood similar to birch that looked out into the night, as though it was. Aaron knew for certain it was day, however, and so this window mesmerized him to a very high degree. He wondered absently how the Athena cabin had possibly done it.
It wasn't that he didn't like day, just compared to night, day felt very wrong indeed. This section was a very pleasant change, actually, that he enjoyed.
The bed was a four-poster and had heavier curtains than the ones that would cover the windows– most likely for privacy. The sheets were thin and a glorious and soothing blue, embroidered with the mentally mysterious black. The pillows were the color of silken twilight.
Aaron left that area after a short time and wandered up the stairs, feeling a great amount of excitement.
What he saw was very simple. It was a domed glass roof that at that moment, filtered the light of day in. Pillows and pads to lay on were scattered about as well as a few blankets. They did not conceal, however, that the ground on which they laid on had a map of the current view of constellations engraved on it, as well as their names. Aaron remarked on the constellation of Zoë.
At the top of the domed roof, as Aaron could see now, was a spire that must have caught the tarp and tore it. There was no tarp now.
The whole cabin was so remarkable that it brought Aaron very nearly beyond words, which, though he may be quiet, he was never short of in any circumstance if anyone were to ask him.
He felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude very suddenly, but took his time going back around to the entrance.
"How do you like it?" asked Ariana cheerfully.
She was generally a very cheerful girl.
"It's excellent!" Aaron said, with all the enthusiasm he felt at the time, which was a considerable amount of enthusiasm. "I don't know how you all managed it!"
"Well, you know... Athena's cabin has Annabeth Chase's old laptop. That must've helped a little," she said and smiled merrily.
Aaron nodded in inflection.
"It's not too big, is it?" Ariana asked upon seeing his pensive expression.
"No. It's wonderful. Thank you," Aaron said in what he supposed could be a soothing voice, not that he'd tried.
She sighed. "That's a relief." She then smiled and inspected the cabin. "I'll have to tell them that."
It was definitely smaller than the big three's cabins, or rather, temples, but for one person, of course it was large. It was no larger than any of the other cabins, though it was grander in a way. That could be expected though. Nyx was very grand.
The only thing he could possibly be put out on about it though was the fact that he hadn't felt any closer to his mother than he had at night. He was rather ashamed to think that he would.

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Madison ran screaming to the nearest cabin. It was dark and kind of scary. She pounded on the doors. "Help!!!"

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Aaron jumped at the frightful banging on his new door and the wailing behind it. He cast a quick glance at Ariana and sprung up to open the door. What tumbled onto his doorstep gave him quite a surprise.
A little blonde girl he had never seen before crashed into him and Ariana sucked in a breathe of knowing.
"Who's this?" Aaron asked feebly, seeing the girl's tearful face and red-stained strawberry fingers.

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Madison wrapped her arms around the boy and cried. "Monster. Scary person..... Kidnapped......" she wheezed and buried her face into his shirt.

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Aaron froze.
"Did she say... Monster?" Ariana asked, worry bleaching her voice to a weak papery thin one.
His thoughts took him out of his body. Monsters... Kidnapping.
He ran her babbling words over in his mind, all the while smoothing a hand over her blonde hair.
Warn the camp, he thought.
He bent down and caught her up into arms, his grip tight, and, leaving Ariana, ran out the door.

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Madison buried her face in his shoulder and rolled the events over in her mind. Lauren was gone!!!

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Aaron leapt into his cabin, skidding against the glossy tiles. Tripping a bit to regain his balance, he closed the door with a snap and a great exhalation of giddy relief.
For just a moment, he stood, smiling a little and tapping his fingers on the great doors– but then he wheeled about in a sudden burst of inspiration and jogged toward the bamboo section of the room. He pushed for the door and slipped onto the soft carpet, gazing at the window in excitement. What if it led somewhere?
He crossed over to the window, black with night, and found the ledge to open it. He hooked his hands and pushed it wide open with a gentle thrust.

"Sleep. I am here, Aaron, love. Sleep..."

