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Its full of the most beautiful flowers they you don't commonly see. Although its a bit hot&humid--so not many people venture inside.

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Catherine made her way over to the greenhouse, raising an eyebrow in curiosity at what could be inside. She'd been originally going to the ballroom and avoid dancing with as many men as possible, but she had glanced out one of the windows to see a path turning a few feet from where she could see. Her personality of course had taken over and she had snuck off, not taking a second glance to where her brother had gone. Following it as far as she thought was still inside the grounds, Catherine happened upon the antique looking greenhouse before her. It was smaller than the one's she'd read about in her history books. But she'd studdied flowers long enough to let a smile rise on her lips as she pried the old door open, slipping through.

There were flowers everywhere that it almost looked like a jungle...made of flowers. Most of them she'd never seen before and it was fascinating enough that she walked over to a bright yellow one with three petals and felt the hidden thorns on the stem prick her finger. "Ouch," her eyebrows creasing together in distaste. Looking at the damage, her finger had been pricked deep enough for blood to be in a small dot on her finger. "Great, just great."

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Ryan had felt the ballroom was getting stuffy and he was a bit tired from dancing. He felt like getting some fresh air out side by himself and had walked around for a while. Then he noticed the green house and saw that someone was inside. Ryan decided to go inside and see who it was. He opened the door and slipped inside. "Um, hello." He said./

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Turning around and licking the blood off her finger, she pitcher hands behind her back as is she'd been caught doing something she shouldn't have. "What? Ohhhh...hey there." Catherine said, turning back around to look at the pointed flower more closely. She'd been scared that it was someone else because this place had seemed so...forgotten on the inside besides everything shiny and new on the inside, it almost looked off-limits.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Ryan stood there awkwardly for a minute, then finally walked to her side and looked at what she was looking at. "What is that?" He asked curious to know. Ryan was always wanting to learn. His simple education at home was good, but not enough for his satisfaction. Plus sometimes they couldn't pay for the tutor, so he made sure his sisters education was taken care of first. "Oh and I'm Ryan." He said, remembering to introduce himself.

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"Catherine," she said, smiling and looking up at him. How he had wandered into the greenhouse like her, she had no idea. "And I actually have no idea, or else I wouldn't be looking at it like I wanted I know what it was," Catherinr explained teasingly, rubbing her finger on a nearby leaf. Her finger was tingling now, but she didn't pay attention to it, knowing that it was the last time she actually touched one of them. For a she knew, some of the ones in here could be poisonous.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ ((it didn't save my comment!! >< ))

"Nice name." Ryan stated simply. "And I wish I could say what it was but I'm as clueless as you are on this one." He added. "But there's probably a guide to all the plants here or something. I mean not all the gardeners can know everything about every single plant here right?" He said as he started to look around for some sort of guide.

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Raising an eyebrow under her mask, Catherine would have never taken Ryan as the type to be curious like her. Maybe she would at least make a friend tonight. "You're probably right, but would they leave it in here, or would they keep it in the castle?" she paused, glancing back at the cracked door they'd both come in. "And are we even allowed in here? It's sort of in the back and out of the way."

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Ryan shrugged. "To your first question, I think they would have kept it in here. To answer your second, wouldn't it be locked if we weren't?" He said, trying to use logic. He had walked around the castle once tonight and some rooms were locked. So it made sense if the greenhouse was not off limits because it was well, unlocked.

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Grimacing, Catherine turned back around, glancing for some sort of closet where it might be. She had been studying flowers for most of her life and not knowing a certain species was definitely bugging her enough to go looking fir the answer. And she knew he was probably right, but admitting people sere right wasnt in her nature, "Sorry I asked," Catherine muttered under her breathe.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Ryan didn't really hear her say anything, because she had muttered. Well he did hear her, but couldn't make out the words and he didn't feel like asking. Walking to the back of the room he looked around, in the corner there was some sort of cabinet, that blended in pretty well with the green house, making it hard to see until it was right in front of someone. Opening the creaky door he looked inside. Gardening supplies, shovels, seeds, fertilizers, filled the shelves. He looked through it some more until he found a book. "I think I found it." He said.

((can it be that flower that blooms when the portal opens or something?))

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((Ohhhh...good idea, but no. That flower is specifically red. You can make up what it is though, they're on a different planet after all ;) ))

Hearing clattering Catherine turned back and went back to where he had been. Smirking, she picked up some of the tools from where they had fallen on the ground, "Even if we are allowed in here, I'd rather not everyone know," she said teasingly, eyeing the book he had picked up and set the tools back on the hooks, anxious for him to open it.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ ((OKAY! =D ))

"Oh yeah. Sorry, stealth isn't my best quality." He joked with a small grin. Ryan opened the book to the table of contents. Thank goodness! It had pictures instead of names for the chapter titles. Walking back to the plant he tried to figure out which picture looked most like it. Finally figuring out he said, "This seems to be a ficklethorn. It's a rare plant that changes color by the season."

