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A simple orchard. With a row of Apples trees. Grapes. Oranges, and other fruits. (:

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie walked through the orchard. It was beautiful and everything was ripe. He took an apple from a tree and bit into its tough, crisp skin. The juice exploded in his mouth, the perfect combination of sweet and tart. The flesh was a pinky white and the skin was deep red. He had to admit to himself that that was the bet apple he had ever had.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina had been walking around since everywhere she went it was too crowded and she found the Orchard.Lucky for her it wasn't crowded at all.She saw a apple tree and smiled.She ran towards it and started to climb it.She saw a very ripe apple at the tip of the branch and crawled towards it.She picked it,lost her balance,and fell to the ground with a thump.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie heard a thumping noise on the other side of the tree and ran around. "Oh are you okay?!" He asked running to her side. "Hello?" He said. His brown eyes showed concern and his hair was messy.

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Kit (kitkong) Kateria sat up slowly and rubbed her head.She looked up curiously and smiled when she saw the boy,"Yeah,I'm fine.But my ego's not,it seems I keep meeting people by them helping me up because I keep falling.I'm Katerina by the way,but you can call me Kat."She got up and that's when she realized how handsome he was.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie smiled and helped her up. "Well if this doesn't sound weird, I'm glad you fell." He laughed. Kat was incredibly beautiful, he couldn't stop smiling at her. He wondered how stupid he looked smiling like an idiot.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina cocked her head and looked at him curiously,"And why's that?"She asked.She looked around for the apple she picked and pouted when she realized it fell from her hand and got squashed from the impact.She cleaned her dress and started to jump for another apple but was too short to get one.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "If you hadn't have fallen, I would never have met you." Charlie said. "Do you need some help?" he asked watching her struggle to reach the apple. He reached up and picked it for her. He held it out to her gently, not wanting to bruise it.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina gave him a breathtaking smile as she gently took the apple from him."Thanks!"She looked at him in confusion then,"You never told me you're name.Will you tell me what you're name is?"She asked and took a small and dainty bite out of her apple.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "Charlie." He said. He flashed his own breathtaking smile back at her. His teeth looked like they could be in a tooth paste commercial. He picked an apple for himself and took large, not so dainty bites. "So how old are you Kat?" He asked inbetween bites.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina laughed and she looked at him with her pale green eyes."I'm seventeen,I wasn't going to come but unfortunately my parents forced me.What about you?"She asked as she took in his mask and clothes.He was so handsome and unlike everyone else she had met he seemed so nice!

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "I'm eighteen. My dad couldn't care less about my life. He probably hasn't realized I'm gone." He said his eyes showing grief. Every since his mom commuted suicide his father turned to drugs and Charlie raised himself. He used to have a brother, but he dissapeared. He frowned when he thought about it, then quickly wiped the frown off his face and smiled again.

((Off bye!!))

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Kit (kitkong) For some reason Katerina didn't want to see him upset.She moved closer and put a hand to hi cheek,"are you okay?"She asked softly.She smiled in relief when he smiled again and stepped back."Well,I'm sorry to hear that,but let's talk about other things...Like what do you like to do in your free time?"

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "Ummmmm........ I used to play football with my brother." He said thinking hard, he didn't really have free time any more. "What do you like to do?" He asked smiling. Kat was so easy to talk to.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina then smiled brightly,"Well to most people I just like to pull pranks but that's only because I want people to see that I'm not my family."She shook her head,"Well anyways I really like to play soccer and softball.I'm not much for girly things but I love to play sports!"

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie grinned, he liked sporty girls. "Thats cool. So what's your favorite color?" He asked, reaching up and grabbing the branch of the apple tree. He reached up and picked another apple. Each one was better then the next.

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Kit (kitkong) "Purple and turquoise,"Katerina responded easily."and what about yourself?What's you're favorite color?"She asked smiling.She had never felt so easy around someone and she felt it was natural when she talked to him,and easy!

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "Hmmmmm..... I have to say green." Charlie said. After a couple moments of silence he asked her, "Would you like to take a walk through the orchard? or stand here a while longer?" He loved talking to her, but he was starting to get tired of standing still.

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Kit (kitkong) "Let's walk around,"she told him smiling."I don't know about you,but I'm getting a bit restless just standing here."Katerina looked down at his hand,she wanted him to hold hers but she didn't want to say anything.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie started walking. He wanted to hold her hand, but he wasn't sure if he would pull away. So he just grinned and stared at her like an idiot. He just couldn't get over how beautiful she was.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina giggled as he kept staring at her.She decided t o be bold and make a move.She shyly and slowly moved her hand until it was next to his and then gently eased her hand into his.She looked away as they walked,she didn't want to see his reaction.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie looked away too. But after a few moments he squeezed her hand and looked at her as they walked. "Your beautiful, you know." He said smiling less awkwardly and more romantically.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina was surprised when he squeezed her hand and her heart sped up.She blushed and slowly turned to look at him.She felt like her heart was going to burst when she met his eyes."T-thank you.But I'm not that beautiful."

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "Dont be modest." He said. "You are the most beautiful thing I've seen all night." Charlie said giving her hand another squeez. She was so cute when she blushed.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina blushed harder,'then you must have not seen anyone today or are you blind?"She asked not believing him.Katerina had been through so much tonight that she was having trouble with her confediece,"But you are very handsome."

