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message 1: by terpkristin (new)

terpkristin | 4191 comments Good news for fans of some of GRRM's non-ASoIaF works, today he announced on his "Not A Blog" Live Journal that three of his older books are being turned into audiobooks...with actors in the HBO series as narrators:
Fevre Dream will be narrated by Ron Donachie, who plays Ser Rodrik Cassel.
Windhaven will be narrated by Michelle Fairley, who plays Catelyn Stark.
Dying of the Light (his first novel, a SF romance?!?!) will be narrated by Iain Glen, who plays Ser Jorah Mormont.

This is just the announcement that they'll be doing it, there are no dates yet. But it's kinda nifty. I'm kind of intrigued by anything read by Iain Glen (though do I really want to read a romance??).

message 2: by Isaiah (new)

Isaiah | 74 comments I read Dying of the Light a few years ago, and while there was romance in it, I wouldn't classify it as a romance novel. It was a pretty good book, too. Anything mentioned about Tuff Voyaging?

message 3: by terpkristin (new)

terpkristin | 4191 comments No mention of Tuff Voyaging. Though it sounds like they might be open to doing more, especially if these do well.

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