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Eyes widening a bit in surprise, she took one corner of the book, trying to get a closer look at it. It did show four different colors of the flower, "Red, yellow, purple, and black." she smiled, glad that they figured it out, " amazing." Catherine said admiringly, gazing at the now yellow flower once more. Since it was the warmest time of the year, it was bright yellow.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ "That's an interesting find." Ryan said, as he read some more. "It says that this plant is rare and it has 'feelings'." Ryan thought that didn't make sense but read some more. "'The ficklethorn, blooms rarely. And when it does it only does for those who truly appreciate it's beauty. Or when the weather is very nice.' That's very interesting." Ryan added as an after thought, mainly to himself.

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((Ultimate notification fail :P))

"You can say that again," Catherine commented, looking at how the single flower was closed at the moment with it's rounded yellow petals. It really did look pretty, and she was almost glad that Ryan had came because she would have never found the guide to tell her what type of flower it was.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (( =( okay. ))

"I guess we don't really appreciate its beauty then." He said with a bit of disappointment, it really was a beautiful flower. Ryan looked through the book, randomly flipping through pages to find something interesting, but being careful as not to tear the book. One particular page caught his eye and he flipped back to it. "Oh look, there's some sort of flower that changes color and blooms according to your mood."

((You can name it. (= ))

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((Haha, thanks :P))

Glancing back at the front door, Catherine almost felt as if someone were watching them. That's ridiculous, the government probably is watching us all the time... Shaking her head, she turned back next to Ryan and looked at the page he was pointing to. Squinting, she read what the flower was called, "It says it's name is a Blooming Aura."

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ "I like that name." Ryan stated simply. He glanced over the colors and the moods they matched. Now he was very curious to find it. He looked up and gazed around, then looked back down the book to get a better look at the plant. "I say we look for it." Ryan said with a grin.

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Raising an eyebrow under her mask, Catherine glanced around as well to see if she could see it from here. Of course, she couldn't. They were going to have to look at it for a minute, did she even have a minute? Her brother was probably looking for her by now. But maybe just this one flower..."Okay." she decided, smirking back at him.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Ryan smiled back at her, as he set the book down on the table, on the little space that was there. "Great." He said, then started to walk around looking for where the flower could be. It was supposed to grow in very hot climates so he went to the other side of the green house where the temperature was higher. He started looking around.

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"Wait, hand me that." Catherine quickly added, taking the book from him and glancing at what the description said about where it grew. "Wait, it says it grows somewhere warm and loves the sunlight. Woudln't a better place to find it in the garden?" she asked, watching Ryan as he continued to look around the green area. He was almost out of sight by the time she finished her statement.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ "Oh yeah. I guess that'd make sense." He said with a sheepish/shy smile, as he rubbed the back of his neck going a bit pink from embarrassment. Turning back to his normal pink color he walked back towards Catherine. "Let's go then." He said with a smile.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond sat in here. He knew Minnie would dare come because of her allergies, Mick hates the humidty in greenhouses too. He wouldn't run into them...yet. He was okay with the heat and humidity. He walked around, glancing at some flowers.

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sydney Esmé stepped into the greenhouse, it was a little hot so she whipped out her black lace fan and kept herself cool. She figured the ball was going to be a waste of time anyways, so why not disappear among the flowers? She sat on one of the benches kind of near a cute boy. She pulled out her cards and set them in the Mystic Seven position, she wanted to see what the cards had in store for her this evening.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond glanced at her and saw the cards. Fortune telling? That was new. He smiled,"Miss. I don't mean to disturbs you but you read tarot cards?" He asked curious. Most girls didn't believe in things like that, other than Minnie. Of course she is psychotic and bi-polar, but still. Be watched the girl, already noticing her beauty.

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sydney Esmé looked up as she flipped over "The Lovers", she gave a small smile. "You aren't disturbing me at all, I was just about finished anyways. I know it's weird, but I learned from an old woman and it kind of stuck with me."
She shuffled the cards back into her hand and then into her pocket. Esmé turned her attention back to Raymond, she stood and held out a hand to him. "Esmeralda Quintel, but you may call me Esmé."

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond watched her flip the card over. He tilted his head, wondering what it meant. He then listened to the pretty girl and said,"Nice to meet you Esme. I'm Raymond but everyone calls me Ray." He shook the girls hand, smiling.

