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yael Will add description later

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yael Description:



Inside Kitchen~
Attic~ Similar to:
-But the walls aren't wooden. It has a big bookcase and a small study table. There are few extra items stored in boxes in the corner. The roof (inside the attic of course) is decorated with sashes, so it looks like a big tent.
Living Room~
-Except it's bigger and instead of the mirror, the flat screen tv on the wall. The walls are yellow with a wooden floor. It looks more comfy than modern.
Quinn's room~ Bedside:
-Her bedroom is bigger and is decorated with lights, posters, and photos. She has a big closet, a tv, one window, and a small plant in the corner.
Guest room~
-Without the big window, it's a small window. And an air conditioner in it. There's a private bathroom in there too.
-The bathrooms aren't that big.
-A dance studio, except it's one big mirror not seperate ones. There an outlet on the oppostie side with a radio plugged in. She comes down here to practice. Also a great place for parties.
Inside the Garage: Similar to:
-But it's one garage door, like in the picture of the home outside.
-Quinn's car:
Liscence Plate: ORIGINL

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yael Alex's room~

Alex's car~
-Liscence Plate: YOLO2B

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yael Quinn looked in the mirror, dressed in ripped, dark blue jeans, a rosy pink tank top, and a jean vest. She was comping her dark brown hair, and she blinked in the mirror at her reflection.

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yael Alex groaned and rolled out of bed. He brushed his hair, wearing jeans, black Nike high tops, a black, short sleeve tee, and a white and black 'Obey' snapback. Alex and Quinn were in the kitchen, eating. Quinn looked at her brother, "We should go out." Alex wrinkled his nose. "Sorry, I don't go out with family members." Quinn unched him on the arm. "Not like that. I mean out as in, outside." Alex nodded. "Sure, why not?" The two threw away the leftovers of their breakfast,and left the house.

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yael Alex walked in the house, and sighed. He wasn't mad at her, but he wanted her to consider his offer. "QUINN GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!"

Quinn poked her head from the kitchen door, "Yeah?"

Alex raised an eyebrow. "You never told me you were dating someone."

Quinn choked on her soda, "Dating? Who?"

"Caleb." Quinn laughed weakly, "Oh. I didn't think we were dating, but we just kissed and that's it."

Alex nodded, and walked in the kitchen. "If you say so." Quinn set her soda down, "How was your day?" Alex shrugged, and told her the situation. Quinn blinked, "Dude, that sucks." Alex nodded, "Yeah. So did you get the phone call at the park?"

Quinn nodded, "Yeah, he wants me to pick up the package. We're going to have a chat with him, and that other guy." Alex nodded back, "Oh.."

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yael Quinn shrugged sheepishly, "I love you?"

Alex rolled his eyes, and punched her in the arm. "Alright sis. I'm not mad."

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Braden (dcboy) | 2262 comments ((whats in the package? Lol))

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yael ((I can't tell you. It's ruining the plot!! DX))

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yael ((XP))

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yael ((meow~))

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yael ((Quack))

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yael ((sure....... I have these two available *points at alex and quinn*))

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Braden (dcboy) | 2262 comments ((I have two available)) *Points to Dalton and Dakota* and where?)) ((Oh Im bringing Dalton))

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yael ((he's gay? Even wonderfuller!!! I'm bringing in Quinn and they'll be best friends and..... I always wanted a gay/bi/lesbian friend and..

I can't - Kingsley Pictures, Images and Photos

just kidding i can... how about .... the park? i love that place XD))

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yael ((k))

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yael The two came home and went in their rooms to get dressed. They both stayed casual, it wasn't like it was a birthday party or something. The two walked out of the house, straight to Kendra's


Alex: ~ White short sleeve shirt
~ Black varsity jacket
~ Jeans
~ (the one in the middle!! >:D OBEY))

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yael ((alright))

Alex changed his mind about going, so they returned. They each went to their rooms and packed for their trip to Italy.

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((im here. you can post first))

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yael ((okay!))

Quinn unlocked the door, and noticed Alex was in the kitchen. She said hey, then walked with Caleb to the living room. Quinn walked over to the cabinet and opened it, to reveal cases of horror movies. She didn't hesitate to pick one, then closed the cabinet. Popping in the CD, then sitting on the couch. "Ready?"

