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Bloody Machiavellian Intelligence Officer

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message 1: by Marie (last edited Jun 09, 2012 08:38PM) (new)

Marie (eleneariel) | 2 comments I admit that I read the last quarter of this book in a tearing hurry - it was nearing midnight, I knew I had to be at work early the next morning, but I couldn't bear to go to sleep until I'd finished. I haven't had a chance yet to reread the book, although I'd like to soon.

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Anyone have any insights?

message 2: by Maureen (new)

Maureen E | 1 comments Do you mean Maddie meeting the intelligence officer? If so, I think it's a combination of the fact that she does feel he's complicit in Julie's death, along with herself, AND the fact that she knows way more than she's supposed to in terms of what goes on with interrogations and so on.

I need to re-read too, so I'm basing this on memory rather than textual evidence.

message 3: by Marie (new)

Marie (eleneariel) | 2 comments Okay, that makes sense.

I'm really anxious to read it again, a little slower this time. :)

message 4: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (3rdragon) | 14 comments Maddie's reaction meaning "Ja, mein hauptsturmführer"?

My understanding of that interaction is that she's been under a terrible amount of stress, terrified of being caught and interrogated, and now she IS being interrogated, and still has something -- not something to hide, precisely, because she's too honest to try to do so, but a guilty secret that terrifies her and that she's sure is going to have unpleasant ramifications once she tells it.

She may be safe now, but her reactions are still on a hair-trigger for occupied France, and even a slight resemblance -- or feeling a need to respond in a hurry -- will evoke an out-of-context response.

message 5: by xenu01 (new)

xenu01 I thought that Wein was trying to indicate that war is complicated and get past the whole simplistic "Nazis are BAD" thing. Like, it's not that simple and maybe the intelligence officer shares some traits with von Linden?

message 6: by Miriam (new)

Miriam (3rdragon) | 14 comments . . . it's not that simple and maybe the intelligence officer shares some traits with von Linden"

That could be. I'll point out Julie's question:
"Has von Linden an educated wife too? (He wears a ring.) Might von Linden's wife have been at university with my German tutor?
The sheer stark raving incredible madness of such a very ordinary possibility makes me want to put my head down on this cold table and sob.
Everything is all so wrong." (US paperback 107)

Certainly there's a theme of seeing the people behind the monolithic labels. To bring it back to Maddie's discussion with the Machiavellian English Intelligence Officer:
"'Another wretched man.'
'Another wretched girl,' I corrected." (438)

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