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sydney "So Ray, why aren't you in the thick of the party finding a wife?" Esmé asked. "If you don't mind me asking that is."
She walked over to one of the hedges with silvery looking roses, she gently touched the petals while she waited for Raymond's answer. He seemed to be pretty sweet and cute, she wasn't about to jump into anything that was for sure, but it wouldn't hurt to make a new friend.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond sighed,"I tried. I talked to girl, but most girls are depressed, lacked confidence, and other stuff." He shrugged,"I haven't given up just...taking a breather." He smiled at her, watching.

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sydney "Wow, if it were me I'd be all bubbly and wife-y... Then I'd dump all my problems on him after we were married." Esmé joked as a mischievous smile touched her red lips. "The whole Masquerade institution is probably a trick anyways, so why not lie to get what you want?"
She plucked one of the roses and cut her finger. "Sh*t." She whispered and then sucked on her finger. Esmé looked over to Ray and laughed a bit. "Pardon my French."

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond frowned,"One thing I never do is lie. None of the girls I talked to lied either." He shook his head,"I don't know why you'd say that." His parents lied about some things to him. He hates people who lie. Ray sighed,"I don't care if you cuss."

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sydney "Well I'm sorry, I was just teasing. I didn't know it would affect you that much." Esmé shook her finger a bit in the air and then just left it after the bleeding stopped.
"I've lied to everyone for most of my life about the things that happened in my childhood so it's natural for that. I don't lie about anything else." Esmé turned and walked to another shrub with orange flowers now.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond sighed,"It's fine. Just....bothers me...a bit." He followed her,"Why do you lie about that? Isn't your childhood something you would Telly effigy about?" He frowned, not really noticing much else around him. He occasionally glanced around, just to get his bearings. His man focuse now was Esme.

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sydney "Because my childhood isn't exactly a pleasant time I like to remember." Esmé sighed and turned to Raymond. "I'm sorry, I don't usually do the whole rude girl thing.. It's just an uncomfortable topic."
She sat down on one of the benches and pulled out the pins that were holding her black curls up on her head. They fell down her back and barely passed her bare shoulder blades.
She looked over at Raymond and patted the seat next to her, she smiled at him gently. "If you would like to know I guess I could tell you the truth."

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond listened and nodded,"Okay. That makes sense." He sat next to her,"I like for people to be honest with me. I like to help people, help them feel better." He shrugged and smiled.

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sydney "I had a happy childhood, until my mother died from a sickness that hadnt been discovered yet. I was only ten years old, something snapped in my father after that, he became a very....avid drinker."
Esmé looked away from Raymond, she slipped out her cards and shuffled them to keep her nerves calm. "When I was fifteen years old he came home very drunk, I look almost identical to my mother. He blamed me for her death because I had the sickness first and got over it, she didn't.. He overpowered me.. Beat me until I submitted, then he raped me."
Esmé looked down at her cards. "He didn't understand then, I know that now, but I ran away first chance I had... An old fortune teller woman took me in.."
"And I knew all this would happen, because I saw it before it happened.. I can see glimpses of the future.."

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond listened and his eyes darkened. He was very protective of people. He gripped the bench and listened. He cleared his throat,"I'm sorry. No one should feel that pain." He tilted his head,"You can see the future?" He smiled softly

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sydney "Wait you are just accepting the future thing? I had a professional psychiatrist look at me for months after I told my parents when I was seven." Esmé laughed a bit. "I wish it would be the easy for everyone I tell."
She finally looked him in the eyes after the long time of looking away, he had really sweet eyes she decided after looking at him for a while. She smiled ever so slightly just to look at him, this could be a really cool friendship that's for sure.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond said,"It's okay. I believe a lot of strange things" He shrugged and then said,"Yeah...maybe you shouldn't tell everyone about your lowers. They could be super secret powers." He chuckled, sounding 7 years old again. He blushed slightly.

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sydney Esmé laughed along with Raymond, he was a pretty funny guy ad he could easily lighten her mood. "Well I'm glad that you at so understanding about my weirdness."
She flipped out her fan again feeling hot once more, she looked over at Raymond with a bit of disbelief. "Aren't you like boiling? You have all those layers on, plus these masks aren't the least bit comfortable. I mean I'm in like this dress and that's about it."

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Raymond said,"I know some wierd people. Trust me, your wbsoltuley sane compared to them." He smiled and then said,"I'm not really wearing many layers. Just the shirt, tie, and jacket. Your dress is basically skin tight." Ray took off his jacket and held it in his hands instead.

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