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"as ready as i will ever be" he said

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yael Quinn smiled, and played the movie--The People Under the Stairs. It was old, but one of the best. Filled with cannibals, sadists, and best of all, blood and gore. It was like Saw but more people and a better plot. She then heard a knock at the door and got up to open the door.

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Caleb watched Quinn as she got up. he had watched the movie before so it did not really freak him out.

((i don't watch horror movies. the way you explained them, god i think i might puke))

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yael ((ahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha I love horror movies <33 I got two cabinets full of them. But my older half siblings toom tem or lost some > - >))

Quinn opened the door, and blinked when she saw her cousin. "Umm....Sadie? What are you doing here?"

"Mi prima! (my cousin!) What now it's a crime to visit family?"

Quinn muttered. We're definietly not family, she thought as she let her cousin inside. And to make it worse, Caleb was here. And she didn't want Sadie to know about him.

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Caleb stood up from the couch. that must be Quinn's cousin "Hi" he said

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yael Sadie cocked her head and smiled. "Hey there. Who are you? Quinn never told me there was a guest." Especially a boy. She thought.

Quinn knew the whole entire thing was going to be a disaster. She walked in the kitchen to whisper/yell to Alex about the "surprise."

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"Im Caleb, Quinn's boyfriend" he said "and you are?" he asked. there was something that bugged him about this girl

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yael "Sadie. Her cousin. I'm sure she told you about me." She said smiling.

Alex dropped the fork on the floor, then bent down to pick it up, and drop it in the sink. "I hope Sadie's got health insurance then because you look like you're about to slice her in half." He glanced around and whispered. "Did you get your medication?"

Quinn muttered and walked out of the kitchen, back to the living room.

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"no actually, today is the first time i hear about you" he said. he went over to Quinn and slipped his arm around her waist. there was defiantly something he did not like about Sadie.

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yael Sadie nodded. "Ah, I see. Well I'm going to put my stuff away." Quinn has a boyfriend. Kuddos to her then. She smiled at them both, and walked away.

Quinn let out a breath she never knew she was holding, and hugged Caleb. "Oh my god..."

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Caleb hugged her bad "you really don't like her do you?" he asked her quietly.

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yael "Not at all. I would say hate, but that's mean."

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He laughed lightly. "i think i know why" he said.

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yael Quinn nodded. "I'm going to get something in the kitchen? Want a soda or something?"

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"no im okay" he said

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yael Quinn smiled. "Alright I'll be right back." She walked out of the living room to the kitchen.

Sadie finished putting her stuff in the spare room. She then walked downstairs and sat on the couch in the living room. A horror movie, huh? Figures.

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Caleb watched Sadie for a moment "how long are you staying here?" he asked her

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yael Sadie glanced at him, and leaned in the couch. She laughed "Want me to leave so soon?"

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"i don't really know you so...." he looked away from the girl and looked at some photo's of Alex and Quinn

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yael Sadie nodded. "Fair enough. Want to know me then? Ask me questions..."

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"no thanks. im not really much of a question asker. that's my sisters job" he said still looking at the pictures. what was taking Quinn so long??

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yael Sadie nodded again. "So how long have you and my cousin been dating?"

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((last post))

"like 3 weeks maybe 4" he said unsure.

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yael ((alright))

Sadie rose her eyebrows for a moment then looked away. Wow, for weeks. Not bad. Sadie realized he wasn't too open about his personal life. It doesn't matter. I'll get him soon. She stood from the couch. "I'm going to my room." And wit that, she left.

Quinn, however, did get her soda, but left it on the kitchen table. She was now in the bathroom, going through the cabinets. there was Anafranil, but that was for her mother. Then she took the medication bottle that was next to the Anafranil, and tucked it in her pocket. If Sadie walked in the bathroom, she didn't want her messing with her stuff. Her life was one, her mental state of mind was different. Quinn didn't bother covering the name of the medicine: Adaprafin. She took her soda, and sat next to Caleb. "Sorry it took so long. Did she bother you that much?"

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