Aaron struggled to move, groaning, head throbbing, sun blinding out of the open window– every scratch and bruise assailing him with a pain in hunger and muscles. "Why do I hurt so bad?" he mumbled, questioning the carpet groggily. Blinking his wet eyes, he pulled himself up to his feet and wiped at them impatiently, swiping his hair out of the way, then stopped to stare at the open window. Bright, balmy, and completely morning. What.
Feeling wrong in the daylight once again, he stumbled to the open window and put a hand out to feel the open air.
Completely deficit of night.
He felt almost crushed. Devastated. Something of the sort.
His hands shook as he gazed at the camp through tired eyes. "I fell asleep," he mused aloud, then shook his head rapidly. "Gods– I didn't dream either. This whole week's been off."
He drooped over the windowsill like a depressed flower. "I had it in my hands!" he told the ground ruefully. "That must have been her, but now she's gone," he muttered, blowing his hair out of the way, a bit frustrated.
He pushed himself back up again, grunting as the windowsill pressed into his gut. He closed the window with an air of finality and weaved himself, feeling more off than he ever had, over to the door.
His legs seemed to be in terrible coordination with his eyes, and he felt the jolting and unexpected pain of ramming confidently into the side of the doorway. He winced and fumbled with his shirt.
He threw it next to the dresser without much thought and pulled another, cleaner orange shirt from its gaping depths. Who needed such a large dresser?
Feeling gawky and out of place, he sat on the bottom step of the stairs, his shirt still in his hands. He reached for his pendant ponderously, then discovered numbly that it was gone.
He couldn't seem to grasp that concept for a moment, his fingers pressing his bare chest searchingly. Then the shirt dropped out of his other hands and his eyes searched frantically about him. He stood up, took a step, silver eyes wide.
He lurched to the bedroom doorway again to fall to his knees, his fingers searching for the silver light of its chain and pendant in panic.
Then in one moment, he stopped his searching all at once.
"Carly!" he gasped aloud.
It all seemed that in one terrible loss of equilibrium and balance, he got his shirt on and tumbled out the door.
"Whatcabinwhatcabinwhatcabin. What. Cabin. What. CABIN." It also seemed that he was a bit off in that moment, with a jumbled noise of frustration and panic and his hands tearing at his hair. "Of COURSE I know what cabin everyone ELSE is in! Gods!"
So he stood on his doorstep, overwhelmed and somehow unable to take action and actually start searching for her. He somewhat crumpled to the ground in such a heap of misery that no one has ever seen, his back hitting the door.
"I... Am an utter failure at being a son," he moaned, closing his eyes like he was a poor tormented soul.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) I took off my jacket and dumped it on the ground, dragging a hand down my face, but I froze when I heard a metal jingle on the ground. I looked around the Apollo cabin, noticing one child stir in their sleep but nothing else. I turned my gaze towards the ground and spotted a pendant. I rubbed my eyes, and looked at it again, because this wasn't my pendant. This was Aaron's.

I felt a shiver go up my spine and quickly grabbed it, pulling on my jacket again. I quickly opened the Apollo's cabin door, exited the cabin and shut the door softly behind me, the pendant pooling in my hand like a river of silver. I knocked on the Nyx cabin door - positive that Aaron was in this cabin, because of the symbol on the necklace. I hoped he was the only one in the cabin, and if he wasn't - the only one awake. I knocked urgently on the Nyx cabin door, again. But no answer, I shivered because it definitely got colder.

Maybe he was asleep. I shrugged, doubting it, but there was no answer, so I went back to my cabin, changed into my pajamas and slid into my bed, his chain still in my hand, contrasting greatly against the golden room. I fell asleep like that, and woke up to the smallest girl here, little Cathy - age seven - shaking me.

"What's-That?" she lisped cutely, pointing to my hand. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and looked at her and said softly, "A pendant," suddenly remembering last night and I shot out of bed. I needed to give this back to Aaron, I didn't know how important this was to him.
I quickly showered, creamed and got dressed, Cathy still swinging like a monkey from her bunk. I picked her up and settled her on mine, giving her a gameboy to play with. I was good friends with the Hermes kids, and occasionally, they got some cool gifts for me. This, some flying shoes and even a phone. (Which got taken away by Chiron in about 2 hours because the amount of monsters in the woods increased - not fun, I had to fight most of them as a lesson, with all the Hermes kids).

