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My name is Didi and I am 29 years old. I love H.P's writing style and her stories are so great!

Welcome to all the new members! I haven't checked this page in a while since for a long time there was only 4 of us but I am super excited to see how the group has grown

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Esperanza (strella9) | 2 comments Hello everyone my name is Esperanza and I have been a fan of both the Jolie and Dulcie books for a while now.

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Hey Esperanza! Great to have you!

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Keelie Howard Hi all my name is Keelie and I absolutely love RAND!!! LOL... I am a fan of all of H.P.'s books.

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Jan Niblock | 8 comments Hi, my name is Jan and I fell in love with the Dulcie series. I just starting book 3 of the Jolie series and am realy enjoying it. I have to say I am definately on Team Sinjin.

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Jennifer (comanchegirl) | 2 comments Hi All! i just started the Jolie series, and love them!!! im almost thru with witchful thinking... And i love me some Sinjin as well... Although i do love Rand as well... Glad i found this forum. Have a great day.
Jen T.

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Krystal (krystalbun) | 3 comments So... hi! I started a fan page on facebook (Jolie Wilkins Series Fans) because I am that obsessed with the books. And I love the Dulcie series too, so obviosuly me and a friend made a page for her too. lol We wanted a place to talk to other fans like us. But I'm so addicted to facebook, I didn't even think to look for other fans here! lol

OH and I love Rand. That is all. :)

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Jennifer (comanchegirl) | 2 comments Great! ill join it!

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