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message 1: by Lindsay (last edited Jun 09, 2012 06:30PM) (new)

Lindsay (linkeepsitreal) After fielding some questions I thought it might be useful to have a general topic about this.

Many of the books we've read so far and are planning to read are readily available online, even the more obscure ones. While libraries and bookstores are always great resources, here are some alternative options for people looking for the books.


-Project Gutenberg is an online archive of free e-books. If it was written before 1923, chances are it'll be archived here. Just search for the book you're interested in and download an e-book in whichever format you use.

There are also ways to download desktop readers, which allow you to read e-books on your computer without involving e-readers at all. Here's a list of downloadable desktop readers. I personally recommend Calibre, but check them out, see which one works for you.

Here are some other resources for reading ebooks online for free: - Includes formats for ipods and pdas and more!

-World Public Library - 400,000 PDF ebooks for download.

-Google Books - Free classics ebooks to download/read online. Make sure you check "google ebook only" when searching to find the free ones, if they exist. They're not all free, but it's worth checking out at least. It also has resources for finding websites selling print versions of the books, or to find them in libraries around you.

FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO LISTEN TO AUDIOBOOKS: An indispensable resource for me during my undergrad years. Librivox is a volunteer effort dedicated to creating free audiobooks of classic novels. SImply download the audiobook and put it on your computer, burn it to a CD, or transfer it to your music device, etc., and enjoy listening to the novel! Librivox audiobooks are read by volunteers, so expect varying degrees of quality (though really, anyone reading a book to you for free is pretty great).

OTHER OPTIONS Type in books you want to give away, receive requests from others for your books, mail your books and receive points, ask for books from others with your points.

-Bookins: Swap real books with other readers.

-Paperback Swap: List books you'd like to swap with other club members. Once a book is requested, mail it to the club member. In return, you may choose from 5,064,809 available books! Books you request are mailed to you for free. Search libraries near you for the book you want!

All of these options are completely free and legal. Because most classic novels pre-date copyright law, which was introduced in 1923 in the US, they are officially in the public domain. This means that nobody owns them and anyone can reproduce them.

Hope this was helpful! Feel free to leave other resources I haven't named in the comments. Questions, too, are always welcome.

message 2: by Louise (new)

Louise Not free but pretty cheap: in the UK at least I can pick up most books I want to read, especially classics, second hand from Amazon Marketplace - often for as little as £0.01. But you then do have to pay for however much postage+packaging is.

message 3: by Paulina (new)

Paulina (paulinabibliophile) | 192 comments This is great! Thanks!

message 4: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra Piazza | 23 comments I have used librivox a couple of times and I have to say for a free website it really isnt that bad! I like that they use a different reader for each character.

This is a great page Lin!!

message 5: by Griffin (new)

Griffin Hayes (griffinhayes) | 1 comments Dark Passage by Griffin Hayes

From Amazon reviewers:
"Top Ten Thrillers of All Time"
"Seriously creepy!"
"An edge of your seat thriller"
"Best Book Ever!!!"

When Tyson Barrett closes his eyes, nightmares torture him--visions from a traumatic childhood so horrifying he hasn't slept in months. He's already estranged from his wife and their young son and now his business is on the verge of collapse. A last ditch effort to end Tyson's nightmares and cure his insomnia results in what appears to be a miracle cure; one that promises to solve both his medical and personal problems.

But this miracle cure has a dark side. Now, whenever Tyson dreams, something unspeakable follows him back from that other place, an abomination born from the darkest depths of his psyche... and it isn't working alone. There's something else waiting to come through. An evil more terrifying than Tyson could ever have imagined. And now it wants his son.

Some dreams were never meant to come true.

Warning: contains graphic violence and language.

Stephen Hegedus | 205 comments Mod
I agree with you Rida. I'm kind of a snob when it comes to audio books. I only listen to them if they're read really well or by a professional. Reading to me is more than pronouncing words off a page.

message 7: by Glenn (new)

Glenn Rolfe | 1 comments Volume one of my paranormal/horror serial, The Haunted Halls is FREE on today!

Read the eBook Ronald Malfi called, "...deliciously creepy..."

message 8: by Denise (new)

Denise (drbetteridge) I just ran across a web site that is really interesting. . It does usually link to e-books, but it's even better for links to information on the authors and the like. It's worth checking out.

message 9: by Dylan (new)

Dylan | 2 comments Smashwords has a selection of free books. I'm not sure how often it's updated though.

message 10: by Freya (new)

Freya (tuche) | 1 comments Lin wrote: "After fielding some questions I thought it might be useful to have a general topic about this.

Many of the books we've read so far and are planning to read are readily available online, even the ..."

Thank you for this awesome post!

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