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You can listen to music here. There's also a piano--you can make music as well. (:

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane walked in and sat down at a table. He put his head in his hands and listened to the soft music, trying to distract himself without going for his previous method of using kitchen wine. That had been way too crude and had gotten him drunk far too quickly. Sighing he hoped that if Anastasia was going to reject him, that she wouldn't come and tell him in person. Or if she tried, that she wouldn't find him.

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((So sad :P He's in for a happy surprise then ;D))

Anastasia had probably looked through every single room in the castle in search of Shane. "Where in the world..." she kept muttering as she checked each room, growing more disappointed every time he didn't turn up in one of the rooms. Walking down one of the hallways on the first level, she saw a doorway at the end that she hadn't checked in yet. Sighing, she opened the doors to hear music playing, completely different from the one heard in the ballroom. Also, the walls seemed to be insulated enough because she could barely hear the music coming from the ballroom.

Glancing around, Anastasia spotted Shane not too far away from where she was currently standing, closing the door silently behind her. Ana bit her lip and readjusted her mask, butterflies in her stomach again. It hurt her to see him like this, avoiding everyone else and would rather be in a room by himself and look...frustrated? Confused? Thoughtful? It was hard to read him when his back was to her, but she knew it hurt her worse to watch him there than it had been watching him with the other girl. Without even realizing it, she noted how cute Shane looked when she didn't even completely know what he looked like. How he thought her not worthy of him was impossible, he had treated he so nicely and she knew he needed to know that. Walking over to where he was, she felt so bad that he felt like this that she gently put her arms around his neck, "I like you too, well...a little more than like," she whispered into his ear, smiling.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane blinked and his heart took off. Twisting slightly he looked over at Anastasia and blushed slightly, "Did you spend all this time looking for me?" he asked and bit his lip, "I suppose it was rude of me to leave you to come find me. I should have had the guts to stay around and hear your response." he said and bit his lip. "I'm sorry." he apologized and then smiled at her. Reaching up he tucked a strand of her light hair behind her ear and sighed softly, "How can you even stand to be around me? All I've done is cause you trouble." he asked incredulous as to why she cared for him. Yeah, he may have helped her relax when dancing, but then he puahed her away, danced with another girl, made her cry, made her deal with a drunk him, and ran away when he should have listened to her.

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Anastasia raised an eyebrow, gazing down at him from her current stance above him. He kept on persisting that he wasn't good enough for her, "Are you trying to get me to leave?" She paused, putting one hand on her hip and tapped her chin with her free hand, "Actually, I think you are. I could always leave you by yourself..." she trailed off, having to speak a little louder because of the music. Mockingly, she started to scoot backwards towards the door, glancing behind to see exactly how far away from it she was.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane blinked and shook his head, "No! Never." he said and stood, reaching out he took her hand lightly in his hand. "Oh," he flushed and dropped her hand. He bit his lip and looked down at the ground, "Sorry." he said and ran a hand through his hair. He sighed a bit and put his hands in his pockets to stop himself from doing something stupid that he would regret. "Don't go. Please?" he asked feeling dumb, he'd never been the sort of guy who had to ask things, usually he knew what a girl was thinking through her actions. Never had he been so uncertain or worried he might say the wrong thing. It was a sign of how much he liked her.

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Tilting her head slightly, Ana was surprised to hear his voice sound so... vulnerable. Before, he'd been taking charge but now he seemed to be as confused as ever, based off of his actions anyway. "Are you okay, Shane?" she asked almost soundlessly, eyebrows creased together in question. He'd held her hand, actually reached out and touched it, leaving her fingers tingling a bit. Why he seemed suddenly so closed off, she had no idea. "I-I can stay, I was only joking." she said, closing the half-open door again.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He shook his head, "No," He replied, his voice a bit breathless and strained. "I'm not okay." He sighed slightly and bit his lip, hesitating before deciding that he would tell her. "My older sister vanished at her Masquerade. She was my best friend and I was really close to her. After she vanished my parents got rid of everything that belonged to her, hid every picture she was in and pretended she had never existed. I lost someone I thought would always be by my side." Pausing he shook his head slightly and looked away from her, "I changed after that, and my parents expected me to be the perfect son. A son that would have a heartbreaker reputation and yet be everything they wanted when he needed to be. When she vanished I became terrified of depending upon others. Of the possibility that I could lose someone I cared about. It's why I push people away." After his little admition he stood there, staring at the ground, wishing she'd say something and hoping she wouldn't at the same time.

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Ana gimaced, listening to his story and feeling so bad for him again. That's why he had been pushing her away, so he wouldn't be afraid of loosing her again. "Shane...I-I didn't know," she said, apologizing for the way she had acted, "I'm so sorry about your sister." A hint of 'I know what you're going through' was webbed into her voice. Anastasia, of course, grew up as an only child, but she'd lost someone, more than one, people that she was very close to.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane nodded, "It's fine. There was no way you could have known." He said and then smiled, pushing down the vulnerability and the cocky arrogant Shane, resurfacing somewhat. He smiled at her, "No doubt, everyone here has lost someone." He said and shrugged, before laughing a bit, "Now you know my sob story." He said and pushed it aside as if it were nothing. "Anastasia?" he asked, his voice holding an edge of curiousity and a serious note entering his ice blue eyes. "Can I ask you something?" he continued the sentance.