"Thank you," she lisped at me, giving me a gaptoothed smile. I smiled back at her, then put a finger to my lips. She put a finger to hers and nodded, getting the message. I put my white jacket on - which contrasted greatly against my hair - and crept out of the room, heading towards.... I froze in the middle of the field. What room, what room?! I turned my gaze back towards Aaron's necklace, and it all snapped back to me. I started to run again, heading left towards the Nyx Cabin, hoping that Aaron was awake.

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Pull it together, Aaron, he told himself. Perhaps she'll just show up.
He dragged himself up into a normal sitting position and opened his eyes.
"Carly!" he uttered in surprise, pulling a hand through his hair and getting up with a lack of grace that only suggested it was morning.
He reckoned he looked horrible– like always. His hair was most likely in a terrible state, he probably still had patterns on his cheek from the carpet, he was sore, and the only noticeable improvement was that his shirt was new, so he felt a little a little gauche and embarrassed. He tried to welcome the feeling. He wouldn't allow himself to cause her to wait while he cleaned up just to receive a necklace.
He strode forward, trying to look off-hand, or just be himself, and stopped just a foot or so away from her, feeling sensitive to his unconfident stature compared to her fresh perkiness that made her seem like more of a morning person. Interesting.
He rubbed his face roughly. "Hey," he said and gave withdrawn smile.
Like every morning, new awareness hit him like backhand slap. His duller silver eyes blinked.
Gods, she was pretty.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) I turned around, my dyed red velvet hair flinging over my shoulder, and my eyes widened a little. "Hey," I said, walking a little closer to him. He looked..., I shook my head and extended my arm opening my fist and there in the middle of my palm, like a pool of silver was his pendant, dripping through the crevices of my fingers. "Here," I said, a worried and concerned expression on my face. "Sorry, I accidently took it." I told him, feeling extremely bad.
I pulled my hair over her hair over my shoulder, it resting at my hips and then grabbed Aaron's arm, and tipped the pendant into his hand, letting go. "Are you-... Are you feeling... Alright?" I asked him, searching his eyes to see if her was delusional or something. He looked tired and sore and... was this what people got if they were a child of Nyx? It looked.... almost painful, but not quite. Just, uncomfortable.
I scuffed the tip of my red converse on the ground, putting my hands in the pockets of my blue denim shorts. (view spoiler) I was pretty good with the mornins, because of my dad. My eyes were probably what looked like a bright, luminous gold, a little like the sun. It annoyed me most times but I could put up with it.

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"Thanks," Aaron said gratefully, curling his fingers around it and feeling a bit more relaxed. He took the two ends and latched it back around his neck, slipping it inside his shirt.
"It's fine. I can't believe I forgot about it." He managed a appreciative smile. For that one second, her grip had been firm on his arm and warm. It felt alien, a bit. He didn't mind, but people just didn't normally touch him. Before, he had been used to the jab of soles against his ribs, or the hazed feel of something angry hitting him in the face, but he had swam out of that zone. Slowly and surely, and her touch had not made him flinch.
Her concern should not have surprised him, but it did and he gazed at her for a moment in bewilderment. He finally took a breath to answer her. "Not really," he said musingly. "I'll be fine later. You don't need to worry about it."
He rubbed the back of his neck, vaguely caught by her eyes for a small second. He contemplated how different their eyes were, actually, and wondered if hers got darker at nights like his did in the mornings, and he had just missed it, or if they grew more luminescent.
"Did you sleep alright?" he asked, making an effort to ask a question normal sleepers would ask. He wasn't fond of sleeping, nor did it usually happen, but it was on his mind and so it was not out of the blue.
Unusually, he felt himself consciously trying to please her, something he was not used to doing simply because normally, he was just the pole everyone leaned on. Now he was actively attempting to– to... humor, or interest her.
The thought had a different feel to it. One night and he was closer to her than he had ever been anyone else. It was unfailingly the other way around with every other person he knew, so his question harbored a sort of genuine concern for her welfare– almost an apology. Like, I kept you up– are you suffering from a lack of sleep? Please say no.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) I looked up at him, giving him a smile, glad that he wasn't mad at me for accidentally taking it. I had problems in the past where I accidentally took things from people and I got accused as a thief. It wasn't my fault, it just slipped out my mind. That's who I am. "Good," I told Aaron, feeling better already. I was going to ask him something when he asked Me about my sleep.
I tried to stiffle it, but couldn't and burst out in laughter, calming it down to giggles. "I'm sorry," I told him, holding both my hands on my left side of my waist. I wasn't laughing to be rude or spiteful, I was laughing because it was funny -obviously. He was asking me how my sleep was. Sure, it wasn't the best, but I didn't get loads of sleep anyway. The sun always shone, it was the Earth that tilted on its axis. So children of Apollo stayed up later than the whole camp - that was, until the Nyx cabin came along.
Children of Apollo tended to stay up to eleven at night to two in the morning latest, but Nyx cabin obviously beated that. I stopped laughing, breathing heavily and looked at the not-that-noticeable bags under his eyes. Except I was just staring intently. I got onto the tips of my toes and softly dragged a finger under the bags, hand on his shoulder. "You need more sleep," I murmured looking into his eyes. After a while I got back down to standing like the majority of people would and looked around. Since it was morning, I was feeling extremely hyper like I just had a cup of coffee.
My fingers were tapping against my leg like I ate a whole jar of coffee beans and still wasn't satisfied. "I've..." I thought about what to say, because Aaron didn't look that stable. Yes, I didn't have that much sleep, but that was natural/ "I've had enough sleep," I told him with a grin, sticking my hands in my jean shorts pockets.

