City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5) City of Lost Souls question

What do you think is gonna happen 2 the characters in city of heavenly fire?
Julius Julius Jun 09, 2012 06:23PM
city of heavenly fire

whole bunch of useless dialogue between 25 characters for 400 pages ala Fallen Angels and Lost Souls. And then it will end with a battle where Jace uses his Heavenly Fire to kill Sebastian

i hope everyone but izzy, simon, and magnus, dies cause the other characters are really pissing me off right now!

I don't like to wait 2 years but better 2 years to 4 ou 5 or ....

this is what i think it will happen

magnus will die for alec (i believe, and i hate to think of that because i love Malec)
Sebastian gets killed by jace's fire...
Sebastian Dies but he loses his dark side and become good and finaly finds peace THIS TIME...
WE will know who the hell is magnus father and i have two thoughts and they are Lucifer and Mephitopheles
and i don't know more...

i'm expenting a final like CoG or better than that :D

I think we will find out why Jace has the heavenly fire and if he will have it till he dies.

Inês magnus will die for alec (i believe, and i hate to think of that because i love Malec) Sebastian gets killed by jace's fire or Clary's hands... Sebast ...more
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i like how clary tells jonothan he has lied to her with the 'if i cannot move heaven, i will raise hell' thing
i hate jonothan morgenstern!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hopefully everyone dies and Sebastian rules the world

Kate why would you hope that?!?!?!?!?!
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Part of the blurb is about an upcoming war between heaven and hell, angels and demons, etc etc. Maybe one of the angels will intervene, thus the heavenly part, and the Clave will reform. Whatever happens, the good guys will triumph.

I think Sebastian will come back. make a big commotion, and hopefully, Malec gets back together. their break-up is killing me inside.

1. Clary and Jace will have a happy ending.
2.Simon and Izzy will be together after Simon gets turned back into a human in return for serving in the fight against evil.
3.Sadly, Alec and Magnus won't come back together.
4.Sabastian will die.
5.Jace will probably die again but will be magically brought back from the dead.
6. The identity of Brother Z will be reaveled. *spoiler* its Will.
7. Tessa will appear. She's Jace's great great grandmother.
8. CLockwork princess will reavel and spoil a bunch of shit when it comes out in stores because it'll be published before fucking HF.
9. The truth that Jocelyn still hides will be discorved. Clary and Jace will find out that the blood that runs through their veins is of two angel lovers that Valentine had captured.
10. the end.
11. Maybe some handsome guy will appear and end up with Clary. Lets hope not.

First of all you know it is going to be dramatic and it is going to be many surrounded by Jace(a.k.a. Heavenly fire boy).
I think Malec is going to be back together, Simon and Izzy become a thing, Maureen (now the new head vampire) gets killed, maybe Simon will take her place. Possible, but probably not. I also think we will finally learn the connection between TID and TMI series. I am hoping Sebastian will have the archangel sword stabbed into and he will survive. But first he will tray dn take over the world. The ending will set itself up for Cassie's new Shadowhunter series 'The Dark Artifacts', Seqeul series to The Mortal Instruments.
Okay. You can breath now. I'm done

Just finished City of Lost Souls, and with that in mind, I believe:

Jace and Clary will finally do what they've wanted to do all along.
Isabelle and Simon will start dating once more.
Alec and Magnus will get back together.
Sebastian will summon more demons and possibly start another war.
And then it'll end like all series with something happy.

Or.. So I think. I could be entirely wrong. ~ I just don't think I can wait until 2014. D:

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