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I'm kinda confused too...

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B.C. | 16 comments I absolutely loved that! i thought they were going to go down that road (would have been easy, pretty predictable), then Amon was standing there and i was like, "What?!"

Either Torluk was in cahoots with Amon to push people to the rebels side, or he was just the other side of the extreme. But that episode was AWESOME!

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Kristen | 3 comments I think Torluk was the other extreme, based on his rant about wanting to be the hero. So I think he was trying to set things up so he could come in and save the day by finding Korra. But it obviously backfired on him...stupid. I don't have any idea who might be Amon. I'm trying to think if there's anyone who's descendents we haven't seen yet that could possibly be tied to it? We haven't seen any of Sokka's kids -- and he wasn't a bender, so maybe? But I don't think anyone related to him would be anti-bending like that (plus, Amon can actually bend, because he can take away their bending...). We haven't seen Zuko's descendents, but I'm calling that Mako and Bolin might be his, and Zuko married Kori (the assassin in the Promise books, since we already know Toph had a kid with someone else, and we don't really know any other earthbenders). Idk. It's fun to speculate. But I really have no idea. Though, I never really saw Torluk being Amon, but I did assume he was some sort of bad guy.

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B.C. | 16 comments Was anyone else as terribly disappointed in the second season of Korra as I was?

The characters were all reduced to a single attribute and not complex at all. They were not complex at all. Korra was one of the most annoying characters in the show.

Also, the Plot had huge holes in it that they always had a miracle fix for, “oh you need to fly somewhere? Here is an airplane that I just happened to have in my back pocket.”

First season was phenomenal, second season was a phenomenal bust. Juan was the only redeeming factor in the show.

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