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Aaron was at a loss with her laughter. He never really saw him as a funny type less than self-deprecating, so he was forced to assume he said something wrong. He tried not to smile, but was lost in his efforts, even with his mild embarrassment. Her laughter was full of life and so utterly genuine that, yes– even with resistance– Aaron could not help but smile, if sheepishly.
When she touched his shoulder, he had not expected it– was a little startled– even speechless. He watched her, completely floored as she touched under his eyes. Her fingers grazing his skin was sensitive and it made him feel like he could stay still for her if she wanted him to. He could.
Until she took her hand away, he had honestly not realized that he hadn't took a breath. Not once, and found it hard not to gasp for air. He carefully took a measured, half-reasonable gulp of air and tugged his fingers through his resistant hair, only letting them drop like they had lost all nerve after he realized she was forming words. You need more sleep.
What she said made him give a small gasp of a laugh, a sharp inhalation of another incredulity. His grin was that of affection caught off guard, or a simple, not-unwanted surprise. But his words snagged until she said with a sort of non-committal shuffle and distraction only merited from too much energy that she did get enough sleep.
His pause was enough for another smile from her, something that gratified him.
He cleared his throat, still a sort of wandered-off smile curving his lips and said with another short, self-effacing laugh, "It's funny– that you said I need sleep, I mean. I'm glad that you got enough rest, but it's been the first time in months that I've actually, truly slept and gods! It's exhausted me. I don't know how people can handle it. I feel like I've been trudging up-river all night." He rubbed his jaw with a keen glint to his eyes that did not belong in the early morning.
A smile had never made him feel so satisfied as hers. He had not shied away from her touch. It was near enough to say that he had wanted it. He had not minded– and that was a thought that defeated him. It was something he had never quite experienced. The want to make someone smile as vividly as he did her. She had flummoxed him to every end.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) The reason I put my hands in my shorts was because I had this unintentional urge to touch him. It was weird but I didn't mind the feeling, it felt kind of nice. I was glad that I could make him laugh, it made me feel like I did something good, achieved something. Which I realise now is pretty daft to think. I gulped some air, feeling weirdly desperate for it - like I'd run a marathon and it was from here to Timbucktwo. I frowned, feeling concerned for Aaron. "Sleep made you tired?" I asked, feeling a pause between us.