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "Thank you." He said. He stopped and took both of her hands in his. "Don't doubt your beauty, I am not blind. You are the most beautiful thin I've seen in my life." He said tilting her chin up with one hand and gently kissing her.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina's eyes widened in shock as he kissed her,but she was very pleased.She stood frozen until she managed to get her brain working and started to kiss him back softly.How can one man kiss this good?!

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie continued kissing her for a couple more second them pulled away. "Don't ever forget how beautiful you are." He said still holding her chin. She was fantastic, and he wanted her to see herself in his eyes.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina was disappointed when he pulled back and she stared into his eyes with her half dazed ones.She nodded numbly,she could still feel his lips on hers and it felt great!"O-okay,"She told him softly.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie wanted to kiss her again, but he resisted the urge and kept walking. Could it be he was falling in love? She wpuls certainly be the perfect girl to love: adventurous, smart, funny and breathtakingly beautiful. He felt his cheeks go hot and red.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina giggled and walked after him."That was nice-the kiss.You're a great kisser,"She kept babbling since she was nervous but then saw his cheeks.She laughed and pinched his cheeks with her hands,"Aww!You're blushing!"Her nervousness quickly went away.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie laughed, his cheeks tightened so she couldn't pinch them anymore. "Thank you. Your a great kisser too." He said cupping her face In his hands. She was so much fun.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina pouted,"Aww I can't pinch your cheeks anymore!"She let go but continued to pout.She then blushed a bit,"Thank you,my good sir,"She joked softly.She giggled,"So tell you like cake?!"

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) Charlie chuckled at her question. "Of course I like cake!" He said with a smile. He loved hanging around her, he picked a bunch of grapes and ate them one by one. "You want one?" He asked.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina smiled,"I love cake!But on't tell anyone since it makes me really hyper.But mostly I like cupcakes,"Katerina had no idea why she was like this.Maybe it was because she liked him.But she was acting really nice,oh well,she liked him a lot so she didn't mind.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) "Cupcakes are really good." Charlie said with a smile. Was this the girl he would marry? They would definetly serve cupcakes at there wedding. He blushed at the thought "There wedding." he could hardly wait to get out of here.

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Kit (kitkong) "I like all cupcakes!Chocolate,vanilla,red velvet,and more!"Katerina giggled."Especially Red Velvet!It tastes really good and is pretty color!Ooo and the frosting on cupcakes and t he sprinkles!"She told him her eyes shining with happiness.

Skittles- The World Is a Wonderful Place... :) She is so cute when she's happy. He thought. "my Favortie kind is blueberry. Have you ever had a blue berry cupcake?" He asked smiling. Blueberry cupcake with buttercream vanilla frosting and blue berry drizzle, best cupcake ever.

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Kit (kitkong) Katerina nodded and rubbed her stomach with her hand in a circular motion."There so delicious,but I still prefer my Red velvet ones!She told him giggling."I usually have one after I win a game...and when I lose one two!"She told him happily.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Mick walked around. He had left Ellie. She was nice...pretty, and affected him in a good way. But, she wasn't the one, he thinks. He sighed and sat on a bench. He looked around and then to the ground.

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Arianna entered the orchard, humming to herself. She'd danced with one guy, the others got mostly on her nerves, aka her temper. But she just smirked them off, now here she was, finally outside the castle. The night sky was freezing she breifly she wished she hadnt pulled her hair back, but no going back now.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Mick took off his jacket, he was suprisingly hot in the orchard. He glanced around and saw the girl. He tilted his head slightly and then looked away. He didn't want to bother her at all.

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((Tanner? o.O))

Arianna saw his glance almost automtiacally, she wasn't sure why but that happened almost everytime a guy looked at her. She knew. Hey why not? She asked herself, raising one shoulder in a quick shrug before walking over to him. "Evening." she let a smirk twitch onto her face.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) [Sorry. Wrong to name >.<]

Mick looked at her,"Hello miss. What's your name?" He tilted her head and watched her. She looked beautiful. He saw the smirk, and frowned slightly. He bit his lip and looked away.

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((It's cool :P And just so you know, we'd like at least 3 lines :) ))

Arianna dropped down to sit on the bench beside him, "Miss?" she snorted in a bit of laughter (This is going to be intresting). She leaned back against the back of the bench, looking sideways at him. "Why don't you give me yours first?"

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) [Kk]

Mick rolled his eyes,"Sorry if I'm trying to be polite. My name is Mick. Like Mickey Mouse." He smiled, not carig that his name was like that. He watched her, determining she seemed like a depressing and sarcastic person.

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Arianna rose one eyebrow, "Mickey Mouse?" she repeated, eyes head turned away as she inhaled a quick breath. "How... unquie." she might've sounded a tad bit sarcastic but that she on purpose. Whoops, she thought as she looked back at him.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) Mick shrugged,"My actual last name is Mose, which is very close. Guess what? My sisters name is Minnie." He smiled and then looked around. Her sarcastic remarks didn't bother him. He said,"Now. Tell me you name, I'm curious."

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Arianna couldnt help but laugh a little, though her lips didnt part and her shoulder only rose and fell in a quick motion as she looked around. "Mm... guess." she said cooly. What parents are naming their kids, wow it was incredible.

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Chickie  (piercetheveilluver) He watched her and then said,"Your sarcastic and kind of rude." Mick tilted his head and nodded. He said,"Amanda or Ashley." He smiled sweetly at her, then shrugged. Mick could be mean too.

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