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Allie (pearlrose95) "Just remember," Nuying warned me for the hundreth time that morning. "This school is going to be different. The people aren't going to be like you. Try to blend in."
"I know." I told my guardian patiently. "You told me, oh, two minutes ago."
Her forhead crinkled, and her black eyes were worried. "Then listen Misha!" she pleaded.
"I am listening. And I thought I was going by Ashlee here."
She laughed nervously. "You'll make my hair gray, little one." she said fondly, kissing my forhead. "Just...they aren't like you. Don't say anything until you understand."
"Okay, okay. But really!" I laugh, tossing my hair as I start out the door. "How different can they be?"
The flowers were looking droopy. With a flick of my fingers, I sent a stream of water onto them. At the edge of the driveway, I turn to wave at Nuying, or Susan, as I had to call her now, though I still don't know why. She waved back, but when she thought I wasn't looking, slumped against the door, lookng more tired then I'd ever seen her.
Really, she had to be overreacting. What could go wrong?

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Allie (pearlrose95) I was the only one on the bus when it arrived. Was that normal? I didn't exactly take a bus to school before.
The driver was fat. N-Susan would scold me for saying that, but he was. He grunted at my cheerful greeting, and I went to sit in the back of the bus, making little ice sculptures between my fingers.
When we lurched to a stop, I dissolved the water away, remembing Susan's warning to blend in. Maybe there weren't any water elements here or something.

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