I started to giggle, "S-sorry!" I stuttered between bursts of laughter feeling rude that I was laughing at what he said. It was just that; - How can you feel tired from sleeping? I eventually stopped laughing, because it seemed like a lot of Nyx children habits were different to us Apollo children. I rubbed a hand against my neck, feeling a little embarassed and shocked when I found it was clammy. This was definitely strange because Apollo kids don't sweat. Everyone knows that.
We don't sweat because our dad is Apollo and we're used to the heat. (All of us were given to our parents in a thousand degree cribs which quickly cooled down when it entered the mortals house).
I wiped my hands on my shorts automatically, then unconsciencely played with my gold bow and arror necklace around my neck. It had the Camp Half-Blood beads either side of it and I added one more each Summer and Winter. I gave out a startled yelp as the wind blew noisly around us, an extremely heavy gust, blowing my hair messily around my face and blinded my sight. I can't see I tried to say, but it sounded more like, "Iargh umphf arushhh!" and I stumbled a couple of steps forward, arms ahead of me.

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His smile was diffident with her question, but her laughter made him feel like he had to backtrack– like had messed up again. It was no small exertion to remind himself that it was fine like this. He should laugh with her, so he did, and it had been a while. Like Aaron himself, his laughter was mild and a bit unobtrusive, but it was just as genuine as hers. "Yeah," he muttered, still turning slightly red despite his casual way of dealing with the situation. Indeed, he supposed that sleep making anyone tired was an unexpected thing to be said.
Her eyes widened a little as she rubbed her neck from under her cerise hair and her eyes held his for a moment. Her expression was that of alarm, but it was hidden as she fidgeted.
Aaron began to ask if she was well when a spirited wind blew her hair into her face. She stumbled a little in surprise towards him, and his first instinct was to dodge, but he withstood the urge and moved only slightly, placing an astonishingly steady hand on her back and an arm around her middle.
His ease justified disbelief from himself, and yet he found his fingers reaching out to brush her hair out of her blinking eyes. "Sorry," he muttered and he drew his arm away from around her waist. He pushed his hands into his pockets and gave a repressed sort of grin.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) I knew that I was about to fall, because I couldn't see ahead of me because my hair was in my face.I could feel myself involuntarily, start to lean forwards, tripping over my own dang shoe laces. I put my hands ahead of me, and was just going to give up and decide to go with the flow and fall when I felt steady hands on me; one on the small of my back and another at the middle of it. I slowly dug my hair out of my face, to see what was going on and found myself face to face with Aaron. "Um," I murmured, not sure what I really should say right now. How about a thank you my conscienceness told me. I nodded then realised that must of look weird, so I coughed and said a little quietly "Thank you."
I found it a little hard not to fidget because I had that morning feeling going on like I bathed in coffee beans but I think I handled it really well. And then I felt my heart rate go up a tincy bit when he tucked my hair behind my ear, making me blink like I've seen the sun for the first time - no pun intended. I was going to say don't be or I'm not but I really didn't want to make this more awkward than it already was.
I shook my head and looked up at him, pulling the rest of my hair into a ponytail and tying it up with a stray hair band that I had on my wrist. When he removed his arm from my waist - which I'm ashamed to say (as a defender) that I forgot about, I felt the cold air take its place and I took twp steps back, just to give him some air. "So..." I said, looking at my now dirty shoe laces, focusing on them, my hand rubbing my left arm because I felt the need to just run. "Are you alright?" I said, because it looked like he needed more sleep but he didn't want it. Truth was, this confused me but it didn't matter a whole lot. Involuntarily, I rubbed the back of my neck finding less perspiration than before; fine but I wished it would just go. I gave him a You alright grin, feeling a mixture of emotions.

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Aaron muttered an equally quiet, "No problem." because it really wasn't. But for some inexplicable reason, he felt a warning, You're holding her too close. and backed away wether he wanted to or not.

