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How long do you force yourself through a book you dislike before you put it down for good?
Laura Laura Jun 09, 2012 03:03PM
This was asked by someone on my Twitter feed, and I can't help but wonder now. I usually aim to finish all my books, but with a few of them I just can't do it, and I get as far as I can before I simply can't read any more of it. But that's wasting my time, espeically if I never want to even try it again. When is a good time to quit? Half way through? A quarter of the way through? The first chapter? How long do you give a book before you really know it's not for you?

For some book, if I get the writing is boring, I give up the book after 1 or 2 pages.
For other books that actually have interesting topic but because I read the translation, and the translator writing is boring, I survive for 3 chapters, and then leave the book. and maybe after some weeks or months I open the book and continue reading.

deleted member Sep 01, 2012 12:05AM   0 votes
I have to say I stuggled with this book too, although i found it improved once it started being a bit more of a detective story - although it was still completely dire and I won't be reading the followup.
I really don't like abandoning a book, and will continue out of sheer bloodymindedness as much as enjoyment. I think I've given up on 1 in the last year, and I do mean to go back to that one when I've got more time to devote to it.
Having said that, a book that I'm really not enjoying, and shows no signs of getting any better, I will stop reading. There's an element of trying to give it a far chance to improve, so I would stick with it through the first 50 pages, maybe up to 1/4 of the book.
And, to answer Andy's question, books I know I never want to read again get consigned to the charity box. Gives someone else a chance to benefit from a dire book!

'The Interpretation of Murder' i really gave up reading after 4 chapters.

I think there are only a few books I have given up on and usually about a quarter of the way through, otherwise I tend to finish them. If I don't enjoy the book then I tend to avoid that particular author. As for An Interpretation of Murder, I loved this book and also enjoyed The Death Instinct.

I hated reading Eat Pray Love. I actually hate the main character. For the first four beads, I had my head shaking in disagreement and irritation. And finally, I give up! I even tried watching the movie in case it might get my interest back but then, just the same, I never finished the movie. But that doesn't mean I won't continue reading the book anymore. I still plan to. I want to finish it. For me, it's maybe just for CLOSURE. A PERIOD. I wanna comment about it as a whole, not just based on a part of if. Just like what Laura said, I keep on thinking, "what if it gets better later on?" And what if there are some points, ideas I would love but might missed.

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Like a lot of people I tend to try to read the first couple of pages in the bookshop. That won't tell you if you like the book, but it will tell you if you need a brain to read it. If the writing is poor and the story drags you along to find out what happens or if you are interested in the subject, this approach won't work - everyone needs to read something "just for fun" now and again. I found this with the example book you give - it started well and ended in major disappointment.
Some books are interesting, well written but just plain depressing (like "Hitler's willing executioners" - I Just couldn't face it after 100 pages. I ought to hide my head in shame). And we have all been fooled by "repackaged" books, "made over" to look exciting with new titiles but content recycled. I know that none of this answers your question....
As a "side question", what do you do with books that you have mistakenly bought and given up on? Give them to friends (or enemies), leave them to moulder in the attic, try to sell them?

I find it very hard to give up on a book. Many times I have read through something which did not as much interest me, or I particulary liked/understood. This especially goes to the "must read" & "classic" book category!

Depends on my mood and paitence level at that time. I usually like finishing all my books but if its too boring, heavy or slow, i try skipping few pages to see if i can survive through it. Sometimes i jump to the ending to see how it ends.
On an avg, i try reading till 25% of the book before giving up.

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