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She had thought about hugging him in comfort, but she didn't know if he really even wanted a hug. And she was glad that she hadn't, he had shrugged it off as if it wasn't that big of a deal. Feeling the atmosphere seem to rise and fall in all about five seconds, she looked over at him, then back at the grand piano sitting in the corner. Needing to occupy herself with something before getting too tangled up in her thoughts, Anastasia walked over to it and sat on the bench, straightening her dress and began to play one of her favorite quiet and pleasant songs she'd learned, Pachelbel Canon. Letting her fingers gently play each note, she looked up at Shane, "Of course you can."

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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay "Why did you agree to dance with me?" Shane asked and walked over to the piano and her. He smiled watching her fingers dance across the black and white keys. She was a good pianist and he smiled at the sound of the music, it was lovely and it filled the room nicely, the pther music stopping when she had started playing. It was as if she was meant to play, meant to play and have everyone listen. Standing there, watching her he couldnt help but doubt she was the shy girl he had first asked to dance. Now she seemed so much more open, almost as if she were blossoming with confidence. It was amazing to see and he couldnt help but feel a bit short of breath.

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Anastasia looked down at her fingers again, glad that she had learned how to play the piano in her spare time. It was a good thing that calmed her down when she got scared and she wasn't about to give up improving that skill any time soon. Pausing for a moment to consider his question, Ana didn't know if she had a straight answer for that, but she figured she might as well try. "Shane, almost every person that's talked to me in my life has not said kind words to me when they did. I-I was terrified to come here," she paused in her playing to give him her whole focus, "I was afraid everyone would just be making fun of me again. But then I met Jane and I know we're going to be amazing friends. And then you walked over and was actually nice to me." she paused, looking away from him, "out of pity or kindness, I don't know." Anastasia muttered under her breath, beginning to play the piano again. She hated telling people about her problems, it made them look down on her even more, and she didn't want anyone, including Shane, to have a reason to make fun of her.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane blinked and his eyes widened, "Pity? You think I danced with you out of Pity?" he shook his head, "I walked into the room, scanned it and chose to dance with the girl who caught my attention. Which was you. There was no pity. I danced with you purely because I thought you were lovely. And then I got to know you and your personality shines brighter than any gem. So no. I did not dance with you out of pity." Shane said simply. Astounded she could even think that and admitting that the reason he first danced with her had been a shallow one, but he knew that even if she looked terrible. She would have been the only girl he would have ever connected with.,

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Blushing, Anastasia continued to play the piano quietly, clearly hearing people just outside the room. The dance really brought out everyone's personality a lot. "I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that out loud." Did he really think all those things about her? Maybe...but what was she thinking? Feeling? She didn't even know, it was all so confusing to her that she didn't know where to turn. Was he really meaning what he said, about not dancing with her out of pity? She smiled at the thought. "And I'm glad you noticed me."

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane stood and nodded, "Anastasia? I'm going to go get some fresh air. Okay?" he asked and smiled at her. Runnig a hand through his jet black hair he watched her fingers dance across the keys. His ice eyes pulled away and watched her for a moment. He continued to smile at her, waiting for her answer. He could tell that she was confused on her feelings and wanted to give her space to think. To clear out her feelings.

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She played for a moment, wondering why he always left her to think so often. He might be just as confused himself, but she sighed and glanced up at him, then back at the keys. "Yea, okay. I need to go to the bathroom anyway." she said, planning on finishing the song before leaving the room. It really was a beautiful room and she wished that she would have found it sooner. But there were so many rooms here, Anastasia probably still hadn't seen all of them in the whole castle.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Shane nodded and smiled, "Later we can share a dance, right?" He asked, reluctant to let her go, as if he might never see her again. The only reason he left her alone so often was because he was worried he was stiffiling her thoughts. As if he were pressuring her into doing things and he hated to think that he would be forcing her to do something. Instead he smiled at her and almost interrupted her song to kiss her hand. Instead he just leaned over her shoulder and brushed his lips across the soft skin of her cheek. For a moment it could have been considered a kiss and he whispered softly. "See you later, Ana."

With those words he straightened and left the room. It was a quick entrance, the kind of entrance that you wouldn't expect to be possible but was. If you hadn't watched him leave or heard the door close behind him, it would have seemed as though he had vanished into thin air. Instead he paused just outside the gallery and blushed under his mask a bit, smiling to himself and his heart seeming to soar upwards as he headed off to look into the castle more.

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(( sad :( ))

When Shane brushed his lips across her cheek, her stomach was full of butterflies again. Why did she always get them around him? Glancing up to see him leave, he was already long gone, the door just stopping in mid-swing to leave her all alone in the room again. It was nice, to be in a place that was so peaceful and she could play the piano. Ana really didn't play it in public much, but she had felt so secure in that room that she couldn't have turned down the offer.

Finally finishing the song, she sat there for a moment, holding the petal down until the notes eventually died away and the room went quiet. Anastasia slowly stood up, closing the top of the piano to cover the keys again and straightened out her dress, walking towards the door. Sliding it open, she glanced back, putting to memory the room her and Shane had sealed it with a kiss...maybe it wasn't pity after all, maybe it's more than a crush... Anastasia thought, slipping through the door and heading towards the bathroom.

Apps *ąþþℓεş щïŧɧ şþℓεεŋ ïş şҩųïşɧγ* (appsl) | 30 comments Swift swept lithely into the gallery. She had gotten her control back, but still she craved some time to be alone. She was elated to find the room empty, and even more did her heart soar at the sight of the grand piano. Playing the instrument always calmed her. A slight smile touched her face as she walked to the piano. She trailed her hands softly on the keys, then sat down on the bench and began to play. Her eyes closed, and the smile never left her lips. The melody she was playing was a sad one, one that sang of tears and heartbreak, which only enhanced the beauty of it.

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