"Of course I'm fine," he said in surprise. "I was more wondering about you." Only one side of his lips curved up up, a completely reticent smile. He wondered if this was just him. He didn't want it to be, but that meant nothing.
He interpreted how she took a few steps back from him that he had made her uncomfortable. He tried to not show that it very nearly was as devastating as losing his pendant.
He tried to focus on another nuance. He wondered if he should tell her that she looked nice with her hair up. There were strands of hair that wisped around her face from the hurried ponytail. It was something that was tirelessly sweet– something that was fixable, but just fine the way it was.
Like a hangover from too much smiling, exhaustion swept over him again. Go away, he told it, and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. He gave a soft exhale and turned his attention back to her.
"You had breakfast yet?" he asked her. Perhaps food would preoccupy them both. He wanted to hold a hand out to her, but that was premature. Too infatuation-induced. He wished he had kept his arm around her, or something.
Since he couldn't get himself to do it, however, he took a step toward the pavilion. An invitation of sorts, so that if she said yes, it would not be an awkward sort of standby where each would wonder who would start walking first. Of course, if she ended up saying no– well... He wasn't sure.
What if she didn't want him here? What if she wanted to be alone?
He felt like he wished he could order himself to just... shut. up. You're thinking way too far into this. Just calm down.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) "About me?" she asked, a genuine grin forming, and a little bubble of laughter escaping her. "I'm great," she said with a shrug, almost literally bouncing on her toes. The wind had died down now, and she could smell the scent of food -good food- coming form the pavilion. "Breakfast?" she repeated and shook her head slowly. No, she hadn't. She sniffed the air, and could smell hot buns and toasted bread and fried eggs wafting up from down below.

She put her hand to the back of her neck again, making it look like she had an itch, but she hadn't and felt that her neck was dry - not in a gross way, just in a not sweaty way. She sighed, glad the weirdness was gone, and linked her arms with Aaron, taking it a step further. "Come on," she told him, pulling him towards the pavilion, laughing quietly. Her ponytail swung side to side as she walked, and she could feel the sun beating down at her, her red velvet hair shining in the bright light, her almost matching the gold.

She wondered why she had linked arms with Aaron; it wasn't necessary. However, she felt like she should do it, since they were pretty much friends now and.... She just wanted to, she didn't mind holding or touching him. Way to sound like a creep, she scolded herself. But she didn't mean it in a creepy way, she just didn't mind being in close proximity as him, plus he didn't smell half bad. He smelt a bit like exotic fruits.

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At first, he just let her tug him along like a blushing little boy. Then he seemed to get his bearings and started walking with her, and yet he still seemed quiet, almost shy.
She had a sort of graceful bounce to her step, whereas his walk was long, broad strides that led evenly from one to another. The only difference between night and day with his gait would be that he would probably be more conscious of where he was going instead of the girl next to him.
As a result, clumsiness ensued that he barely managed to fake as an uneven step. After that, he kept his eyes forward, his neck and ears burning. Gods, he could barely keep his head around her. He needed night or he would suffocate in his own stupidity.
Unsure if it was lack of confidence, a need for assurance, or both, he loosened the arm link to place his fingers on her wrist– not wanting separation, but suggesting something he didn't dare do.
It was a moment, and when nothing changed, he thought of just letting his hand drop.
Focus. He kept his eyes forward.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) Carly giggled and said to him, "I know you said you were OK before, but are you positive." with a smirk on her face. She was starting to wonder if Nyx children should even be outside at all.

She felt her heart speed up when she felt his hands on her wrist; whether from nervousness or wanting to judo flip him, she didn't know. But she moved her arm up slowly higher, not wanting to startle the poor boy and soon she felt the palm of her hand on his. She felt him start to take his hand away but quickly laced her fingers through his, giving his hand a small squeeze and felt their arms drop down, swinging slightly as they walked. "Is this OK?" she asked, innocently, walking slower to let their moment last a bit longer.

She hip-bumped him, laughing when they staggered a little to the left, but she still kept her hand entwined with Aaron's, feeling the little bit of perspiration hit her neck again, making her inwardly groan. Carly was feeling a mixture of emotions, most of them good but also some unease, shyness and low confidense. Did he not like it when she did this? The sun kissed her skin, making her feel more awake than ever and more alert to her surroundings, but all she could sense was Aaron, and her hand in his and how 3 of her small skippy steps matched one of his large strides.

She really hoped he didn't mind and didn't want to take things to far, but she pulled the taller boy closer, laughing sweetly at his clumsiness and pushed her left shoulders against his right, so it was like Carly was leaning on him. She didn't mind because she was used to being bold because she did use to be an actress but wondered if this made Aaron uncomfortable, so decided to ask him exactly that. "Tell me the truth," she said slowly, not wanting to continue but she already started so she might as well. "I'm not... Not creeping you out, or making you uncomfortable?" she asked, looking up and meeting his eyes non-purposely.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) ((*stroking beard (view spoiler) I dunno. Maybe he can bump into her and she feels suddenly cool and stumbles. They'll be a bit opposite because waters cool and she's like the sun :) Whereas she and Aaron are completely different :) ))

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((I'll be right back. I've already started writing. I'll post it here...))

He smiled again, with only a bit of a tolerant, wondering look, as if he had never seen someone so bent on making sure he was 'fine'. "Really," he told her. "I'm okay. I'll be alright when your sun comes down," he promised

His heart jumped, if only a little, when she caught his hand before he let go. It was a slightly tight grip at first– a 'no', grip. Then it relaxed and it was like the world caught him not thinking. He just sort of blinked.
"Is this OK?" she asked.
Aaron couldn't find words to answer with, but he gave her hand a squeeze back in return. Somehow, he could see himself pressing her fingers to his lips. It made him dizzy and unsure. It's the sleep. Of all days– it's ruined you.

Her hip-bump caught him so off guard, it was like being jolted awake as you fell out of your bed onto the floor. A surprised bark of a laugh left his lips and he straightened again, chuckling. His grip was the tight one now, like he was holding on for his life. His silver eyes widened a little with that realization and the laugh petered off like a distracted wind.

But, somehow, he was doing something right as she leaned into him. It was a support he was used to– something he felt comfortable with. Then, like an echo, a belated connection, he heard her ask if he was creeped out. The question was absurd! Of all things– "No. This is fine," he said. His words might have come out a little darker than he intended as a result of his surprise and adamance towards her idea, but it was a gentle gesture– an unintended gesture– when he turned his head just slightly and pressed his cheek to her forehead. It was only the last minute 'wait a second...' that it hadn't been his lips... and he tried to breathe evenly. His breath caught her stray hairs and she smelled like citrus. Like lemon-mint or something sweet and sharp.
He remembered to keep his eyes ahead.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) Carly bit her bottom lip, but not even that could keep the grin off her face. She felt elated and all that was from spending her time with Aaron. It made her heart skip a beat and she felt her mouth drop open a little, but quickly closed it, swallowing.

She felt Aaron tighten his grip on her hand and rubbed small, reasurring circles on the back of his hand with her thumb. She had never really felt like this before so she didn't know how to channel her feelings and emotions. However, she knew that she could sort it all out, by the end of today the latest, because this was like a challenge to her - a challenge to find what exactly this emotion is- and to address it in the right way.

She was still thinking about these things when she felt Aaron rest his head softly on hers and it knocked all the air out of her, making her walk noticeably slower. To about 2 metres every 5 minutes. This... Him, made her feel great and she giggled when she felt him breathe in deeply. She breathed in deeply in return, smelling him back. She had to put a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing loudly, because this reminded her of animals.

Air whooshed past her, bathing her in his scent, making her smile like an idiot. She looked up at him and unintentionally met his silver eyes making her drag him to a stop. They're so lovely, she thought, taking his other hand in her petite one. She looked up at him, her golden ones meeting and contrasting greatly against his silver ones. She laughed at his confused expression, swinging her ponytail over her shoulder and pulling him closer to her by his hands and standing on the tip of her toes to meet his height, waiting.

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The circles– they were driving him insane. A good insane, if insanity could be called that, or just an overwhelmed, asinine euphoria. They were both pretty similar.
They were lazy and light, something that made his fingertips tingle and his throat itch, like apples. Apples made his throat itch like nobody's business.
He was getting distracted again.

Was this infatuation, or was it drunkenness? It was certainly like a drug. Like ecstasy in the true meaning of the word. Was it the lemon-mint? When she laughed, he couldn't help but do so as well. Maybe he was drunk. Maybe Dionysus was at fault here.
And then she looked up.
His laugh stopped short and his breath was like a guttering wind. She was so close. He could see every individual eyelash as clear as the day reflected in her eyes. It was like fractured light shattered by the webs of barely distinguished caramel webbing in her eyes.
The distance was paper thin and she waited...
He could imagine it perfectly– his lips on hers.
Then with a gasp, he just embraced her. Just an embrace. Because if he was going to mess up somehow, he didn't want to do it in what he was sure would change everything.
He wanted it so badly. But he would get it another way– just not yet.
Aaron held her close, heart beating so fast he couldn't perceive the space in between. Her waist was so small.
He loosened his hold, hands shaking. He knew he couldn't break her– of course not. He didn't want to think about it, and yet it comforted him to be gentle... and there was no space to breach.
It felt... kind.
"I'm sorry, Carly," he muttered. I like this– I do. Just... I'm a coward. I'm sorry.

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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) ((Have patience -no duh- I shall give you the start, *groan* since you guys are ruddy impatient! (Ruddy isn't a swear word, is it??) (view spoiler)))

Carly gave him a light squeeze, feeling slightly disappointed but she knew what to do. She had been in the acting career for nearly all her life, so she knew what she had to do, hoping it didn't change the fact of them being friends. She pulled her hands from around his back and put them on his shoulders, standing on the tip of her toes again.

Was this a good idea? she wondered. She wasn't sure she wanted to do this in case Aaron freaked out or didn't want to talk to her - or even worse, hated her for ever. Shut up she growled at her brain, a look of worry forming on her face. But that didn't stop her. She leaned forward, hoping she wasn't making the biggest mistake of her life, and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, smiling slightly into it.

She pulled back biting her bottom lip, and standing back on her feet, twirling her hair around her finger. "Aaron...?" she said, inwardly kicking herself that she made it sound like a question. She was prepared to freak out, then she remembered that she was an actress, so she took his hand in her petite one, and carried on walking, leaning slightly on the left side of him, pulling his zombified body along with her, her ponytail glittering in the light and swinging side to side gently. She bit her lip, regretting it a bit now, but she liked it, but hated if it made the poor boy feel uncomfortable. She looked over at him, to see how he was doing and her bright eyes accidentally meeting his. She quickly looked back at the ground and carried on walking.

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He relaxed when she pulled away, then she kissed him on the cheek. It was fleeting– so fleeting, he took a moment to replay it.
In slow-motion.
He tried not to laugh.
His eyes focused and everything went sharper when she said his name, and then everything– the positions, the stance– went back to how it had been before. It was an interesting turn of events, to put it fairly. They had both almost done it. Almost.
And so he laughed, hoping she wouldn't take it wrong and slid an arm around her waist as they continued walking. His mind could take a break. Too many chemical reactions gone awry, he was afraid.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) Carly leaned onto him, ignoring the laugh. Well, she tried. She wondered if he was laughing at her. If he thought she was stupid for doing that. Or if he was laughing with her, even though she wasn't laughing. Or maybe Aaron was laughing from happiness. Pleased that she kissed him. Carly doubted it. She liked his arm around her waist, it felt nice for close contact but she was fretting about silly things. Ridiculous, even.

She saw the rest of the camp up ahead and gave Aaron a quick hug, before untangling her hand from his, as they were up closer and she ran to join the rest of her cabin, her red velvet hait trailing behind her and she didn't even say goodbye. She was starting to regret the kiss but started to think of something else as she sat down at her table, focusing on her food.

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He was being dramatic. Aaron took a breath, and regretted instantly the crack in the beautiful tiles, Nyctia embedded in it. He wrenched it out with one big jerk and looked it over. In the most optimistic view, it was interesting.
He rubbed the tears away from his cheeks, filling gritty and filled with the silence that comes after a storm. His hair stuck to his cheeks where they were still wet and he turned Nyctia over and over in his dark hands.
Aaron knew that if emotions were pent inside to long, they built up like sewage, leaking into your life like poison, but he could not seem to close the distance. It felt like he was selling himself away when he told secrets. It made him feel not quite there, drunk on emptiness. He felt as off balance as he would have been if only his heels were still on the cliff. He could taste the drop, and it scared him. He knew it scared him, and yet it was tantalizing– the unknown.
Picking himself up onto his feet like the ages bore themselves down on his tired shoulders, he made the slow motion of stringing Nyctia back around his neck. The blade loosened and fell, shrinking into the tiny water chains, and yet he hesitated.
Inside his bones, he could still feel it there. The rage had not been as permanent on his mind as it had been on the floor.
He re-slung his sword out, feeling its weight in its hand, his fingers loose and gripping it firmly. It was perfect for him.

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